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Third Or First-person Writing: What Is More Engaging Social Media Content?

23 October 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Amy Fleming in Industry Experts

First or third person usage on social media

There are a lot of great third-person novels: from The Lord of the Flies to A Wizard of Earthsea. But it is essential to understand that your social media isn’t a novel, and its narrative is entirely different. Of course, there are plenty of much worthier things that you can do for your content marketing strategy, and writing in the third person isn’t that bad.

Moreover, many students order custom writing in the third person because their professors ask them to choose this point of view.

So, it all depends on your goals. If you want to grow your audience and provide it with brilliant insights, you should forget about this point of view. Let’s dive deeper!

Third-person definition

When you write, you can use three primary points of view:

  • First-person is where you refer to yourself. If it is your company, you could also write “we.”
  • Second-person is where the writer refers to other people: “you,” “your,” or “yours.”
  • Third-person is based on “he,” “she,” or “it.” It also uses the names — of the person or company.

You can easily find many first, second and third-person examples online since all these points of view are widely used in novels, movies, website blogs, and other types of content. But is it easy to choose the best one for your social media? We know the answer.

Don’t use third-person on your social media: Why?

Although the third-person narrative has its goals and advantages, it also comes with some aspects that are not desirable for your social marketing strategy. It implies that you aren’t the person your content is about. It means that the writer is a third party, someone unknown.

It sounds good for A Game of Thrones, but it makes no sense on your blog or your company’s social media. You have a chance to interact directly with your audience, and an artificial layer of distance will not help you. What does 1st person mean? It means that there is an actual individual behind the content, a real man or woman who shares one’s opinion. So, please don’t refer to the company by name unless it is vital.

The next thing you should know is that such kind of copy sounds too formal and corporate. Whatever your marketing goals are, first-person and second-person narratives will work much better.

What point of view should you choose?

We have mentioned that other points of view are much better, but if you need to choose the one between first vs third person, it would be a good idea to stand with a second person. It is the most exciting point of view that turns the focus of your content towards your readers.

If you create posts to share the benefits of your company or call the audience to some action, you surely should choose this narrative. Pay attention to the most popular and efficient advertising or some popular essay writer website — a second person is used there a lot.

In practice, many companies and social media content creators mix first and second-person points of view. Of course, you shouldn’t apply this mix within a single sentence, but it is still a good strategy.

Are there possible scenarios when you should use third-person?

There are not too many. The most suitable one is when your task is to write a press release. These papers are sent to journalists, i.e., third parties, to be published in different mediums.

In this case, you don’t interact with your audience personally, and this point of view choice makes sense. So, anything going somewhere else from your own social media platform can be written from the third person.

Another scenario can be applied when you’re writing bios and ‘about the team’ or ‘customer stories’ pages. It is normal to use a third-person point of view when you’re writing about particular people using their names.

As you can see, there are different scenarios without one accepted solution. So, when you buy an essay, you should ensure that you know your professor’s expectations and provide this information when placing an order.

What are the Main SEO recommendations?

Along with content marketing best practices, it is necessary to understand what works for SEO purposes. It is not the most straightforward task to create content for people and search engines simultaneously.

Well, while some SEO managers believe they need to mention brand names lots of times in the content, this approach no longer works. If you want Google to know about your company, ensure that:

  • There are links from other websites that mention your brand name;
  • You have links from social media profiles;
  • Your domain name includes the brand;
  • Copyright notice and contact page include the brand;
  • Your brand is mentioned on different platforms online.

So, if you promote your business and collaborate with other sites, it is enough. It would help if you didn’t repeat your brand name in each article, so I prefer talking in the first person or in the second person to ensure that you’re on the same page with your readers.

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