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10 Compelling Website Design Trends for 2022

09 December 2021 | 1 comments | Posted by Carina Lauron in Industry Experts

Website design trends going into 2022

Website design trends are downbeat, but this 2022, it may stand out for many reasons due to the pandemic and current events.

Although the lockdown measures are starting to lift slowly, many are still spending more time on their computers, tablets or smartphones. This could be taking part in a Zoom call for work, online shopping to pass the time, or to look for ways to improve your business website.

In whichever position you are above, digital reliance is at an all-time high. This is why web designers started to create sites as art, interactive projects and sites for play and entertainment. This goes back to the outset of the web when web designers found methods to show off new techniques or build websites for their projects.

Furthermore, the web design trends are also moving into the future with exciting, trendy techniques like animations, advanced interactions and visual effects, such as grain. Most designers are also now using no-code tools to do it faster and easier than before.

So, to give you the web design trends for 2022, here are the ten website design trends that you can try this coming year:

Ten website design trends for 2022

A well-designed website can help you create a good impression on your prospects and nurture leads for more conversions. But, most importantly, it provides a good user experience that allows website visitors to access and navigate your website with ease and simplicity.

Here are some of the web design trends for 2022 that can potentially impact the upcoming year.

1. Cinema-style homepage

Many contemporary websites are now using cinema-style homepages. This type of homepage can quickly immerse users into your website and is the ideal design element to present visitors to your website. It can grab the users' attention fast and make them feel a part of it within seconds of scrolling.

Moreover, you can also create your cinema-style homepage unique compared to others. For instance, you can use vignettes, slow-motion effects, etc., to make your web design more appealing. This design element minimises the text amount on your homepage and is one of the perfect design trends to adopt for 2022.

2. Light and dark mode toggle

The light and dark mode toggle is one of the must-try design trends this 2022. Allowing the customers to toggle between these two modes can enhance the user experience on your website, which is likely to be appreciated by your website website visitors.

It's essential to make sure that your web design includes the use of colour palettes for both light and dark modes. This ensures that switching from one mode to another won't affect the overall site's visibility.

This design trend is excellent in web design as it gives users more control over their browsing activities, giving them a more satisfying and enjoyable experience. Most devices support the light and dark mode toggle, making it worth considering for web design applications.

3. Overlapping design elements

Overlapping design elements is an interface that involves using landing page elements that break the boundaries of sections and shapes, creating direct attention and emphasis. For example, you can overlap the image's text instead of having a separate title text and image.

Doing so creates a dynamic feel to your website and allows viewers to focus more on the text. This web design fad is one of 2022 web design trends that you can freely apply to your website.

One of the examples of overlapping web design elements can be observed in the Cascade Style Sheet or CSS Box Model. This model consists of a margin, padding, margin and content with each element piled on top of the other.

Furthermore, the solid lines of colour aren't the only rims that work with the Box Model. Images can also be utilised as backgrounds, which centre the audience's attention to the content. Seizing the user's attention and emphasising important information with borders create a three-dimensional effect.

This is one of the design trends in 2022, but one must execute carefully. Contemporary design allows you to overlap elements and not keep them in the same position instead. This structure trend can help build an organised and professional website with trackable components.

But why do you need to be careful in using overlapping designs? You need to ensure that all the overlapping pages collapse well and stay readable.

Ensuring that each overlapping page remains readable is vital to give your readers a good time browsing your content.

4. Human-like chatbots

One of the web design trends this 2022 that you should include in your web development plans is the AI, human-like chatbots. This will make customer interactions seamless and play a significant role in improving the customer experience in your website.

The human-like chatbots interact with customers like real human representatives. They understand user goals and can detect when a customer is on the acquisition journey.

That makes them suitable choices for drawing and nurturing leads and driving them down the sales funnel. Investing in chatbots is another way to cut costs for small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) or well-established businesses. A single chatbot can do work that several human representatives can do.

This makes a chatbot worth considering in your 2022 website design ideas.

5. Modern minimalism

This design trend is slowly becoming more popular in the website development industry. As a web designer, it's crucial to embrace a minimalist design to increase website appeal and enhance the site's functionality.

Many people assume that a minimalist design lacks elements with lots of white space. However, white space is essential when embracing a minimalist design. Many companies want to stand out from the competition by shattering white space monotony, but this must be done carefully.

You can hire a reliable, local web design company to ensure that the breaking of white space monotony won't affect your site's functionality. A minimalist design is a great design that benefits the users significantly. This is because it offers better compatibility between varied screen sizes and faster loading times.

Furthermore, a simple UI design is adjusted to mobile browsing without impairing the desktop or user experience.

6. Big buttons

Another web design trend that you can improve your website's usability is big buttons. Small buttons aren't ideal and friendly, particularly for small screen users.

This is the easiest way to enhance the user experience of web design. It'llIt'll also boost navigation a lot and feature accessibility like never before.

On top of that, you can also discern the buttons using colours. This will lower the chances of users interacting with the incorrect elements on your website. It'sIt's a perfect web design trend to add to your web design plans for 2022.

7. Personalised content

Making content that fits your customer's preferences, behaviour, and needs is valuable. It can provide incredible results that help improve your business.

Providing personalised content raises customers' confidence and trust in your business by giving them the information they need. This should be your central area of focus as you design your websites this 2022.

On the other hand, hiring a web design agency to help create marketing content for you will be a good idea, especially if you don't know anything about web design. Working with professionals in the website design industry helps you develop content that meets the demands of your target audience.

8. Micro-animations

Micro-animations are small, functional animations that support users by giving them visual feedback and clearly showing changes. With this design trend, it's possible to demonstrate a lot without using words.

Although animations have existed for a long time, this has gotten better because of the better mobile processors and browsers. Thus, this gets more significant to spend some time on animations in your interfaces.

Micro-animations can enrich interaction and clarify interfaces. Using this can help users understand the hierarchy, so the elements are put in context, which creates focus.

9. Oversized typography

Oversized typography is a fresh, must-try design trend for this year. Simple words become more of a graphic element than merely a part of the text at a particular size of typography. Furthermore, this versatile method can be used in minimalist and maximalist designs.

10. Interactive fonts

This 2022, you can take the text to the next level. Many web designers have found ways to move their texts using the user's mouse. You can do this by applying a hover-state shift like you would with a button.

Today, it's convenient to make more elaborate effects using modern no-code platforms. You don't have to think about codes as everything can be done code-free.

When using interactivity onto fonts, it's noteworthy to keep legibility in mind, as some people find moving characters as distractions.

Taking all into account

The business world today is extensive and saturated with websites. To be successful, you need to stand out from the competition. This makes good web designs essential to have.

The tips given in this article can help bring your web design game a notch higher. Fortunately, you don't have to commence from scratch with website development to integrate them. Instead, you can use them to update the parts of your website that you deem lacking.


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