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How To Write A Cover Letter For A Recruitment Agency

13 September 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Effie J Franks in Talent Agents

Cover letter examples for recruitment agency submissions

Your resume is accompanied by a cover letter. Its goal is to introduce you to a potential employer. If your resume provides a holistic view of your experience and qualifications, the letter allows you to speak individually to the recruiter and focus their attention on the qualities that make your resume particularly interesting to that employer.

Your ultimate goal is to draw attention to your CV and get a response to it. A good resume increases the chances that a recruiter will read your cover letter. You can use professional resume help to you get a well-structured resume and get your dream job.

The letter should be succinct: usually, two to three paragraphs summarising the main arguments for considering you for a particular position.

Contacts. In the upper right corner of the sheet, enter your contact information: first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail.

Address. Start by addressing a specific person at the company. Try to find out the name of the person responsible for personnel selection. This can be done by going to the website of the employing company or by calling the office and getting the data from the secretary. It is advisable that the cover letter is not addressed to an unspecified addressee such as "HR Manager" or "Company Secretary", as this makes it less likely to end up in the right hands.

Pay special attention to check the spelling of the recipient's personal details: a wrong letter in the last name can considerably reduce your chances of getting a good job.

Main text. Write why you're writing to this specific person and why you want to work for this company at the start of the letter. Here you can also remind about previous contacts - a meeting, a phone conversation.


"Dear Mr Smith,

I met a representative of your company Mrs Jackson at an audit conference. She advised me to apply to you about the vacancy of a financial consultant. My thesis is about retail software, and I repeatedly relied on data published by your company."

The more "leads" you leave at the start of your text, the more likely it is that your cover letter and resume will be scrutinized.

Then, in a few sentences, explain why you want to work in this particular position. Explain why you think you are worthy of the position and how you can be of service to the company. When talking about your skills, don't repeat your whole resume, but put the emphasis on the parts that are particularly important for the position. An example will be if you have worked in the same occupation or if you have taken a course in the same field.

Tip. Your arguments should not look like bragging. Try to fit them into 1-2 sentences.

Here show your knowledge of the employing company and its advantages. You should demonstrate your advantages as a competent candidate and show your interest in the specific employer.

Tip. Be sincere and try to find objective advantages of the company. Rude flattery will make a negative impression.

At the end of the letter, indicate how to contact you, write that you are ready to answer any additional questions. You can end your letter with the traditional "Regards, [first name, last name].

6 Tips to Write a Great Cover Letter

1. Create a personalized letter.

The cover letter should definitely be written for a specific company and job opening. It would help if you tried to put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer, read the letter and decide whether "your company" would benefit from an employee like you.

2. Gather as much information as you can about the employing company.

You must research the website of the company to which you are sending your resume. Do not forget to look for references in the press, on the Internet; collect as much information about the company as possible - for example, its market position, financial success rates, data on new products and services, the latest achievements.

Your knowledge will help you articulate your benefits more easily and clearly and show your interest in the position.

Who owns the information owns the world.

3. The letter should not be a paraphrase but a supplement to your resume.

It is best if the cover letter focuses the reader's attention on the details of the resume, which are particularly interesting for this job.

4. Be original.

Imagine that a few dozen more candidates just like you will write about good education and extensive work experience. Try to stand out by pointing out special skills and differences that will be useful for the position. Consider what your hobbies or personal qualities might help you in your job duties. For example, a candidate for an Internet project manager position might point out that they created a fan site for a favourite music band when they were a student.

5. Writing style.

State your information clearly, concisely, and clearly. Avoid heavy language and complex sentences; do not use abbreviations and conventions.

Caution: Avoid unnecessary pretentiousness. Poetic epigraphs or too much enthusiasm for different fonts can cause confusion and make it difficult to read. The originality of your letter should not go beyond business style.

6. Don't forget about appearance and literacy.

Check your letter for spelling and stylistic errors, make sure it is properly formatted and easy to read (choose an easy-to-read font such as Arial 12 or Times New Roman 12). The cover letter will allow the employer to make a first impression of you. Make sure it is flawless!

An Example Of A Cover Letter To Accompany A Resume For A Job Opening

Dear (full name of the person you are addressing),

Your company is one of the largest companies in London for the production and sale of upholstered furniture. Just recently I saw on the website of your company's vacancy - Director of Production, and I would like to offer my candidacy for this position.

