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Why You Should Always Use a Recruitment Agency

05 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Kyle Moore in Talent Agents

Reasons to use a recruitment agency

Finding the right person for the right job is like fitting someone for a suit of clothes. Trying to do it without a recruitment agency is like buying the clothes before you know their size, their preference, or their willingness to wear them in the first place.

Without the industry insight to know what talents are in demand, or what skills each candidate has and how they relate to your needs in your specific industry, how can you expect to get the right person for the job? Finding the best recruitment agencies in Cape Town should be the first step. An agency will have a better feel of the talent pool and help you zero in on finding the perfect candidate for your specific set of tasks.

Here are three reasons why you should always use a recruitment agency.

1. Expertise

You want the best person for your job. Recruitment agencies offer their search expertise to vet candidates for you. Their skilled professionals are trained to accommodate your needs in their search for the best employees for your company.

The experienced screening tactics of the best agencies take advantage of the ins and outs of your industry. You don’t have to deal with unqualified candidates when you use these resources.

But expertise isn’t limited to just the specific employees. Recruiters also have to know what particular expertise is in demand in the first place, and that requires a niche understanding of the needs of the market of your specific industry.

They’ll know what rates to offer for what skills. They’ll even take advantage of your expertise, representing your interests in the most professional way possible to attract only the most dedicated candidates to your position.

Most hiring managers agree that recruitment agencies can be hugely beneficial in finding the most experienced and qualified personnel for the job. And the more niche the position and skills required to succeed in it, the more significant such an agency becomes: their resources are your best chance to have those specific needs met.

2. Accessibility

When assessing a potential candidate, accessibility can be just as important as expertise. This is something that you may not know how to evaluate because without a recruitment agency; the candidates would be coming to you unfiltered.

Creating a quality buffer between the entire pool of candidates and your busy schedule is one of the best reasons to hire a recruiter.

Recruitment agencies know which workers are actively seeking a job in your industry, and they prioritize their searches to give you the most active candidates.

They’re putting up money to process candidates that won’t make it through the hiring process, so they have every incentive to hold onto only the most promising applicants.

This is why hiring an agency experienced in your particular industry can be so beneficial: by knowing the available resources better than you do and vetting the applicants themselves, they can give you access to only the very best candidates.

They’re going to keep tabs on all the job boards and online recruiters too: staying on top of that is what they do so you don’t have to.

If you go to the right agency, the talent will come to them. Recruiters with an excellent reputation are going to attract the most active job seekers automatically, creating a pool of talent that you never had access to without them.

3. Time

A recruitment agency will save you time. Just discovering a pool of appropriate candidates for your position is a massive load off your busy schedule. But there’s even more to it than that.

The right recruitment agency will be able to take care of a lot of the preliminary work for you too, getting in contact with your candidates, evaluating their work history, and even conducting the first interviews to thin out the choices.

By the time your potential employees reach you after going through an agency’s screening process. They may not only be thoroughly evaluated for their skills and experience, but they may have already been through interviews and negotiated an appropriate salary for your position.

All of this is busywork that you no longer have to do. For a lot of busy employers, the right recruitment agency isn’t just a resource: it’s accommodation. Using them can be incredibly advantageous, not only to your workload but to the candidates you have available for your position in the first place. And since the right employee is so invaluable in so many industries, the right recruitment agency is too.

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