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What is Boho Jewellery?

12 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Graciela Collins in Fashionista

How to accessorise the boho look

Several years ago Boho jewellery became a huge hit, and it hasn’t left the stage ever since. As Boho lifestyle is all about freedom, nature, peaceful mind, and individualism, it is not at all surprising that this type of jewellery has feathers or animal designs in it or plant components.

Bohemian-inspired accessories are usually worn with loose and flowy fabrics and earthy and natural colours. Clothing with tassels and fringes goes perfectly with this jewellery, so opt for maxi dresses, kimonos, ankle boots, and headwraps with these details.

Boho style represents a more straightforward, more natural outlook on fashion. Although this fashion trend has been around for centuries, it made a massive comeback with the rise of the millennial generation. It doesn’t work well with constraints of any kind, which is why it is often associated with free-spirited people such as artists, intellectuals and writers.

Just as with Boho clothing, there are not any specific rules that go with Boho jewellery. It can come in all shapes and sizes, which is why it is an ideal tool for expressing your taste in fashion and your uniqueness.

Boho jewellery is often made from semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli, amethyst and quartz and natural materials, such as leather, feathers, shell, base metals, and cord. When it comes to colour, this type of jewellery often comes in earthy green, brown, orange and yellow, but you can find it in other colours as well.

Here are several more things you should know about Boho jewellery.

Boho style rings

One of the best things about Boho jewellery is that it is entirely inexpensive and doesn’t include any pricy stones. Instead, it often includes semi-precious gemstones such as these ones. Fans of Boho style can often be seen with all kinds of different rings on their fingers, so don’t feel obligated to wear just one.

Boho style bracelets

Do you like to wear a ton of small bracelets or do you prefer one statement bracelet? In either case, the Boho style has your back. One of the more popular Boho bracelets is the friendship bracelet which features handwoven patterns out of fabric. Leather, stone and other natural components are often a part of this kind of jewellery.

Boho style necklaces and pendants

Necklaces made from leather, beads, and strings are trendy amongst Boho fans. They come in various shapes and sizes so that you can find exciting suede chockers, fringed necklaces and layered necklaces. If you want to give your outfit that distinct look, you can layer several different types of necklaces.

However, if you are aiming for that hippy vibe, make sure you choose jewellery of earthy and natural colours with shells, feathers, tassels and other pendants that are associated with Boho style.

Boho style earrings

These cannot go unnoticed! Boho earrings are oversized, vibrant and colourful, and they can elevate any outfit. They often feature feathers since they represent the free-spirited mind and personal appearance.

Other accessories

Apart from standard pieces such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets, Boho jewellery also includes headpieces like halos, tiaras or chains. These are focussed on earthy themes and can be made with various inexpensive materials.

Most people can pull off Boho jewellery. Although you probably wouldn’t wear it on your wedding day or for the red carpet, it is perfect for most days and that careless, casual look.

However, before you buy it to make sure to try it on since it is likely that not all colours and sizes suit you, but that is the beauty of Boho style! There are so many options that you will find something that looks gorgeous on you.

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