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8 Stylish Groom Wedding Accessories

28 August 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Tess DiNapli in Extravaganza

accessories for the groom

Planning a wedding comes with so much preparation these days and while guys may not always want to get involved in all the decision making, one thing they can't avoid is making sure they look their best. As weddings have adapted and evolved over the years, so has the style of the groom and the various accessories they have available to them.

While grooms may not always be centre stage when it comes to wedding fashion and accessories, there are many ways in which you can ensure your style matches your bride's. If you're looking for ways to amp up the volume of your wedding attire, here are a few traditional and non-traditional accessories you can try out with your suit.

Explore these top ideas today and discover which combination is right for you.

1. Cufflinks

Small, subtle, and elegant, cufflinks are some of the most popular groom accessories. While they can be overlooked if they blend into your suit, it's easy to add a little bling and uniqueness to your cufflink design. Whether you opt to add meaningful gemstones, find cufflinks in a unique shape, or create custom cufflinks for your big day, these are pieces you can wear for a lifetime to commemorate your wedding. You can also start a collection that allows you to accessorize appropriately for several occasions.

2. Sunglasses

Destination or outdoor weddings may take place while the sun is shining bright. Your eyes shouldn't be covered during the ceremony, but sunglasses can make a fun addition during wedding photos or at the reception. Find a pair that frames your face and fits your features to ensure you look your best at all times.

It would help if you also considered UV protection to make sure your eyes stay safe as well as polarized lenses to cut down on the glare, so you're not squinting during important moments.

3. Bow Tie

Bow ties are a recurring trend that is recently regaining popularity — especially among the fashion-conscious men who don formal wear regularly. They add a unique twist to your look and come in just as many distinct colours and patterns as a regular tie. They're also easy to pair with socks, pocket squares, vests, cummerbunds, and so much more. Choose the versatility of a bow tie and create a standout look to match your bride.

4. A Mustache

While not an accessory you can buy, growing a moustache for your wedding day can be a real statement maker. Whether you've had a moustache in the past or it's something you think your bride will love, this is a bold move that will up your game and make waves during the ceremony, reception, and photos.

If you decide that the 'stache isn't for you, it's much easier to shave it off the day before your wedding than to try and grow one last minute. You'll regret it if you don't at least try out the look before your wedding.

5. Pocket Square

Some grooms don't even consider a pocket square as an option to spice up their wedding attire, but it can make a real difference in creating a trendy, cohesive look. Your pocket square shouldn't be a sad little white handkerchief sticking out of the front pocket!

Use this real estate as an opportunity to make a bold statement about your style. You can even match it to your tie and socks to really up the wow-factor. Most men use their wedding colours as the inspiration behind their accessory selection because it makes it easier to find colours that work well together.

6. Watch

As smartphones are taking over every element of life, watches are dying out in favour of checking the time on your phone. At a wedding, you can't be looking at your phone to check the time!

Please bring back the wristwatch and wear it with pride on your wedding day to enjoy something a little extra. You can opt for a sleek, minimalist leather look or go all out with bright metal and shiny bling.

No matter your choice watches always offer a sophisticated option to accessorize your wedding outfit. You might even find yourself surprised as your wife hands you a watch for your wedding day gift from her.

7. Socks

Even if your pants cover them, fashionable socks can't be overlooked when putting together your wedding outfit. They can match with your tie and pocket square or stand out completely with unique patterns and prints. As you kick your heels up on the dance floor, your socks will be centre stage!

8. Tie bar

If you've chosen to wear a traditional long tie, you can accessorize this piece with a unique tie bar. It's functional and fashionable, keeping your tie in place and adding a little pop to your outfit. There are a number of tie options out there that allow you to customize your look with different metals, gemstones, and personalized engravings. Make this tie bar special by engraving your wedding date or wedded initials on the back. After your ceremony, this tie will always be a reminder of a particular moment in your life.

Start shopping

With these ideas in your head, it's time to start accessorizing your wedding suit. You can choose just one of these to create a little trendy surprise people have to look for or combine as many as you can to add more energy to your style.

Whether you need a little extra fashion advice or you're looking for last-minute ways to raise money for your special day, Niche Market is here with all the information and ideas you need. Browse our blog today for more!

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