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How To Leverage Videos in NGO Marketing

06 October 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Elizabeth Owuoche in Industry Experts

NGO video marketing

You have heard the phrase humans are visual creatures before. Many people will gravitate towards pictures and videos. This is in contrast to the consumption of text. Statistics show that 55% of people will watch a video every day.

It also shows that 54% of customers want more video content from brands and 72% prefer videos to learn about brands or products. Finally, 84% have bought products or services because of the content they watched.

Digital marketers cannot ignore the important role of video marketing. And, their use applies to all organizations, both profit-making and NGOs. But the trick in reaping the benefits depends on how you use it. Our article focuses on how NGO digital marketers can benefit from the use of video content.

Start with clear goals

Think about the process of developing digital marketing for nonprofits strategies. One critical consideration is what you hope to achieve. That means you need sound goals that guide all your activities.

And, within the overall strategy, you will have goals for each tactic you use, including video content. For a nonprofit organization, the goals could include driving up engagement. Others could be increasing awareness for educational purposes.

Develop the right video marketing strategy

A video marketing strategy for nonprofits is a guide to all the activities the organization will undertake. Other than goals, there is a lot more to a sound strategy. Focus on things like:

  • Short but impactful videos. Remember, online audiences have a lot of content to interact with. Find a way to grab them from the very beginning, and keep them on your page. One good tip is to keep video content to less than 2 minutes. Anything longer, and the audiences may lose interest. Remember, you must communicate what you want to say within the first few seconds.
  • Use the platform to educate the audience on what your organization is doing to make a change. With knowledge comes understanding and a higher chance of getting support.
  • The video content would not be complete without a call to action button. Avoid having too many versions so that you do not confuse donors. The links to the buttons should lead to the right pages. Any dead links can create a negative perception in the mind of the online visitor.
  • Consider the distribution channels, including websites and social media. Do take the time to segment your audience so that the messaging reaches the right ears.

Focus on mobile optimisation

Nonprofit video marketing strategies must consider mobile optimization. Search engines use mobile indexing to rank websites. If your content does not translate well on devices like smartphones, it will impact your ranking.

You also want to provide convenience for audiences. Many will use such devices when browsing social media and other platforms. One thing to include is high-resolution videos that maintain clarity on small screens. Be careful about how you position the videos. Options include landscape or square layouts. Audiences should see the images without having to tilt the screen.

Facebook recommends designing for that audience that will watch videos without sound. So, include large, legible text, graphics, and captions that are easy to see on the small screens.

Connect with stories

Nonprofit digital marketing requires high levels of creativity. You need to pull on the audience's heartstrings with the right communication. Combine video content with storytelling, and you have a sure winner.

Take the example of a rehabilitation project in a slum area. Showing before and after footage with the right narration will bring out the impact of the organisation's work. The video content leaves a lasting impression. And it can help provide that gentle nudge for support.

Vary the format and content of the videos

You may be thinking that you should only post high-production videos. Such videos take time and money to develop. It could limit the amount of content you put up due to budgetary constraints.

Yet, you could achieve a lot with the short videos that you capture with your smartphone. An impromptu interview with a beneficiary can generate a lot of engagement.

So can a peek at what goes on in the background when the teams are hard at work?

Consider the impact of seeing videos of volunteers helping people in disaster situations. The corona outbreak showed healthcare personnel lying on the ground in complete exhaustion. This was after long hours managing patients.

Such videos come across as more authentic. Audiences will see that there is no whole production going on behind the scenes. What they are seeing is the situation as it is on the ground. It provides the digital marketer with a chance to humanize the organisation.

Be strategic about video content placement

The website may have a gallery full of videos, and that is all good. But, do not limit yourself to only one place. Let's take the example of the nonprofit website. Places that will get a lot of traction include your blog posts.

So, embedding videos in articles is a fantastic way to increase engagement. The more people stay on the page, the more the search engines notice. Page stay is a key ranking factor that will work in your favour.

Do the same for communication material like emails and press releases. The videos make it easier to understand your messaging. The digital marketer enjoys a lot more flexibility when expounding on points. The same would not be achievable with written text. Other than the nonprofit website and social media, expand your placement avenues a little bit more. Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are quite popular.

But, you could also explore platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Vimeo. With a little budget, you can also upload content on streaming platforms like Amazon.

Final thoughts

Video content provides excellent digital marketing tools for nonprofits. The use of visuals increases engagement and interaction among audiences. The nonprofit has flexibility in message delivery. They can explain the mission, vision, or causes without the limitation of written text. Nonprofit digital marketers have a lot of choices in the placement of such content. These include websites and social media platforms.

They get access to a broad audience base that can help support their causes. High engagement with content is a critical ranking factor. Good rankings will increase visibility for the nonprofit organization. It is also a sign of credibility, which is a significant factor when looking for donations.

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