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6 Major High-Intensity Interval Training Mistakes You Are Making

17 November 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Tyler Read in Athletes

Mistakes you make with HIIT training

Everyone seems to be engaging in high-intensity interval training now. It is the in-vogue training regimen, and for the right reasons. With high-intensity interval training, it is easy to burn the undesired fats in our bodies.

Aside from that, it is a surefire way to enhance our cardiovascular fitness and add more muscle mass or maintain the existing one. These are enough reasons for people to want to opt for high-intensity interval training.

However, there are major high-intensity interval training mistakes many of you are making right now. Due to these mistakes, you are not achieving the desired results; you want to give up on fitness training because nothing is working or you're getting burned out quickly. Either way, this is a problem for you.

Not to worry, we are discussing six major high-intensity interval training mistakes you're making and how you can rectify them to get the best out of your training.

1. Your training isn't intense

From the name of the training, you'd deduce that it is big on intensity. If you're the type who does ten pushups and takes a 10-second break, your training session is not intensive enough. The training regimen aims to push you beyond your limit.

At that point, you'd have to expend at least 80% of your heart rate. You need to work very hard and put in every effort. When tiredness kicks in, your rest period will be for a long time. There's no way you'd take short breaks in HIIT sessions.

It doesn't matter if your break time is longer than your workout session as long as you're doing the right thing. Sometimes, you feel lazy and unmotivated. You can use these tips to get in shape.

2. You ignore warmups

Many of you own personal computers. Speedy computers take about five to ten seconds to boot. This is called warm booting in technology. The purpose of warm booting is to get the device ready for operations. The same logic applies to humans.

A lot of people are guilty of just delving right into high-intensity interval training without warming up. Because the body isn't ready for the rigorous task ahead, it tires quickly and impedes productivity. Warmups are a perfect start to training regimens because they prepare the body for the task ahead.

It might be slow, easy warmup exercises, but they gear the body. It'll do enough to get you prepared for your training session.

3. You do not eat before training

More often than not, people prefer not to eat before their training sessions. They claim that eating makes them filled up, and it'll prevent them from achieving the desired results. Therefore, they'll prefer to starve themselves.

Truthfully, early morning cardio workouts burn a lot of fat, especially when you've not eaten anything. But do not try it with high-intensity interval training. Not only will you feel empty, but your workout session will also be in vain.

It is common for people who don't eat anything to feel lifeless in the middle of HIITs. However, their performance rate depletes quickly, and they fall off the balance soon. Their bodies will long for energy, but it won't get any.

The solution is to eat before training. It can be fruits like banana or watermelon. It would be best if you didn't overeat, though. You can check out these healthy food trends of 2020. If you need professional help, you can check out online nutrition coaches and their duties.

4. Your interval lasts for too long

If you have been doing HIITs for a relatively long period, you're doing the wrong thing. The aim is to go as hard as you can within a timeframe. If you're doing it vigorously for 45 seconds or more, you're doing the wrong thing.

A regular high-intensity interval should last between 15-30 seconds. Within that timeframe, you should go as fast as you can. That's how to achieve the best from your training.

When your training becomes intense, you'll realize that you cannot work out for too long. That's how to know that you're doing the right thing.

5. You do not take rest breaks

Admittedly, the main reason for the training session is to make sure you reach your best form. With everything, you'll feel invigorated to continue pushing. It gets to a point where you're getting tired and worn out easily.

You will always feel this way because you neglect the much-needed rests in between your high-intensity interval training. This is a mistake you cannot afford to let continue.

While training, your energy level depletes quickly. When it gets to some point, you'll feel lifeless.

It is why you need breaks in-between to regain some lost energy. One secret to a quality and productive workout is adequate rest. It would help if you didn't hesitate to take rests regularly.

6. You go all in too much

It is good to be competitive; it is heartening to see you motivated enough to work out. When you feel a pump and ecstatic, it is a good sign. But there are chances that you might be doing too much, and that's not good for you.

As much as you always want to go in, there are times when you need to slow down. The recommended form is starting at a slow and steady pace. You can increase your tempo at some point, but you need to decrease at optimal levels.

When you exert all of your energy for an extended period, you are at risk of getting injured. Progression is key. During breaks, you can take CBD products to keep you healthy.

Doing interval training, you don't enjoy

We agree that high-intensity interval training is mostly endurance-based. However, it would help if you derived enjoyment from it, too before you can be productive. When you do training that you do not like or enjoy, you won't feel motivated enough to exert all your energy.

When you don't like your training, there is every tendency that you'll abandon it midway. When that happens, it only means that your training session is futile, and you are not guaranteed any positive change.

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Tyler Read is the owner of PTPioneer.com, which is a website dedicated to helping people get started in the personal training industry. He helps people discover, study, and pass their fitness exams. Check out his free videos for the latest trends.

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