After reading the requirements listed in the vacancy, I'm sure I can qualify for this position, because for the last four years I have been working at one of the largest manufacturing and trading companies manufacturing upholstered furniture in Manchester, the post - Director of Production.

My resume can be found in the attached file.

Many thanks and best wishes,

[first name, last name]

An Example Of A Cover Letter For A Resume Of A Lawyer

Dear (full name of the person you are addressing),

Your company has posted a vacancy for a lawyer position on (specify the source). I have ... years of legal experience, and I'd like to offer you my services as a professional. I graduated from (insert institute here), and I am well-versed in all aspects of civil law. I worked as a lawyer (indicate the specific area of expertise) for companies such as (list at least a few). Besides, I drafted attorney requests and court filings and handled the paperwork (list your specific occupations). Also, I had a successful law practice and won several court cases.

Understanding office software and legal systems are one of my skills. Working in groups is my preferred method of operation, and among my traits are the responsibility and a willingness to tackle a new challenge.

I hope my resume piques your interest. I would be grateful for an interview invitation.

Many thanks and best wishes,

[first name, last name]

An Example Of A Cover Letter For A Banker's Cv

Good afternoon! (it is better to specify the person to whom you are directly addressing)

A vacancy for a loan officer at your bank has been posted on ... Maybe you will be interested in my candidacy.

I have worked in the banking industry as a loan officer before. I am very familiar with the work and believe that I am capable of handling my new responsibilities, and I believe that my skills will be beneficial to your company. I've read a lot about your bank, and everything I've read about it has been extremely positive. I am very interested in the banking industry and would like to further my career in this field.

I would be glad to come in for an interview so you can show my qualifications and experience.

This is my phone number (specify).

Many thanks and best wishes,

[first name, last name]

Example Of A Cover Letter For An Accountant Resume

Your company has posted a job opening for an accountant position on ... I am sure that my knowledge and qualifications will be a good fit for your job.

My accounting experience spans... years, so I'm well-versed in the field. I have a specialized higher education. I am proficient in accounting and familiar with any accounting software (specify other skills in your speciality). My attitude is analytical, and I can work well in a group. My CV contains as much information about my benefits as feasible (attached).

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Many thanks and best wishes,

[first name, last name]

Example Of A Cover Letter To A Manager's Resume

Dear (full name of the person you are addressing),

I am interested in the managerial position in your company, offered through your website.

I have carefully read the requirements you specified for applicants, and I am sure that I fully meet them.

I have a college degree in my field of study in your company. I have worked as a manager (specify where) and want to offer my candidacy for your consideration.

Working with clients and documentation are two of my most helpful abilities. Besides, I maintained a customer base, handled consultations, and spoke with clients over the phone. Proficient in all batch computer programs. My management experience is .... years.

Thank you for considering my resume (attached). I look forward to working with you, and I am available for an interview at the time you specify.

Many thanks and best wishes,

[first name, last name]

An Example Of How To Create A Cover Letter For A Resume If You Have No Experience

It is common for a job seeker to come across a vacancy that does not fit his experience or abilities. The individual, on the other hand, is certain that they will be able to handle the requested task.

Yesterday's grads, who, by definition, have no experience, are more likely to face such a predicament. Here's an example of how to create a cover letter for a resume in this situation:

Dear (full name of the person you are addressing),

I have read the job offer by your company to fill the position ... . I do not have the required experience in this speciality, but I have the ambition to learn a new business for myself. I am very eager to develop professionally and increase my level of knowledge.

I can list my qualities, such as (specify what, in your opinion, is most suitable for work in the company of your choice).

I would be grateful if you would invite me for an interview—my contact information (specify).

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Many thanks and best wishes,

[first name, last name]

Here are some tips on how you should not write a cover letter for your resume

  • Keep it short (don't stretch the text);
  • Be polite and courteous (you should not berate your former employer);
  • Keep your dignity (don't whine about your life or the fact that you haven't worked in a long time).

About the author

Effie J Franks specializes in writing articles on such topics as HR and Career Development. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and also works at WriteMyResumes to help people to find their dream job. In her free time, Effie enjoys playing video games, reading, and camping.

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