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5 Tips To Solve The Hiring Process During COVID-19

30 June 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Claire Wouters in Talent Agents

Overcome issues and hire during covid-19

The world, as we once knew it has changed and is systems and economies around the world, are getting the most considerable stress test of all time. Many businesses and individuals are suffering from the Covid-19 Pandemic with lockdowns being the only measure to curb the spread. The decisions made by governments has reverberated around each country, and some businesses are reaching a breaking point, while others are only marginally affected.

In the scenario where businesses are marginally affected, remote work and working from home have become a must and will be far more prevalent going forward. Recruiters and companies will need to think differently, as this becomes the new norm.

Companies hiring practices will need to change, and they should consider hiring directors and employers that are skilled in remote work and comfortable with resources to handle digital meeting and remote workflow management.

Decentralising the workforce

These new challenges have led many companies and recruitment agencies to the apparent discussions of how decentralised our workforce, how it should be gauged and how to maintain productivity. In this post, we will help you review the advantages and disadvantages of the new workforce reality and offer one of a kind of recruitment methodologies to hire talent and remain on top of things.

Preparing for remote workers

As an ever-increasing number of employers search for new processes to submit work remotely, and others search for remote opportunities to leverage their skills, companies need to prepare to deal with the workforce change.

If you're unsure on how to prepare for hiring, recruiting and profiling remote staff, then this overview may help.

  • How organisations need to change their recruitment advertising techniques
  • Step by step instructions on how to move to firms during this season of emergency
  • The job HR innovation plays to encourage the move
  • A move towards HR Technology to manage communications, productivity tracking, payment and recruitment

Leveraging digital innovation

Innovation is a critical viewpoint that can support all groups, especially with HR experts as it assists in overseeing the transitional period for staff and companies.

Organisations can execute innovation to battle these difficulties and smooth out migration-related administrations, encouraging an away form of correspondence between all gatherings included. Remote systems like task management tools, video conference applications, VPN servers for access to internal company services can make onboarding remote new staff a little easier.

Digital innovation will need to bridge the gap now placed on us by social distancing. So how can companies leverage digital to bring in staff or freelance talent to get work done most productively and cost-effectively?

Here are five ways to leverage digital to hire during COVID-19, social distancing and lockdown.

1. Go digital with recruitment and onboarding

Industries need to move quickly to fill in the gaps left by social distancing, and there will be substantial dependence on digital for all angles of recruitment, from meeting candidates, interviewing them, onboarding them, and teaching them about company processes and culture.

Naturally, interviews will need to be conducted via video call and the onboarding process with KYC and other signature documentation will either need to be done on PDFs or recruitment software to ensure security and safety of personal and company information.

The use of digital video will become an excellent resource for creating onboarding videos, eLearning content on methods and introduction to the organisation and other staff members. Instead of doing the personal introductory process, one can now opt to compress all of this into a video series new staff can watch at their own pace and leisure.

2. Focus on employee retention

Recruitment has gotten progressively troublesome during this time of vulnerability, particularly concerning remote national talent. Remote labourer makes up around one-fourth of the U.S. STEM workforce, and as jobs become scarce and budgets become smaller, the best STEM workers sit on top of the pile and can command high salaries. HR and recruitment agencies may attempt to maintain recruitment endeavours. Still, they also need to turn their gaze inward and provide correspondence and care and maint the happiness of the companies existing workforce.

For organisations that depend on carrying talent for highly specialised means of production, or those who require local labour, its particularly important to try and retain your current staff compliment.

The ongoing travel bans, terminations, and suspended visa arrangements because of the COVID-19 outbreak all have an impact on the coordination of outside talent and further creating a squeeze on the recruitment pool of scarce skills.

In some instances, HR experts will also need to opt for remote expertise and make exceptions for these exceptional times as before they kept a firm lock on in house staff. For instance, if a position was always done in house, but a skilled freelancer is available to do the task, these options will have to be explored as companies have to make the best of what they can find to turn labour into profit.

3. Remote hiring is the Future in a post-pandemic world

Remote workers won't be a temporary solution for the current situation; this will be a dynamic shift in the workforce going forward. As companies find that work can be done without the expensive overhead of an office and staff value the additional time they have that was previously taken up by a commute, remote work will start to become less of a perk and more of a staple option.

Companies will need to review their staff needs and advice which roles can be done fully remote, partially remote and put into play systems that can handle this new company organogram.

4. Start using virtual interviewing technology

The Coronavirus outbreak has constrained numerous HR groups, and enrollment specialists supply chain management headhunters and forced them to work remotely.

Recruiters who thrive on in-person talks will need to adapt to, telephone and video calls and standard up close and accept gatherings in groups have now been moved totally on the web.

Tools like Hangouts, Zoom, or GoToMeeting are helpful, as they fit not only meeting needs, but also video interviews and video conferencing. Recruiters will need to become familiar with these tools, change up processes accordingly and start to educate staff and candidates on these new adaptive processes.

5. Hire candidates for flexible roles

Due to COVID-19, job losses have been rampant, and companies have had to scale down operations not only for the medium term but the long term, and this will change hiring processes. Companies will look to limit human labour and would opt for people who can fill multiple roles or freelancers for specific roles as they try to drive the best return on investment for the human capital outlay.

There are long haul advantages to having an increasingly adaptable workforce that will last well after this period of social distancing is over and those who picked the right labour for the time will flourish as we get back to a new sense of normalcy.

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