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How to Make Visitors Stick To Your Website

20 August 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Kathryn Ritchie in Industry Experts

Make visitors stay on your website

Let’s be honest; when a visitor comes to your website, the most likely scenario is looking for something specific. It is up to you to make them stay as long as possible and wishing to come back over and over again.

The job you are doing is excellent, but what if it is not enough sometimes? What if you do not know what else is there to offer and you desperately need help?

Let me help you with that, and let’s make your website one of a kind.

It is not something that is not doable, so if you follow the instructions and advice, you will make your website breathtaking, and the competition will not stand a chance. Let’s get to business, shall we?

Use good advertising.

Advertising is becoming popular each day, and using it might give you the satisfaction of significant traffic and people liking to come around and enjoy the content you offer.

If you want to get people first to notice your website, social media ads are something you should strive for. Social media advertising has a lot to offer, among which is Facebook advertising hitting the roof with its exceptional work.

What is so great about Facebook ads is that people cannot live without a social media presence, and having a good ads campaign is worth your while. Presence on social media is now a necessity, and this is the first step in promoting your business and website.

Facebook ads are easy to navigate, you need to follow instructions and have everything in order, and they will pay off. Furthermore, advertising also helps your traffic, and you do want to have fantastic traffic and a successful website, don’t you? What is more, there are free advertising platforms, if money might be a problem at the beginning, so start using the social media presence and turn it in your favour.

Make things creative.

Let’s be honest; most people will judge the book by its covers, so make sure your website is good enough for them to want to stick around. By making the website look more appealing, you have a better chance at people wanting to come by and explore.

One step in doing so is to keep the website professional yet rich in design. An excellent way to start is choosing a suitable template, something too dark or too bright might not be great, so choose something between, some soothing colour.

Also, you would want to make templates and pictures to go unique with each other, which will only add up to your beautiful website. You have to remember that some people are colour sensitive, so matching everything with each other is a great start, and people will appreciate you taking the time to make everything right.

Also, adding some effects to your website is not a bad idea; you do not want something pretentious; you want something more up to date and unique that will make people speechless. You have to know; these things are the first to notice when you enter the website, so make it count.

Keep the headline up to date.

When it comes to headlines, it speaks for itself. You would want to keep it more interesting so that people visiting your website just be stunned in amazement. Let’s face it; if the headline is boring, no one will want to read the article and much less the rest of the website.

A valuable headline should have everything you want to write about and more, so be careful when it comes to it; making a great headline also has to match with what the article is about. It has to live up to the hype.

Headlines that are lousy or written just like that shows that you do not care about the content, and visitors might feel overwhelmed and repulsed by that fact. You want to show that there is a lot to offer, various headlines and unique articles just waiting to be read, so get to business and deliver the best to your visitors.

List it up.

Lists, lists, lists. As much as they are complex, they are helpful. Lists keep your website well-organised, and people will appreciate it; it would be easier to navigate through the website and find what they are looking for. Furthermore, you want to keep lists up to date.

Organising content by date, year or category is a great way to make the visitors stick around and not dig through the website much; everything will be easily accessible, and happy faces will surface up.

Moreover, when using lists, it shows your dedication to the website since you are the one who pays a lot of attention to it; dedication shows there is something visitors would appreciate. Also, it means you like to help your visitors return and enjoy the website you have to offer.

Forms are a thing of the past.

Honestly, does anyone like to be bored with filling out the forms to ask something or simply share their opinion?

People would appreciate more freedom you give them, which they would enjoy on the website. For instance, having to sign up or login so that they can leave a comment for something they found informative and enjoyable might scare them away; freedom of just being able to put a single comment is more appealing and satisfactory. One click would be more than enough for them, and they will leave with a smile on their face.

Furthermore, some would like to contact you, to share opinions, maybe offer collaboration, or to say how great a job you are doing, so offering them an actual email address would do you good, and you will gain a lot more engagement that you were looking for.

If being honest, when you visit a website without any form of comment or email, you probably leave or get angry because you could not do anything you wanted, so do not let your visitors feel that way about your website.

Do not let visitors down.

Depending on the niche, you would agree every website has its regular visitors?

Content, design and organisation is what brings them back to your website, but also regular updates. Updating a website with new content each month is impressive and will keep your visitors at the edge of their seats, just waiting to see what unique articles you will surprise them with. New articles should not be a problem to deliver, they are what make your website stand out, and you do not want to disappoint your visitors.

Genuinely, people do not want to read posts published a few years ago and with nothing new to spruce up their imagination, so keep your word and keep the visitors entertained with new things to play with.

Having the new things to read about is what make their day, people sometimes need to escape the reality of their routine and get lost in those words, educate themselves somehow if that is what they are looking for, so make do not leave hanging, it will only result in losing the visitors by something so easily solvable.

Add more value to it.

Let’s face it if you let your website be neglected, what good is it for? You are the one who knows your visitors; you know what they like, what they are looking for, so try giving them what they need and want.

Adding valuable pieces of content now and then will not only make your visitors come back but will attract new ones too. When we talk about value, we need to emphasise what makes it valuable, is it the content, the design, the uniqueness....?

It is a question, but you know your visitors as they said, and you know what you want to offer them, and then the rest is history, do what will make it worth a while.

Try to play with the content, like make more tips or good videos too; people would appreciate good video tips sometime or even a good tutorial on what they might want to learn about, so spice things up a bit and enjoy the fruits bring.

Having to maintain the website and keep the traffic up is not always easy but manageable. The list of advice can go on and on, but you are the one to know what is the best for your website and whether you would take the advice or not.

Visitors will come and go; that is inevitable, but making yourself feel good about your website and what you are offering will make them happy too.

You need to be satisfied and pleased with the job you are doing, and how you are doing it and people will come and enjoy your work. And besides, help is always around the corner, so using at least one of the pieces of advice given here would make a significant change.

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