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5 Decor Changes That Make Your Office Better

25 January 2021 | 2 comments | Posted by Ann Doerr in Constructive Criticism

Changing decor in the office

Being comfortable when you are inside your office is crucial in maintaining your work performance. If you feel like you are in hell when you are at your office because of all the scattered papers, messy desks, and lousy surroundings, then you will get discouraged from going to work. To avoid that from happening, you have to treat your office like your second home.

You can do that by designing your office, rearranging some things, adding some furniture, replacing some colours, and many more. If you make your office look better, you would be encouraged to work in your office and be comfortable with your surroundings. To help you with that, here are some five tips on how you can make your office look better.

1. Add some additional pieces of furniture

Any furniture is considered an essential piece in your office. The furniture can create a new and relaxing ambience in your workplace, which would make your guests feel comfortable when they visit your office. You can also provide a sofa in your office as well. Choose the couch that matches your office's theme. By doing so, you have added design and comfort to your office.

The best sofa that can give you both comfort and style are chesterfield sofas. Sites like Chesterfieldsofacompany.com have great pieces to choose from, and you don't have to be stuck with boring old office furniture.

2. Add some lighting

You can make your office look better by adding some unique lights. Having a cute lampshade would not only add design to your office, but it also is an essential factor in letting you stay focused. If your office has terrible lighting, you will experience eyestrains, headaches, fatigue, and the feeling of laziness, thus affecting your work performance.

3. Organise your things

A messy and unorganized office is not a pretty good thing to look at, and your workmates might consider you untidy, and they may think that you are always stressed at work. Having an organized office can help you be creative and can make you more productive by helping you focus. It will also make your office look good if all the things are neatly organized.

4. Change the room colour or add colour to the room

Adding your favourite colour in your workplace can also enhance the look of your office. If you are not allowed to paint the wall, you can replace all the colours of your things with your favourite colour. If you love pink, you can add a pink pillow for your office chair, pink mug, pink ballpen holder, pink staplers, anything that you can think of that can brighten up or break the monotony in the office.

Adding colours or artistic pieces in your office can also improve your work performance by positively affecting your moods and brain function.

5. Bring nature into your office

Bringing nature to your office can make it look better. Plants like the devil's Ivy, aglaonema, ficus, and Benjamina, are useful office plants that give a unique design to your office and improve your health. Also, some smells that nature gives can powerfully positively affect our mood, mindset and enhance our productivity.

You can add scent from Pine that can increase your awareness, cinnamon to improve your focus, lavender to help you relax on a stressful day, peppermint that can lift your mood, and citrus, which allows you wake up and uplift your spirit.

An inspiring work environment makes for inspired workers

We all know how depressing the thought heading to a dull lit boring old office can be, so how do we expect staff members to feel like they're doing good work when the environment doesn't reflect it. These simple changes can bring in the sense of positivity, that the company is improving, remember staff spend 8 hours or more per day in this area, the least you can do is make it an environment they enjoy working in and bringing clients in for meetings.

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