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Trends In Mens Fashion For 2020

18 June 2020 | 1 comments | Posted by Camila Merashi in Fashionista

Mens fashion trends for 2020

Fashion is experiencing rapid changes this year, and the trends in men's fashion are a topic worth discussing. In this modern world, what you wear defines your personality. What's more? People notice you when you show off your style- in an impressive way, of course. From oversized blazers to attractive prints, the list of styles to flatter your looks is endless. The abettors to compliment men's outfits are also evolving.

There was a time when men's fashion accessories were limited to watches and since then accessories have exploded with watches being a beneficiary of that rise in men's accessories. Nowadays, you can find all sorts of men's watches for sale, from sport watches to exquisite one to match your outfit shouldn't be a concern and more.

The time of men having limited fashion accessory choices has come to an end along with limited styles, especially as we move into the new year. If you're looking to take your outfits into the new decade then check out the top trends in men's fashion in 2020:

1. Tailoring & Knitwear

The leading accessories in men's fashion styles list are tailored suits and knitwear. Suits paired with knitwear were all over in 2019 and was a big step to loosening up men's dress codes. Stuffy shirts have already been replaced by rollnecks, which are now matched with unstructured blazers.

Knitwear is a simple yet striking men's style that has become an essential aspect of men's fashion. It radiates the kind of timeless charm to push it to years beyond 2020.

Making a statement with tailoring and knitwear is simple to crack, as long as you pick the right accessories. For instance, the rollneck is a hero piece in this type of fashion; it looks smarter when you opt for dark colours.

2. Weather-proof sneakers

Men's sneakers have been in the market for as long as I can remember. 2020 has brought a solution to one of the biggest challenges that men face in the shoe industry. Adverse weather has been an issue for many, and ruins these precious processions. The emerging trend of sneakers that can withstand adverse weather is a plus for many.

It began in 2019 and is still making an impact at present. Waterproof sneakers are now a darling to many, and all trainer brands are currently experimenting with different waterproof fabrics. There are different types of sneakers in the market, but the rule of thumb is to go for something low-key. You can as well check out the men's fashion styles guide online for more ideas.

3. Cross-body bags

Bags have, for long, been a worthy accomplice for women but are now making a hit in men's fashion. A bag helps you carry your belongings safely, and the cross-body bags are the emerging styles for men this year. They are small and stylish and can help jazz up your outfit. You can pair cross-bags with almost anything, but it's advisable to go for dark colours.

4. Flares

Flares were trendy in the '70s and are now back with a big bang. They feature a shallow upper leg with an exaggerated ankle. These are unique types of pants, and you can be sure to make a statement if wearing a flare. Pair them with fitting shirts or turtlenecks, and this allows you to highlight the bell bottom. You can as well go for an oversize hoodie or T-shirt if you wish to achieve a casual look.

5. Over-the-knee shorts

The weather keeps on changing, and we will soon be welcoming summer. These shorts are men's fashion casual and are an excellent choice to keep you fresh in hot weather. Many are wearing them to achieve that casual feel and sill stay covered. The good thing about these bottoms is that you can rock them with bright colours and bold patterns and never go wrong. For excellent results, complete the look with an open shirt.

The bottom line

Men's fashion trends in 2020 are changing fast, and every man needs to acquire the right accessories and stay updated. With so many attires in the market, it's good to go for something comfortable that is sure to accentuate your looks. Not all gears will work for you, but you can always get the perfect fit to make you stand out.

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