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Using Cannabis As An Alternative Treatment

14 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica D in Doctors Orders

Using cannabis as alternative treatment method

Speaking to family members about alternative treatment options is difficult. When the alternative treatment is using cannabis, the task becomes daunting. Many associate the complex perception towards cannabis with its classification as schedule 1 drug and the stigma associated with using it.

Changing their views to match yours is difficult. Convincing them of the benefits of cannabis can be gruelling for you. To help you out, here are a few tips to help speak to your family about the desire to use marijuana as an alternative treatment option.

Decide on the goal for the discussion

Family discussions can sway from one direction to another. If you have no clear goal of what you want to achieve through this discussion, then it won't be straightforward to pull through. However, knowing that you need to convince your loved ones of the essentiality of considering cannabis, it is easier to set the discussion straight.

Set the reasons for trying to get your loved ones or you on cannabis treatments.

These conditions may include:

  • Prescription medications often come with severe side effects, and cannabis is a natural and much healthier alternative. The excessive side effects may be negatively affecting you or them.
  • Health improvement and management with cannabis-based products might help ease the situation
  • Cannabis can help individual family members reach one of their health goals with minimal effort.

Plan your conversation, don’t argue and exercise honesty

In a large gathering such as a family meeting, keeping the list of the conference is an impossible task. Planning what you are to discuss, when and with who can help direct the conversation. Besides, families are formidable opponents. If they do not desire to offer any support, then you will suffer through a prolonged argument.

Create an intimate environment in which to discuss cannabis. Ensure to develop a mutual understanding and try to plead your case with your family members. Remember, your health is an important topic. However, please do not speak of it unless entirely sure and ready to do so.

Honesty is one thing that family values. Open up and tell tales of your medical history, situations that you face daily, and treatment options at your disposal. Help your family members understand your situation and become empathetic. Give essential details on why cannabis is fundamental to you, and you may change their opinion on the subject.

Pass adequate information

Even with the legalization of cannabis, many people are still uneducated on the plant. As we all know, the report provides power and understanding. Therefore, in your cannabis treatment discussion, it is crucial to offer fundamental details on cannabis and its benefits.

Give medical statistics involving cannabis and show why it is indeed an effective alternative. Speak of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. Give distinguishing elements on the two and why you prefer one to the other. Offer informational sites to visit for more knowledge on cannabis, which will arm them with the ability to make the right decision on your behalf. To get high-quality products, you can trust a well-known brand like Getkush. When offering information, remember to give a question and answer period.

Since this is a family discussion, the items will be many and not follow a specific order. Exercise patience in the presence of repetitions. Remember, you have offered a lot of information at a go, and sorting through it might take time. Besides, their curiosity might overtake the discussion, and their quest for details might overwhelm.

Give the discussion time to settle in

Bombarding your family with extra information in a single setting can be upsetting. It is essential to offer them time to understand, analyse the data you propose, and the options available. You may want them to research the subject on their own. Time also heals any stigmas associated with cannabis giving your family a chance to become acquainted with the idea of you taking cannabis.

You can also practice patience with your discussions. Take time to visit family members now and then. Bring up the conversation in casual settings such as family days out, asking from the church and any other thing your family engages in when free. You may provide a few articles on the subject or pamphlets to your family from your medical professional. As you wait, you may need emotional or physical compassion.

Surrounding yourself with individuals going through the same challenge is advisable. You may invite them to one of the gatherings to give real-life accounts of their experiences on cannabis. It might help sway their opinion and see your alternative cannabis treatment stance in a new light.

You can also convince them to buy cannabis seeds online and germinate their cannabis plant at the comfort of their home to reap similar effects.

Be careful with the children in the family

Children can be quite sensitive. Teenagers in the family might be worse to handle. If the information you provide isn’t in a cautious manner, then you risk overindulgence in cannabis products for the teenagers and a lot of curious tries from the younger ones. Older individuals or adults might exercise caution before proceeding to use any cannabis products, but you should still take care of your explanations.

Understanding the age differences amongst your family members can aid you in delivering any information you desire. For instance, studies indicate that anyone below 25 years of age is not fully mature and thus still requires guidelines. Their brain performances are not fully grown or mature and need time to develop.

Therefore, when handling the topic of cannabis as an alternative treatment, you have to be considerate of the different ages, possible consequences, and the decisions they might take.


Speaking to your family on any subject is a huge task. When the issue is about the possible use of cannabis, whether for medical purposes or recreation, the discussion becomes much more difficult. However, if you carefully plan on your schedule, exercise honesty, with minimal arguments and a bright but detailed description of the reason and purpose, then your discussion will be fruitful.

However, be sure to plan for resistance and allow time for healing and understanding. For instant decisions, ensure to present the best scenarios, and the discussion will not go against you.


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