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5 Industry Trends Every Fashion Designer Should Know

28 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Sharon Hooper in Fashionista

Fashion Designer Must Know Trends

I've always wanted to break free from stifling designs and trends that seem non-creative and keeps me from exploring my talents as a fashion designer and fashion lover. This is because the world is not your typical stoic life. It's forever changing, and with it, the desire for those who want to become successful entrepreneurs to step up and stay in touch with industry trends.

Whether you want to launch your brand, buy fashionable items, or work with the resources of big box brands, it's obvious there'll be challenges along the way. This is particularly the case working for companies that pose a threat to your sense of creativity and scope of expansion. Well, here are five trends I'll personally advise all fashion designers and lovers to lean on.

1. Social commerce

Social media is increasingly crucial for a brand or an entrepreneur seeking to break even in the market. It's an excellent tool for fashion lovers too. According to data on social commerce, 43% represents the figure of people who searched for products online.

Platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter help you put your products out there. While it's true that social commerce goes beyond the promoted posts that have become commonplace, consumers want to be able to take part in your story.

Establishing a connection with your consumers to develop a relationship will serve you in the long run. Like I always tell those eager to start-off something on their own - still have a human story and don't lose sight of it.

2. Crowdsourced design

A growing network, social media presence and connection with audiences and influencers could come in handy for this type of design inspiration. You can use your audiences to either pick styles and concepts you've come up with or submit inspiration to you via online surveys and polls or comment son social media posts or blog posts.

Crowdsourced designs are by no means taking over the fashion industry, but they are becoming a regular part of the creative process for many designers.

Here, companies, individual designers and fashion lovers put their heads together to curate designs that go on to become the finished article. More people are turning to this innovative concept across different kinds of markets. What's more, apart from involving consumers, it fits the bill for individual brand stories.

Crowdsourced designs also reduce the risks you might face with unpopular and failed designs. This way, there's no mix-up between the content and context surrounding your designs. It's what I tag a win-win situation since fashion lovers are involved at every step of the way.

3. Fashion tech

You should key into fashion tech; I know I have, and it's worth it. Technology permeates just about every industry and fashion isn't left behind. This is particularly important, not only to help your logical thinking skills but also because many millennials use their smartphones to search out products online. They are influenced by what they see and the information they gather before making a choice.

Furthermore, embracing fashion tech leaves you open to cool features like mobile commerce, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

4. Big data for fashion designs

It's not easy coming up with different designs and have them go to waste or sold at ridiculously low prices. Like I always tell any business-inclined individual and fashion lovers willing to listen, data is a solid base for any aspiring entrepreneur.

As such, you must be keen to improve your skills and study knowledge helpful in losing the ranks to big brands. Data is essential to help you make better decisions, learn about the market and get a feel of what established brands are doing right.

5. Asian market

There's a lot you can gain from being familiar with the Asian market. It's currently one of, if not the fastest-growing region in terms of business. And a whole lot of that is down to fashion. To this end, as an entrepreneur looking to grow, this market is still a bit new with style trends, you can easily key into. What's more, you don't have to do it alone.

It is important to do your research and grab from as many sources, both qualitative and quantitive and to get you going with relevant stats and information and form a picture of the market you are entering. Fashion lovers keen on unique designs from the East can also use the model provided by the Asian market.

The potential for growth is a massive one, with demand forever increasing. You might also draw inspiration from the culture and language to come up with original words for collections or brand names to back up your designs and show you're in this for the long term.


These are significant trends that will help you build the fashion empire you seek. What's more, I can personally vouch that they cut across different businesses. But for fashion, it's a given that they work a treat.

About the author

Sharon is a marketing specialist and essay writer from Manchester, UK, and a writer at essay paper. When she's free, nothing gives her much pleasure than sharing her thoughts on writing, marketing, and blogging on platforms such as essay writing service in the UK. She's currently working as a marketer.

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