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5 Ways To Increase Your Cannabis Website Conversion Rate

09 September 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Shopaholics

Improving cannabis sites conversion rates

The Cannabis industry is expanding, but the rules of engagement have yet to be set for this new sector, and thus you may not be able to access the channels other online retailers have the privilege of using. Facebook and Google have been rather stringent when it comes advertising Cannabis related content, and without that support, retailers need to think outside traditional avenues.

While increasing your traffic might improve your website ranking on search engines, it is the conversion rate that matters. If you run an online store, you must know that one should never undermine the importance of conversion rate. Cannabis websites are no different.

The multibillion-dollar Cannabis industry is further expanding with the legalisation of this substance in several places. E-commerce websites are on the rise, so you must stay on top of your game.

Are you wondering how you can increase your website conversion rate? We'll break down everything you should know about the same to grow your business.

What is the conversion rate?

In the digital marketing world, conversion rate refers to the number of people who complete the desired goal of conversion out of the total website visitors. It is an important metric to analyse website performance, i.e., its effectiveness. It includes numerous different actions, such as:

  • Registering on your website
  • Purchases
  • Landing page signups
  • Contact us forms
  • Pages visited on your site

If you're a new player in the Cannabis market, utilising digital marketing to your benefit should top your priority list. You can also opt for white label link building, an excellent strategy for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

How to calculate the website conversion rate?

You can easily calculate the conversion rate by dividing the number of conversions with the total number of visitors. You then need to multiply it by 100 to get the percentage form.

There are online tools available as well that might assist you with this as well.

What is a reasonable conversion rate?

Conversion rates vary according to your website niche. This implies that what might be suitable for one industry might not be sufficient for the other. Generally, it must be between 2 to 5% at least.

Why is it essential for your business?

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) provides you with valuable insights on how to improve your campaigns. It works to expand your business and stay ahead of the competition.

It is crucial for your business on account of the following reasons:

  • Helps combat the increase in the cost of digital marketing and shorter consumer attention span
  • Helps gain more customers from the same amount of traffic
  • Helps increase the revenue per visitor
  • Improves the efficacy of other marketing efforts

Read on to learn about five ways to increase your website conversion rate. Ways to increase your Cannabis website conversion rate

1. Increase your website speed

Have you ever visited a Cannabis website only to close it because it took forever to load? If your answer is yes, you might understand why speed optimisation is so important. It takes only a few seconds for people to judge your website and decide whether you're trustworthy or not.

Potential customers often end up shopping with competitors after the poor loading speed of your website. This could, in turn, harm the conversion rate, and impact sales. Hence, it would be best if you give due importance to speed optimisation. It depends on several aspects, including the size of the images, hosting server, website design, etc.

2. Improve your website's user experience

Providing value to the visitor and creating a smooth website experience with easy navigation matter the most. Having a user-friendly interface helps the users focus on what's essential and hence, helps get things done quickly. Antoine De Saint-Exupery rightly says, "Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."

Here are a few valuable tips you can implement that would help increase your conversion rate.

  • Maintain visual and typographic hierarchies
  • Use white space to create harmony and balance
  • Highlight key action areas and place the conversion elements above the fold

3. Use clear calls to action

People often undermine the benefits of a website with an intuitive design. These designs direct the visitor's attention to important tasks. Make it a point to use attractive and clear Calls To Action (CTA) on your landing page. 'Register now,' 'Add to cart,' 'Start your free trial now!', and 'Click here' are a few common examples.

It serves two primary purposes- telling someone what they should do and giving them the motivation to do so. Hence, prompting the user to take the desired action translates into more sales and revenue for your Cannabis company.

4. Add live chat to your site 

Considering the ambiguity surrounding Cannabis, people usually have a lot of doubts regarding the quality of ingredients of the products. Adding a live chat widget can help solve their queries instantly, thereby increasing conversion rates. It provides greater convenience and improved efficiency to the users who, unlike call support, do not have to wait for their turn.

This tool also removes any language or network barriers that might prove to be an obstacle in other forms of communication. Live chat has become one of the standard customer support tools in the past few years. Moreover, adding this widget is very simple and cheap.

5. Add testimonials, reviews and social media handles

Only if the users trust you will they buy your products. Adding testimonials and reviews on your 'About Us' page can build your company's credibility. It showcases the quality of your products and places you in a positive light.

Apart from that, ensure that you add your social media handles- primarily Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn and Cannabis niche social media sites so that the users can visit your page if they wish.

Final thoughts

The Cannabis industry has recently exploded, and hence, there is remarkable competition. Increasing the conversion rate of your Cannabis website is essential, now more than ever. It offers vast monetary benefits, among other things.

So, implement the five points mentioned above to see excellent results.


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