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Most Effective B2B Facebook Marketing Strategies

27 January 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Tobias Foster in Industry Experts

Facebook strategies for B2B audiences

Facebook initially started as a social network used to connect with your family and friends, but over the years, we have seen Facebook evolve into something much more than that. Many business and brands are now using different social media platforms, including Facebook, to promote their brand and products.

But there are still some B2B companies that are still sceptical about the use of Facebook for awareness and leads generation. The fact that Facebook changed its algorithm to favour contents relating to family and friends over brand contents have as well added to the scepticism of B2B marketers about the usefulness of Facebook for their marketing campaign.

There are a few ways that you can use Facebook for B2B marketing. There is the personal Facebook profile which founders and CEOs can leverage on for more visibility. Then, there are Facebook pages meant for companies, brands and some notable people. Thirdly, there are Facebook groups meant for clubs, organization and topics. There are also advertising and targeting solutions that B2B marketers can use on Facebook but is often overlooked by many B2Bs making the competition relatively lesser.

Facebook has over a billion users and about 80% of its users visit the social network every day. This makes the Facebook market a large market. It now becomes the responsibility of the B2B marketers to reach out to this large group of market and generate leads out of them. To do that, here are some B2B marketing strategies for Facebook.

Target your market

There are different types of audiences on Facebook, and the B2B marketer has to create awareness and generate leads out of these audiences. There are four different targets regarding your audience on Facebook.

Demographic groups

This is a comprehensive way to target your audience, but you can still use it very effectively. All it takes is a deep understanding of your buyers’ demographics. There are certain things you have to find out, such as their level of income, the organizations they work with or their employers, the influencers they follow etc. you can use this knowledge to group your audiences. Then you can test the group that engages your sponsored content.

Role of a company targeting

Facebook has a targeting option that allows you to create the audience of Facebook users working at particular companies or have specific job titles, etc.

Custom audiences

This is what you want in your B2B marketing. With your custom audience, you can upload the acquired lists of the phone numbers and email addresses of your target prospect. Facebook would then match the information with user profiles. The average match rate for email-to-user on Facebook is between 60% and 80%. You can then create your audience from the matched users.

Lookalike audiences

The creation of a lookalike audience can go a long way to help to increase your reach with B2B Facebook marketing. But it requires that you already have an audience. It then depends on the demographic attributes of your successful audience. You can easily measure the success of your Facebook campaign with this. If you also have over 100 current customers, you can use your customer list to create a lookalike audience. This is a fast way to get the audience that has high engagement.

Promote thought leaders on Facebook

Facebook is an opportunity for you to show the level of expertise that you have in your field to win the heart of your audience. Share articles and blog posts from/by your company to show your depth of knowledge in the pain points of the buyers. Put contents like this on your Facebook page, as many buyers often look to social media for solutions to their problems.

You must make sure that the content you share on your page educated your prospect on the problems they are having and the surrounding solutions. You should not post content focused on sales or trying to sell your product to the prospect. Remember they are still prospects. So, they have not gotten to that stage where you start trying to sell to them.

Create a Facebook tab to show your how-to tutorial videos

Crating a video tab on Facebook where you can load how-to tutorial videos for your products is another effective strategy. You must take your time to label each video appropriately so that they do not confuse the buyers. The videos can either be instructional, explainer videos or just teaser videos.

Facebook can help you store content like this effectively, so, it is easy for someone to find the videos if they search for your company name.

Carry out paid campaigns

As you might have discovered already, Facebook is not a social media platform where you can put so much effort and contents into organic campaigns. To get the best value for your B2B marketing campaign, then it has to be a paid campaign. You can do this more effectively to yield better result by building your target audience with a buyer profile that you think is ideal for you.

Creating a Facebook audience group, and reaching out to these audiences are the most effective ways to carry out your paid campaign.

Use storytelling on Facebook to gain social advocacy

As much as buyers are interested in talking to businesses and brands on social media, they also want to be sure that the brand they are engaging is a socially responsible one. As a B2B marketer or company, you can speak to your prospects directly on Facebook about your advancements and positive footprint in making the customer experience better.

Creating stories like this will resonate more with the prospects and give them a better understanding of your brand. You can also use experience service to connect with them, answer questions that they might have about the opportunities in the industry, and offer advice to them. This gives them a positive experience with your company, putting you in a better light and makes the client happy.

Include a signup tab on your Facebook page

Adding a signup tab to your brand’s Facebook page helps a lot to increase your audience and makes it easier for you to generate leads for your brand product.

Once interested persons arrive at your Facebook page, it is easier for them to download your e-book or sign up for a monthly newsletter from your brand. This means they will have to drop their emails, making them extra additions to your audience and increasing the number of leads you have.


So much has been said about the prospect of Facebook for B2B marketing, and it is clear to see that with the right strategies, it is a good prospect for leads generation. You must, however, note that your content is crucial for Facebook B2B marketing. You must ensure that your materials are not purely focused on sales, instead focus on providing help for your audience.

About the author

Tobias Foster is a very ambitious journalist and editor with over five years of working experience providing a resume writing service. He has a considerable wealth of knowledge in the subjects of philosophy, business and marketing-driven by his passion in these fields, making him a master of his crafts.

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