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Tips To Make Your Anxious Cat Happy

anxious cat tips

Human beings are social animals, a saying which is famous within society. It means that humans tend to communicate with one another. Any history geek will tell you that before dialects, humans communicated with each other in different ways.

Be it drawings in the Mayan civilization, smoke signals in ancient American times, and many more. The evidence is quite vivid in museums across the world. Then humans developed various dialects, languages to communicate with each other. There are more than a hundred languages in the world which come in handy to understand each other.

The social animal term with humans is not limited to interactions with the same race but also includes their tendency to bond with other species.

Pets Come In All Shapes

History suggests that humans have befriended animals like Camels, Horses, Dogs, Cats, sheep, and many more. First, these relationships were a kind of a mutual system like using camels for operating in transportation routes.

Camels and horses used to carry goods from one place to another and helped humans in economic activities in ancient times. Sheep came in handy in farms and cows for dairy products. With time many humans started to keep dogs as watchdogs for their fields which used to guard them. Then Humans started to have dogs, cats as their companions.

Gradually the modern world became fast-paced and more stressful, having pets to cope with the hardships. In recent challenging times, the whole world is facing a crisis due to the vast scale epidemic, and more and more humans started to have pets.

They are our favourite furry friends who not only help us but also respond to our feelings. Research by American Pet Products Association shows that more than 80 million families have a type of pet within them.

It includes Cats, Dogs, sheep, lizards, and many more animals.

Relationship Between Pets And Their Owners

The relationship between a cat and the parent is always a complicated but rewarding one. It is more than giving them food and taking your little friends out for a walk. Studies suggest that many pets can get specific training for the owners having seizures. It shows that our pets react to our different moods and adjust accordingly.

The phenomenon might sound strange, but it is natural. Our pets might not be a reflection of the owners, but they complement our personalities. Some pets even help their owners to get through waves of mental problems, including depression.

Like any other trend, many join willingly, and many feel the need to follow the trend. Many buy cats to be a part of the pet owner community. The relationships always come under strain after some time if the owner brought the pet under pressure.

We all know a person or two in our circle who brought an exotic breed of cat but does not know how to proceed. The ones who are new to having a pet also find it tough to make their new cat adjust to a new home. After all, pets and their humans both need to mould each other.

Here are some of the ways which can help your cats adjust to new surroundings better-

Injections And Dose

If the owner has a kitten, a newborn, a strict dose plan needs to be there. If the kitten is of an exotic breed, rare to your area, these injections become more critical. Kittens have natural immunity against diseases for the starting two weeks.

The vaccination by injections should start after seven weeks and follow up by two or more injections. The vaccinations repeat once a year, and then the period can increase gradually. Visiting a vet and figuring out a dose plan is a necessity.

It safeguards your pet against probable diseases and ensures an extra layer of safety for your pet.

There is nothing more anxious than having your favourite furry friend vulnerable. The safer the pet, the less anxiety the owner has. A confident owner helps the cat to adjust to a new place better.

Many believe that cats are more anxious when they are newborns, and a calm and confident owner would be the best to calm the little one down.

Turning To Other Alternatives

Chemical medicinal drugs are effective in decreasing but can cause side effects in cats. They can be short/long-term and have severe consequences. The market of alternatives in recent decades has expanded.

CBD hemp oil for pets is safe as well as organic. Unless you live under a rock, you are already familiar with the Plain Jane CBD trend in the United States of America. One of the unique selling points of Cannabidiol-Based products is that it is versatile, and works on animals as well.

CBD-Based oil is beneficial for animals and comes with a dripper on top of the bottle. The Hemp extract in the CBD oil slows down the metabolism and helps your anxious cat to relax. The best thing is its sweet taste, which makes it the favourite of many pets.

Regular Exercise

Many vets claim that anxiety on pets is due to less exercise, which leads to an irregular diet. It can make your kitten have problems with bowel movements and make them stressed or behave abnormally.

The lack of exercise causes the muscles in the limbs to come under strain and can cause pain in the muscles over the long term. Like humans, pets also need regular exercise to stay fit physically and mentally.

Having your kittens get some toys and exercise routine can work wonders. The popular and recent trend is to have a room made for them, containing toys and exercise courses for cats.

We all know cats love climbing to unexpected places, right?

A Consistent Reward System

Rewarding your cat with regular treats is necessary and has all sorts of benefits. It is something your cat looks forward to every day. The rewards can be in the form of small biscuits or their favourite fluid.

Figure out what your cats like the most, and reward them with it daily. It will help your cat to relax and make them less anxious in the daily environment. Vets recommend being cautious and not overdo treats as they can spoil your lovely kitten.


Cats are often known to be mean, but pet owners know that is not true. They might not be good at expressing themselves, but they care. It is natural for their owners to replicate it. With time both owners, cats, and owners start adjusting to each other, making the environment more friendly.

It is critical to make your cat feel more comfortable, which will make them relax even more.

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