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6 Tech Tools For Remote Recruitment Agencies

27 March 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Sagar Khanapurkar in Talent Agents

Tools for running a remote recruitment business

With the increase of remote work globally, the investment in technological tools to support it has multiplied exponentially. Here, we'll discuss six major tech tools to invest in if you're running a fully remote recruitment agency.

Remote recruitment has been on the rise owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to prevent it from collapsing into a mess, there's no doubt that recruiters will need to invest in top-notch technological tools like that of an Applicant Tracking System, an interview scheduling software, documentation, sales, communication platforms and so on.

The amount of job searches by recruiters using the "Remote" filter on LinkedIn has increased by nearly 60% since the beginning of the pandemic. Submission of remote job applications has increased by 2.5 times globally. Therefore, whether it's a hybrid model that entrepreneurs are aiming for or a 100% remote model, signing up for relevant tech tools should be a major lookout right now.

Nearly the entire recruiting and staffing industry has been adopting the virtual transformation, forcing them to fine-tune their digital needs. If one looks back at 2018, according to the McKinsey Automation Survey, 57% of 1,300 institutions had already started on the Artificial Intelligence AI journey, with another 18% planning to kick off something within 2019. Thus, imagine the number now!

As technological advancement is increasing with time, here are some of the best tech tools that recruiters and hiring managers could make the most use of when recruiting remotely.

1. An ATS+CRM software

An Applicant Tracking System ATS and a Candidate Relationship Management CRM software are top choices for recruiters when hiring in this technological age. Usage of an ATS and CRM software will save you loads of time and cash. Recruiters who have a huge and diverse candidate pool to maintain can take immense help from a CRM software that could help them manage these candidates, maintain fruitful relationships for present and future job roles and so on.

In most cases, when recruiters sign up for an ATS, it comes with an in-built CRM software that makes data-driven hiring decisions. In short, by investing in this tech tool, you're making your entire recruiting process not only automated but also providing a quality candidate experience right from the start.

2. Zoom

As every recruiter knows, the longer an open role stays vacant, the more it costs one's agency. To stay away from any monetary or workload strains, it's advised to immediately switch in-person interviews to video conferencing and put into effect an interview scheduling software program (generally, this comes with an ATS if you're choosing a well-featured one).

With Zoom, you'll be able to host video conferences and simplify interview scheduling among job applicants and hiring managers. With greater than 60 app integrations, Zoom Meeting Assistant is constructed to help you not only time your conferences and interviews faster but also enhances your whole workflow. Zoom integrates with popular HR tools in addition to the important software programs needed while working remotely.

The main aim here is to enhance real-time collaborations virtually and improve the effectiveness and quality of communication. Using this tool will unify company-wide messaging, online conferences and video conferencing right into a single, easy-to-use cloud platform presenting audio and video screen-sharing options, from mobile gadgets to Mac, Windows PC and beyond.

3. Intercom

Generally, the first thing recruiters notice in Intercom is its downright simplicity. Recruitment agencies can't work without clients, and the best way to onboard and retain clients is via this tech tool. It's quite self-explanatory with this platform, where once you install it on your website, clients or candidates can leave their queries, and someone from your team can get back to them within a stipulated time.

With Intercom, you can give a much more authentic and human experience to your clients, something that wouldn't have been possible if you were using a simple Chatbot. You'll be able to obtain information regarding your users and the way they're using your service. This will give you relevant insight, and you can also use this data to improve your recruiting services.

4. Slack

The best part about using Slack for communication is its data protection feature. By default, Slack encrypts messages at rest and in transit for all its users. It secures your data along with Slack Enterprise Key Management Slack EKM and many such vital features.

A lot of companies, inclusive of Slack, have channels for nearly everything, from small leads to complete teams. Setting up various channels in Slack such as one for your marketing team, one for your recruiters, one for the Business Development team and so on will make hitting deadlines, giving approvals, reviewing files etc., so much easier than ever while working remotely. Public channels, for example, are also a brilliant manner to preserve data without the want for everyday meetings.

5. HubSpot

Many HubSpotters have worked remotely for years now, with approximately 10% of employees running remotely even earlier than the COVID 19 pandemic. But they've traditionally been extra remote-friendly than remote-first. In different words, HubSpot has been a "remote-ish" company and have been influencing companies worldwide to turn remote-friendly as well.

But what exactly is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that enables businesses to draw visitors, convert leads and retain customers. It does this by bringing lots of functionalities collectively and permitting marketing and sales departments to control all their work in a single place. This consists of content creation, social media sharing, workflow automation, gaining leads, sales pipeline mapping and overall performance tracking.

Your remote recruitment agency could be ready to control income and marketing activities much more efficiently than ever. No extra soiled information, no extra misaligned departments and everything could be transparent and in your control.

6. Confluence

Confluence, a product of Atlassian, is a team workspace wherein documentation and collaboration meet. Here, dynamic pages deliver your remote team a platform to create, capture and collaborate on any task or idea. Moreover, spaces assist your team structure, prepare, and carry out work. Each team member has visibility into institutional knowledge and access to data that they might need to complete work.

Confluence is for groups of any length and type, from people with mission-critical, high-stake tasks that want precision in the back of their practices, to those who might be seeking out to construct team tradition and interact with each other in a much more genuine manner. With Confluence, your remote recruitment team could make brief decisions, benefit alignment and achieve more together.

Confluence's permission schemes permit you to restrict a user's view to a single area or a set of pages, which is an outstanding way to share precise content material with customers and collaborate from a shared platform. Apart from the above, it also helps to maintain development tasks and mitigates demanding situations with ease.

Final words

As a recruitment entrepreneur, you've already put on countless hats, and one of those is that of a recruiter itself. However, it's not your responsibility alone to vet potential employees, interview candidates, write the job description, agreement and the entire onboarding plan. As it stands, your time is limited. Luckily, there are many tech tools, as mentioned above, to assist you and your team in the process. It's all about operating smarter, not harder.

Note for readers: The tech tools mentioned above are not sponsored by any means. They have been thoroughly researched about and shortlisted for remote recruitment use.

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