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10 Techniques To Increase Engagement on Facebook

Improve engagement on facebook posts

If you want to grow your brand through a social media strategy, you probably want to know how to increase the engagement rate. For example, how do you get people to engage with your Facebook posts through likes, reactions, shares, and comments?

Several strategies can help you increase engagement.

They don't necessarily guarantee immediate results, but they will bring you sustainable stat increases over time. 

However, if you want to speed things up a little, you can also buy Facebook post likes on reputable websites such as Socialboss. So, if our suggestions sound promising, keep reading this article to learn how to get more engagement on Facebook!

What Is A Facebook Engagement Rate?

First of all, do you know what Facebook's engagement rate is and why it is so important? This metric is calculated by taking the total number of likes, reactions, shares, and comments, dividing it by the number of your Facebook page followers, and multiplying it by 100 to get a percentage.

In short, this is the Facebook engagement rate formula:

  • (likes+reactions+shares+comments)/followers * 100

Now, the question remains: why is engagement rate so important at all? Social media marketers use many different metrics to track their success, but the engagement rate is particularly important because it shows how much certain posts resonate with the target audience.

In other words, if your followers ignore your posts, your content strategy is failing you, and your goals of building a thriving audience die with every new post.

Keep in mind that even though the average Facebook engagement rate is pretty low (less than 0,50%), a good engagement rate is between 1% and 5%.

As a brand, you need to try to go even higher than 5%. Below are the strategies to achieve that:

How To Increase Engagement On Facebook Organically

The good news is that even if your Facebook page engagement rate is plummeting, there are many things you can do to fix it:

1. Do Your Research

A deep and thorough research should always be your first step. By doing research, you can set clear and achievable goals ahead of you. Start by asking yourself questions such as: What's your target audience? What kind of posts should you publish? What do you want to accomplish with your posts? The answers to these questions should be your starting point when tailoring your Facebook marketing strategy.

2. Choose Optimal Posting Times

Another important aspect of your social media strategy is choosing optimal times for posting. You will certainly get more engagement if you post when most of your target audience is online, as opposed to when your target audience is mostly offline. For example, if your target audience is employed people aged 30-50, your ideal posting times are around lunch breaks and in the evening because these are the times when your followers will come online.

3. Keep An Eye On Trends, But Stay Unique

Facebook is full of temporary trends that come and go. It is smart to participate in those trends occasionally because it can help you go viral and reach a wider audience. This is also a clever strategy to get engagement on Facebook because people are more likely to interact with currently popular content. However, try to show your personality and stay original, even when following trends. Add something uniquely yours to all your posts, and soon enough, they will become recognizable.

4. Prioritize Quality Content

Your content represents your product or service. If your content is low quality, your followers will subconsciously assume that your products or services are also of low quality. They will start to ignore your posts, just like they will ignore whatever you are selling. Both your engagement rate and your sales will go down. Don't let this happen to you; make sure that every post looks professional and represents your business brand in the best way possible.

5. Optimize Your Media

The Facebook algorithm favours good-quality yet simple media that are suitable for both browser and mobile users. Make sure your media fulfils all requirements. Also, keep your Facebook news feed diverse and interesting by posting different media posts in different formats.

6. Utilize UGC

UGC is short for User Generated Content, and as its name suggests, it is content generated by users of a certain product or service. For example, if you have a satisfied client, they can create a Facebook post featuring your product/service. Then, you can share that post and use it as a form of social proof that your company is reliable. Your other followers will soon feel compelled to interact with that post and maybe even share their own experiences.

7. Partner With Influencers

Another great strategy to increase your Facebook business page engagement rate is to partner with influencers. Influencers, even the minor ones, are great engagement bait, so try to get them to promote you.

8. Post Consistently

Posting consistently is another important aspect of your Facebook engagement strategy. Try to post every day or at least every other day for better post engagement on Facebook. Don't post too often because you don't want to annoy your followers.

9. Engage With Your Followers

To further increase Facebook likes and other interactions, you need to interact with your followers. Respond to their comments, comment on their posts, react to their Facebook stories, and ask questions in your posts. End your posts with a call to action and think of what you can do to help page viewers take action on the page. Also, you can make Facebook live videos in which you respond to various questions. Be active in several Facebook groups - you never know which Facebook group you can find your potential customers in.

10. Analyze And Adapt

Use Facebook page insights to see which posts performed better than others. Such posts have managed to engage users on Facebook more than other posts did. Try to figure out what made these posts so successful and try to replicate it in your future posts. You will soon see your page post engagement rise.

Best Places To Further Increase Facebook Engagement

Apart from the above tips that showed you how to grow on Facebook, there is also another neat trick that will help you make engagement posts on Facebook. As a result, this trick will help you engage customers on Facebook.

It is simple: visit one of the websites below:


SocialBoss is a perfect place to boost likes on Facebook, as well as other stats that will boost your engagement rate. This website sells various Facebook stats, but all these stats are high-quality and come from genuine users. That means no one will be able to notice that you bought these stats.

Additionally, when your followers see a lot of likes on your posts, they will be more eager to interact with those posts. SocialBoss has several other benefits:

  1. Fast yet gradual delivery of purchased stats
  2. Several payment methods
  3. High-quality likes that will stay on your posts
  4. No registration needed


SocialsUp is another great website where you can buy likes and other stats to boost engagement on Facebook. Simply choose the stat package, paste your post URL, and proceed with the payment. You will soon see an increase in your stats.


When you want to get more interaction on Facebook, you can also try Followzilla, another reputable place to buy likes, shares, and comments. It is completely safe and easy to use, and you will start to notice the first results in just a few minutes.


Finally, visit SocialsGrow to get more likes on Facebook in just a few clicks. This website is a great place to buy affordable stats which will also bring more organic reach and engagement.

Increasing engagement on Facebook requires a strategic approach that balances understanding your audience, posting high-quality content at optimal times, and continuously adapting based on performance analytics.

By implementing these ten effective techniques, you can organically boost your engagement rates and foster a more active and loyal community.

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