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Why Repetition Is Important In Advertising

How to leverage repetition in advertising

This could be anything from a person's face, a logo or a particular message. Have you ever wondered why big brands spent millions of Rands on repeat advertisements that they place on television and radio? Think of the insurance advertisements that we keep seeing on our screens daily.

When they were first introduced, most of us found it hard to adjust because we didn't view insurance as a necessity. Those advertisements annoyed us so much that we'd even change the channel.

However, this didn't stop those companies from paying more money to have their ads repeated. They were in it for the long haul and most importantly, they understood one golden rule, which I'll explain shortly.

So what is it about repetition that drives sales?

Human beings are creatures of habit. Although new things might spark our curiosity and excite us, we tend to associate newness or change with danger. But if we see something a lot more, we become familiar with it and feel comfortable around it. That is precisely what you want others to feel whenever they interact with your brand—a sense of stability and credibility.

Another great example is music

The more you listen to the same song is, the more you start to appreciate it. The more you hear it is, the more it sparks certain feelings that you can attach to significant memories from your past. Because of that experience, it becomes more than just another song.

Ask any artist whose song became a hit about the importance of airplay, and they'll tell you. Consistent airplay endures that listeners become more engaged with the song on a deeper emotional level.

As a person selling a product or service, make sure that you don't take any off days from consistently telling your potential customers about your offerings.

Brand awareness is driven through repeat interaction

Brand awareness is one of the first steps to closing the deal or making the sale. People won't spend their money on a brand that doesn't have a story that resonates with then and is inconsistent with its advertising.

Look, even if you're not launching a new product or making a huge announcement, but by just showing up where your ideal customers can see you, that CONSISTENCY is going to build TRUST over time, and as you know, people only buy from brands they can trust.

You can be so good with everything else and have the most fantastic product, but without consistency, nobody is going to pay attention to you. The market place is bustling and noisy; there are new businesses entering the game every time. But how many can maintain or increase market share?

Very few.

That can be attributed to inconsistency or lack of visibility.

Don't wait to be found

Unless you're a natural resource or minerals like gold or platinum, make it your responsibility to locate the customer and present your offerings. If you are waiting to be found, then you are in a perilous position where you could face a downfall.

Is your brand visible enough to turn complete strangers repeat customers?

How to put your brand on repeat

Now that you have the theory behind the method, you'll need to look at ways of getting your brand name, products, services, stories, packages and offerings. This is where marketing channels come into play it's up to you, your marketing team or agency to find the channels that work best in getting your brand in front of the right audience as often as possible. This could be through display ads, social media, SEO, affiliates, branding, email marketing, and the list goes on.

Once you've settled on a marketing mix, your strategy will all be about measuring your reach and impressions and using that as a metric to drive sales through improving the frequency of messages seen by the individual and driving a compelling and personalised call to action.

About the author

Nomsa Chauke is a South African businesswoman, she spends her time as the Co-Founder of Platform4change NPO as well as the Director at Nu Radar Business Solutions Pty Ltd. She's also a motivational speaker as well as the season winner of SABC 2's entrepreneurship competition, Game Plan (2019)

Reach out to Nomsa

  • Facebook: Nomsa Chauke
  • Instagram: Nomsa_Chauke
  • Cell: 0789787302
  • Email: nomsachauke36@gmail.com
  • Web: www.nuradarbusiness.co.za

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