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How To Plan A Corporate Team Building Trip

08 January 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Derek Lotts in Talent Agents

Plan a company team building getaway

Corporate team-building activities generally involve placing employees in new and unfamiliar situations where a great deal of cooperation and teamwork is required, allowing all team members to gain new knowledge and skills that they could later apply in the office.

Apart from letting your employees gain a greater understanding of each other, it will also allow them to learn more about their strengths and weaknesses, ultimately improving their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

For all of these reasons, and many more, corporate team-building is incredibly important, and here are some ways you could plan your successful team-building trip:

Consider your objectives

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning a corporate trip is the goal you would like to achieve through this team-building activity. For instance, if your objective is to improve coordination and communication skills within your team, activities where people could perform in groups, such as team sports or sailboat races, would be a great option.

If you want different aspects of a large team to get to know each other, however, then you could organize something more intimate, like a camping trip where everyone could share personal stories around the fire.

Or, if you'd like to focus on more than one aspect, consider allowing your team to choose the most desirable outdoor destination. At the same time, you take care of the necessary safety considerations, allowing everyone to be included and work together, even before the trip begins.

Choose the ideal destination.

While a corporate BBQ event in a local park might be a great option when celebrating a milestone or connecting during the holidays, a team-building trip will require more thoughtful planning, including your chosen destination.

From the outskirts of town where you could practice team sports to the city centre where plenty of team-building activities like escape rooms and pub quizzes are available, there are plenty of destinations to choose from for team building venues.

However, the best option for your corporate trip will always be the one that focuses on your objectives, such as:

  1. Scavenger hunts in the woods when focusing on teamwork,
  2. Hikes through the mountains for meaningful connections,
  3. Or even a trip to another country when it comes to cultural sensitivity and integration.

Decide on a transportation option

After you've chosen a suitable destination, the next thing to keep in mind when planning a successful team-building trip should be the ideal transportation option. While a small team of four to five people could easily be transported with a carpool option, or even via plane flights, depending on your chosen destination, a larger team would require a more suitable solution.

For instance, one of the best transport choices you could go for is a reliable bus hire option that could effortlessly accommodate medium-sized and larger teams.

Apart from being a suitable choice for short and long-distance trips, a bus rental will also give you the freedom to plan your entire corporate trip according to your schedule and desired activities.

What's more, a bus will also allow your team members to spend more time together during the trip, presenting an additional team-building activity.

Think about the trip duration

Most team-building activities tend to take up one afternoon, usually with only a single activity option planned.

However, if you want to encourage a positive team spirit among your team while also ensuring you meet all of your objectives, you should consider planning a more extended corporate trip.

For example, a weekend-long trip could be a fantastic option for nature outings, workshops, and other specially planned activities.

On the other hand, a five-day or even a week-long vacation might be a more suitable choice when you're planning a corporate trip to a faraway destination. In either case, make sure to give your team enough time to get to know one another and work on their relationships to ensure a successful team-building trip.

Book all necessities in advance

The final point to consider is the usual aspects of travel, such as accommodation and food and drink options. For instance, will you need to book a hotel stay for your team or even rent necessary gear when going on a camping trip? Will the hotel provide meals, do you need to book a restaurant for dinners, or will you bring your food?

Similarly, will there be any tickets, admission fees, or additional equipment for your planned group activities? It's essential to keep all of these travel aspects in mind when planning your trip and make an effort to book everything you can in advance to ensure a safe and successful corporate trip.

Keep the fire going after the trip.

Team building shouldn't only be about a weekend away or a day trip but should be something you do in small doses each day if you want to drive lasting change. Sure getting out of the office can do wonders, but to keep that camaraderie going after the events are over can be challenging. One way to do this is to organise in-office gaming competitions, this can be done at the office or remotely as you can play online games that can foster team building

Planning the perfect corporate retreat

Although planning a corporate team-building trip can often turn out to be a challenging task, the helpful tips mentioned above will hopefully allow you to organize a successful trip the entire team could enjoy.

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