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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Travel

21 April 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Nova Mendoza in Hit the Road

Travel guide for beginners

I don’t know about you, but there is always a particular time of year when I suddenly start to feel the urge to travel. I think it’s because when I was a child, my parents would send my sister and me off to our grandparents’ house as soon as school was closed for the annual vacation period. So, travelling is not new to me.

But can you remember when travelling was new to you?

Things to think about first

If you’re a newbie at travelling, there are just some basic stuff that you have to bear in mind before hitting the road. It’s a good idea to have a checklist so that you won’t have to panic at the last minute, thinking you forgot to pack something. So here are the basics to think about:

1. Clothing

If you’re particular about your destination, that should make packing clothing easier. Will your trip be a working vacation, meaning you have to have some formal and semi-formal apparel tucked into your suitcase? Or are you going to relax on a beach somewhere, waiting for the sunset?

2. Packing

Strange that packing itself would need serious thought. But some people make the big mistake of packing anything and everything. That would mean lugging along all your belongings which would take the joy out of your vacation. Just pack necessities.

3. Travel documents

You have to remember to bring along travel documents as well. This means having your visa, passport, driver’s license, and even your International Drivers Permit ready.

Don’t forget your plane ticket too. And don’t forget to arrange for a rental car so that you won’t have to worry about transportation, especially if you’re travelling with others.

4. Cost and planning

The cost of your trip will depend a lot on your destination and what you plan to do there. So, it pays to sit down with your checklist and compute what you intend to pay for while you roam a new destination.

The basics of food, water, and lodgings count. But there may be some other items that you have to pay for, too, such as emergency medical care.

So this means factoring in travel insurance, health insurance, and life insurance as well, going overboard?

Not really, no. I think you can never be too insured when you are in a new place. After all, you can never predict what will happen, so it pays to have all the bases covered.

5. Jetlag and travel times

This is something people don’t think about when they’re new to travelling. That’s because you’ll be in an adrenaline rush, anticipating how fun your vacation will be. But once the rush has dissipated, it’s important to get some rest along the way.

So leave one day in your vacation just for catching up on sleep and unpacking your stuff in your hotel room. That means relaxing and just chilling in bed until you feel strong enough to explore your new location.

6. Budget

This Is The Big “B” Word among travellers, and one thing you should always remember is to factor in having enough money for everything and every place.

If you are on a shoestring budget, that means you should spend some time planning your activities. Not every tourist attraction requires shelling out a lot of money. There may be some sights that you can walk to. It would be nice to have a rental car if you can afford it. Otherwise, you may want to take public transportation instead.

It also pays to bring along more than one credit card and debit card because your other credit or debit card might not be accepted at your destination.

Try to bring along just a minimal amount of cash so that you don’t attract the attention of interested eyes. And refrain from wearing expensive jewellery or watches while you travel since these two can bring unwanted attention.

7. Language and cultural knowledge

One of the great things about hitting the road is that you will be immersed in another culture amongst people whose language is different and foreign to you. You may not understand everything the locals are saying, but that’s okay.

Eventually, you’ll develop an ear for the language and understand the local culture better. If you don’t plan on spending much time at that place, try to arrange for a tour guide who speaks the local language and understands their customs and traditions.

8. Find a friend

You may be lucky enough to have friends or acquaintances who have visited your current destination before. That’s great for you because you can ask them for tips about what you could expect from that place. Your friend might even tell you about red flags you have to bear in mind.

Pay close attention so that you know what you’re getting into well beforehand. If your friend shares photos of their trip with you, that can help you when you’re planning your travel activities.


Travelling for the first time is a great adventure, one that you shouldn’t miss out on. Don’t let your beginner’s jitters get the best of you. Plan ahead of time, so you know what you can expect on your trip.

Take plenty of pictures as well so that you can show your friends and family what they can expect when it’s their turn to visit that wonderful travel destination. And if you’re planning to drive in a foreign country, don’t forget to apply for an International Driver’s Permit.

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