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How To Promote A Law Firm on Instagram

06 September 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in Get Court

Advertise your law firm on Instagram

When Instagram launched back in 2010, it was a popular photo-sharing app, a way to keep a micro photo album online. It has now transitioned into one of the most popular mobile social media applications in the world.

Complete with ads and eCommerce integration as businesses want to leverage and profit from the growing Instagram user base. What was once a playground for lifestyle and travel-related content has now transitioned into more avenues.

Businesses which would not typically take not of Instagram are now adding it to their promotional strategies; this includes law firms.

If you're sitting and wondering how a law firm would take advantage of Instagram then this is the post for you, we will break down a complete strategy for you to build an audience for your law firm on Instagram.

Content delivery

Instagram is almost entirely visually based and you need to really take great care in creating high-quality imagery if you want to grab peoples attention. You also need to mix up your delivery between the three mediums avialable.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Stories

Note: Should you require additional tips on how to create great Instagram stories check out our post here

Building a following

While you're producing content you still need to reach out and start building an audience. While you could do this through promotion and advertising, there are also organic methods available such as:

Follow others

Once you craft a solid client profile, you should connect with other law firms and legal industry-related companies that have already built audiences.

Following industry accounts will help you keep track of your competitors and what seems to be trending or resonates with audiences. You can also look at the accounts that follow these firms and see how you can target individual users through tagging or commenting.

Engage in the conversation

Do not limit your commenting, engaging and tagging to your posts but reach out to other accounts. Comment on individual users and brand accounts and get involved inv various conversations

Follow specific hashtags and see how you can engage with users producing content and encourage them to check out your bio or follow you.

Content ideas

So what should you be filling those three mediums with to keep users engaged and entertained? Well, you can mix up your legal content with some of the following ideas.

Advice and tips

Legal issues can be complex and it needs to be applied to certain cases which is why advice and tips work so well. You can create generic tips and advice to get people thinking about you and your service. These tips may spark certain ideas and they would need to reach out for a more practical solution through a consultation.

Offering small insights that may or may not be common knowledge. This can be done with an image and text overlay and be recycled every few weeks and simply done in a different format. Remember not every tip reaches all your users so it's important to keep consistent. 


Create a video or image series answering questions clients often ask you and posting it as a mini-FAQ series on your profile. You can also give your opinion of certain changes in the law, misunderstandings or your opinion on pending cases or cases that have been completed but had public interest. This one is great for video but needs to be handled with care and tact or could sit you in hot water.


This one is a sort of soft product push but create situations where your legal expertise would be needed. This can be done on video, stories or images. Illustrate the importance of legal counsel in specific situations and show why your services are valuable in the various predicaments people may find themselves in. 

For example, an immigration lawyer speaking on how they deal with tourists who overstay their visa.

Product and services

I don't think this one needs explanation and is probably the content most service-based Instagram accounts will post about. Their service and what they do. While this is the focus of your promotion, these messages quickly get stale and need to be strategically placed within your weekly posting schedule as to not annoy viewers with constant product plugs.


Depending on the law you practice there may be changes made or interpretations of the law or cases that are of particular interest to the public. Use your profile to keep users up to date with what's happening in your sector.


Consider posting content about what’s happening at your law firm—new practice areas, new associates, cases you just won or settled, etc. A look behind the curtain can help clients understand what you do and make them feel closer to you.

Content amplification

If you've built a sound Instagram content strategy using the various methods above but would like more exposure. Then its time take it a step further and amplify your reach.


Ads would naturally be your first point of amplification, creating audiences, remarketing lists and pushing out your content. The power of Instagram ads comes from its retargeting through the Facebook pixel. You could create visitor audiences who haven't converted or are interested in specific topics on your website and reach them with targetted messaging too.


In particular content opportunities, you may want to tag official accounts such as brands, businesses, celebrities, influencers, community projects and more. Tagging sends out notifications to those users who can often repost it to their audiences through their feed or stories.


Creating content with other businesses that you've worked with for projects, events, conferences, or rendering services is a great way to provide additional exposure.

Showing possible clients who you work with, partner with and collaborate with can leverage your brand in areas it was never seen in before as you tap into new audiences.


Remember to use relevant industry and trending hashtags on your posts. Not only does this help categorise your content, but in many cases provide additional exposure. It can have you dominating the more niche hashtags and build online real estate for your business.

You can find a comprehensive list of legal-related hashtags here

Contact us

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