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How AI Can Benefit Digital Marketing

28 August 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Robert Sumner in Industry Experts

AI improving digital marketing

AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is a trending topic nowadays. It is being used in many aspects of life in the form of smart devices, chatbots, self-operating electronic gadgets and in the most critical term "Digital Marketing".

As we know digital marketing has expanded its presence all over the world, every one running their business in digital marketing is expecting a large number of customer base, more business opportunities and an excellent return on investment.

That can be possible with the use of AI as it holds exceptional future opportunities in digital marketing. Want to know how?

If yes, then bare with us for the next 5 minutes till the end of this post where we will give you a complete overview of the use of AI in digital marketing.  

Before proceeding ahead, it is essential for you to know the accurate statement about AI that precisely what it is. Nothing too complex to get a detailed analysis of AI.

It is a science that deals with intelligent manufacturing machines that can think and respond immediately, just like a human being.

Its impact is getting viral far beyond the mundane. More and more, organizations are showing their curiosity to learn AI for their high-end applications.

So, without wasting much time, let's discuss the best points in which AI played a significant role and turn their phase completely in digital marketing.  

Help you understand your audience better

To successfully run a digital marketing business it is essential to measure the success of your targeted audience. Like how many people are satisfied using your services or how many are interested in using them in the future.

Do you think you can all alone manage the abundance of the date on your own?

You need a helper to perform all these tasks that will cost too. So, to get the best results without paying outside to anyone lets, AI makes your partner.

AI will analyze data to easily predict the buying behaviours and decisions of your target customers in a hassle-free & straightforward manner.  

Improve user experience

Selling your brand/services without knowing what your targeted audience is looking for is useless.

You should be damn careful before selling your brand/product that is it the right product that your audience will like to buy or should you work on more updated products or services?

You should have a clear understanding of your brand or people's choice & needs. But in the fast-moving & competitive world, nobody has much time to count on single things.

Everyone wants a collection of information just out of their door. But you needn't get worried!

If you are a digital marketer and don't have much time to gather the abundance of information, then it can be done by AI.

Yes, you can use AI data to provide your audience with what they need and what you are trying to sell them.  

Effective marketing 

In digital marketing, all you want as a marketer is effective marketing and their results. Because you know, as good as the marketing strategy will be, as better, you will get sales leads.

However, getting sales leads is quite daunting if you are not aware of the proper digital marketing strategies. Right?

Until & unless you haven't performed the right steps to get desired sale leads, you should never expect the optimum results. You just start living in a world of guess like, in how many days you will get such several leads and so on.

But in actuality, it comes with strategic layout & efforts. But now, you can wind up with that old method as AI can help you end that irritating guesswork which gives you no results.

With AI, you can now create a more effective marketing strategy for your business with its data-driven analysis.  

Enhanced ROI

Who doesn't want increased ROI? Every digital marketer wants. Late or early, it is in their hands only.

As much as they work dedicatedly to expand business worldwide, as many as business opportunities they will get, that leads to increased ROI. Because when your business is spread across many people, the chances maybe you'll be able to turn your visitors in the paying lead enthusiastically.

Visitors can be from your website, social media or the content you uploaded on different platforms.

Engaging content is the fundamental approach to attract those visitors, so make sure what you are posting is original about your brand and you. If you don't want to use it on your own, then collaborate yourself with AI.

AI empowers effective decision-making and helps you create better-performing content. Implementing AI in digital marketing strategies will help you outreach to the right audience with the best deals they can't refuse.  

Boost productivity 

Increase Productivity is the dream of almost every digital marketer, whether its a newbie in the industry or have an established presence. But to achieve Increased Productivity & enhanced business growth, you learn to manage multiple tasks in less time.

That you definitely can't do. Because as a human being, we can work simultaneously only on 1 to 2 tasks. And whenever it comes to manage functions of the industrial level, then we can get messy with the things.

Either we feel need to take help from some experienced professionals or looking for ways to manage on our own.

Well, using AI updated algorithms, you never need a feel to hire someone or going through some ways to manage your tasks effectively, it can automate many repetitive tasks in one go.

That will ultimately help you increase productivity and save you both time and money.  


Well, if you want to leverage the power of digital marketing, then use AI in your digital marketing campaigns. We hope, after going through the above benefits of AI in the digital marketing business, you will think of using it.

The benefits of AI in digital marketing will not only help you do business effectively but also help you boost your business productivity with more business opportunities and an enhanced return on conversions.  

About the author

Stephen Forde is the CEO of Media Fortress, a digital marketing & web hosting firm. Due to his continual support and services in the digital marketing landscape, Media Fortress got the title of the best "Search Engine Optimisation Company in Sydney", and it continues to evolve its web presence with the advancement in the technological era.

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