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12 Survival Tools You Should Have In Your Car

01 September 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Claire Wouters in Alarming

Tool kit for cars

Travelling by car can be one of the most liberating things you can do and we always associate the open road with the freedom to do as you please, but many of us don't consider all the mishaps and issues that could come with your next road trip.

You don’t need to be a prepper to acknowledge the fact that you might be trapped in your car because of unforeseen on-the-road scenarios. All experienced drivers have had at least an incident in which the only salvation was their emergency kit in their trunk.

This is why having survival tools in your car is essential. A car survival kit is more than just having a spare tire and some necessary tools. If you don’t know what survival tools you must have in your car, read below and check out more survival information at sites that specialise in these kinds of situations, like Simply Survival.

However, if you're wanting to make sure you cover most of what you need then these items should be a must for your travel emergency car kit.

1. Car safety hammer

Although it may not look like a useful tool, a car safety hammer may save your life once you get trapped in your car during any disaster or flooding that would require you to abandon your vehicle as fast as possible. So, make sure to keep this tool within your reach inside your vehicle. Failure to do so may result in a gruesome outcome.

The best safety hammer for cars has three features: a glass hammer, window breaker, and a seatbelt cutter.

2. Air compressor

This tool is needed to complete the repair job on your tires. The problem with choosing an air compressor is that some people don’t understand that it requires having the necessary power to inflate the tires.

In addition to that, pressure requirements and air capacity differ significantly for truck and car tires.

Thus, when choosing an air compressor, always consider the nature of your car, especially its tires.

3. Folding shovel

If you’re travelling in an off-the-grid environment, it’s necessary to get a folding shovel. It can help you dig your way out of the tight spots. Some features of the shovels may also come in handy.

For instance, if your chosen shovel comes with a saw blade, you may use it for cutting tree branches and make a grip surface for your tires once you get stuck. You may also use the shovel when digging up rocks and putting them in sandy soil to make traction for your tires.

4. Tire repair kit

Regardless if you drive an electric car or the usual type of car, flat tires are common. These may frequently happen when you’re traversing through an unknown terrain or place.

If there’s no chance that you’ll get the help you need or you don’t have enough time to spend waiting for roadside assistance, your tire repair kit may help you a lot. It can be a lifesaver for drivers since it includes everything you’ll need to fix punctures, helping you get back on track.

5. Tow strap

One of the survival tools that you should have in your car is a heavy-duty tow strap, which can handle thousands of pounds in use. There are different tow straps you can find in the market. Usually, some of these are made from quality rugged polyester and can be used for self-recovery.

When needed, you may give somebody a tow, and you may use it for anything you may think of during an emergency. You may even secure it between a wheel and an anchor that’s stuck to free it through, making a winch as you accelerate.

6. Compact car toolkit

This toolkit must contain every standard item you’d require for basic tinkering. Things including a wrench, bit driver, pliers, and bit sockets should be in your toolkit.

Whether you drive regularly or you’re going on a long trip for the first time, learning how to use such toolkits is important.

7. Signalling items

Regardless if you’re a survivalist or a prepper, you must have road flares or any reflective signs in your car.

Many people keep road flares only because they may use them for signalling and fire starters. But flares don’t last long and a big reflective sign positioned on the road properly or on the top of your vehicle can be a great backup.

8. Fire extinguisher

Another survival tool you must have in your car is a small fire extinguisher. It’ll help you put out the small fires and prevent greater loss and damage. Just make sure to keep your distance from a car on fire, especially if you think there’s gasoline involved.

9. Navigation items

More people are accustomed to using phones to navigate. The only problem with phones is that they may get damaged in an accident, leaving you with no option.

For this reason, you must have local maps or a GPS as an alternative for your navigation needs. This won’t only help you determine how far and where you are, but it can also help you reach your destination or desired location.

10. First-aid kit

Adding a spare first-aid kit in your car can be a good idea to prepare yourself in any survival scenario on the road. Also, don’t forget to add toilet paper and other hygiene products. When shopping for a first aid kit, the choice is yours. However, it’s wise to choose the most complete one.

11. Multipurpose stove

There are different multipurpose stoves you can find in the market, and there are some that use fuel, including twigs, wood, and other kinds of burning materials to produce electricity.

With this type of stove, you can easily cook your meals while you’re stuck somewhere, melt snow, or recharge your devices. It can also be a perfect addition to your collection of survival tools whether you’re planning for a long road trip or you want to prepare yourself for any emergency.

12. Two-way radio

In case of any survival scenario, one of the tools you should have in your car is a two-way radio. You may think that it’s useless in today’s age of smartphones and other mobile devices, but it can be one of the best emergency kits and gear you’ll need.

For instance, if your cell phone runs out of battery or gets damaged in an accident, you’ll need a backup device like a two-way radio. It may also come in handy when you’re stuck in a place where there’s no signal for cell service.

When purchasing a two-way radio, choose the one with a range of approximately 20 miles and a long-lasting battery life. Moreover, search for a unit that includes weather channels to get important weather information.


Keeping some survival tools in your car is mandatory for all people who spend most of their time on the road. Such tools may come in handy in times of unexpected events in the middle of the road. So, make sure to collect some of those above tools before you hit the road and enjoy a long and safe trip.

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