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Facebook vs Instagram: Which One is Best for Marketing?

03 February 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Tom Siani in Industry Experts

Facebook vs instagram which one is best for marketing

Social media platforms are playing a great role in all aspects of our lives today. No matter you're a housekeeper, a salesperson, or a business owner, you certainly need these tools. We're using them not only for communication but also for learning, marketing, advertising, and even making purchases.

With more than a whopping 4 billion users in the world, social platforms have provided businesses with a great audience reach opportunity. The thing is, you might find it difficult to choose the best platform for your business, particularly if you're running a startup. The reason is every platform has its own culture and is useful for certain types of people.

As a result, you have to target your audience, where the majority of them are active. For example, LinkedIn is a profession-based platform useful for students, job seekers, professionals, recruiters, and also influencers. On the other hand, TikTok is an entertaining-based platform and is totally different from LinkedIn.

So you can't expect to get the same result on all platforms.

Try to compare them just like what we have done here about Facebook vs Instagram. After reading this article, you'll figure out which one is your priority for social media marketing.

Facebook vs Instagram: Stats

First and foremost, we have to compare them according to their stats. In other words, when we don't know the number of their users, we can hardly choose the best platform.

Facebook statistics 2022

  • There are 2.38 billion monthly active Facebook members.
  • Facebook is used by around 60% of the world's social media users.
  • Facebook is the third most popular website on the internet.
  • Facebook is the app with the second-highest number of downloads.
  • In 2021, Facebook will be 17 years old.
  • Men make up 63% of Facebook's users.

Statistics source: statusbrew.com

Instagram statistics 2022

  • Every month, 1 billion individuals use Instagram.
  • The majority of Instagram's viewership is between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks among teens.
  • Males from Generation X are the fastest-growing Instagram audience.
  • Males and females are roughly equally represented in Instagram's viewership.

Statistics source: findstack.com

As you see, Facebook is by far better in terms of stats, although Instagram is winning the competition in some areas like engagement rates and Gen Z popularity.

Facebook vs Instagram: audience

In social media marketing, demographic information about your target audience is critical. In truth, publishing on every social media platform isn't going to garner great results. Each platform serves a particular purpose, and as a result, it may attract people with distinct characteristics.

Instagram has a younger user base than Facebook, which is one of the most notable contrasts between the two platforms.

This has a wide range of repercussions for many types of organizations. For example, when comparing an investing business to a fashion brand, Facebook is clearly better for the former, and Instagram is plainly better for the latter.

Facebook vs Instagram: business type

You need to know why people use each platform. Instagram looks to be more focused on ordinary stories and memorable events, whereas Facebook appears to be more informed.

As a result, Facebook is the best place to promote a large company and its products. Instagram, on the other hand, is unrivalled in terms of campaign promotion and engagement.

Additionally, Facebook advertising performs better, despite the popularity of Instagram Live videos. So, if you want to do event marketing, Instagram Lives and Facebook Ads are the way to go.

In addition, Instagram is significantly more effective in firms with a strong visual component. For example, architects, fashion designers, and models can do better on Instagram.

Facebook vs Instagram: influencers

Influencers are important in social media marketing. In the following year, the majority of firms want to boost their influencer marketing budgets. It's good to note that the global pandemic and lockdowns have increased the value of working with influencers since more people are spending time on social media platforms looking at entertaining influencer posts.

Instagram is a multimedia medium that is great for influencers, as previously said. When compared to Facebook, Instagram is a far better platform for influencer marketing, which makes it much more profitable. Many Instagram influencers in various areas are trying to grow their Instagram followers to generate a lot more money these days by promoting various items or even selling their accounts to businesses.

Facebook vs Instagram: video marketing features

Video marketing is one of the most important techniques these days as videos are the most popular kind of content, especially among youngsters.

Almost all social media platforms are now providing attractive video-sharing tools to help you in this regard.

But Instagram is truly different. It has a variety of video marketing features like:

  • Instagram Live video
  • IGTV
  • Reels
  • Instagram Stories
  • Shoppable tags in your stories
  • The ability to turn existing posts into Ads

Although Facebook also lets you post videos, the diversity on Instagram is way better.

Facebook vs Instagram: editing tools

Another critical factor we can consider is picture/video editing tools. You must have known that raw pictures sometimes look ugly, and that's exactly why many users like to use editing tools. Fortunately, both platforms provide you with some great editing tools and filters so that you rarely need third-party apps.

However, Instagram is a bit better in terms of filters and editing tools. So if you don't have a graphic team, you'd better opt for this platform to do the task much easier.

Final thought: Which one is better for you

Instagram and Facebook are both fantastic platforms with a little difference. There is no formula to prove which one is better for sure. But the recommendation is to have an account on both of them and prioritize your digital marketing strategies for one of them.

If your business is related to women, teens, and the elderly, Instagram can be your priority. On the other hand, if you have a firm in law or something similar, Facebook might be a better option.

Also, startups and small/local businesses that want to market their products and sell directly from the app can choose Instagram. Another important matter is to cross-promote your content on both platforms to target as many users as possible.

Finally, try to get feedback from your audience to know if you're performing well.


If you enjoyed this article and would like a detailed summary or a better visual comparison of the two platforms, then check out the following infographic

Infographic comparison of IG vs FB

Download the high-resolution version here

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