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3 Simple Ways to Convert Your Vimeo Videos Into Website Traffic

07 October 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Emilio Scott in Industry Experts

simple ways to convert vimeo video to traffic

No one can deny that visual-based content is presently the best mode to spread a message to the audience and create an impact. And out of all visual-based content, videos stand tall as one of the best ways to attract and engage your audience and convey the message.

As we talk about videos, the quality of content and the video are the two of the most critical factors that can differentiate the success and failure of conveying the message. You can use your creativity to showcase the quality of content, but we have Vimeo videos for the quality of the video.

Vimeo is a fantastic video-sharing platform that allows users to share high-quality videos. Even for businesses, it can do wonders as they can use it to upload high-quality videos. Companies often use Vimeo to showcase their quality work to the public and even embed Vimeo videos on the website to increase the charm and liveliness of the website. It eventually helps in creating a positive impression on the website visitors. And we all know that a good impression helps us to win the customers.

So we are safe to say that by embedding Vimeo videos on the website - you can extract more benefits from the platforms and eventually reach your business goals.

If you think that embedding Vimeo videos on the website is a difficult task and might involve a high level of coding knowledge, then allow us to pop your thought bubble. You can easily achieve this feat with these three simple methods.

Simplest ways to embed Vimeo videos on the website

As mentioned before, embedding Vimeo Videos on the website is a simple process; all you need to do is choose any of the methods below. Within a few minutes and few clicks, you can display Vimeo videos on the website.

Using Social Media aggregators

Social Media Aggregators are amazing tools that help users collect social feeds from different social media websites and then help you display them on your website. It also provides you with a dedicated Vimeo video widget that helps you display Vimeo videos on the website. And as the videos on the widget streams from the source, it does not affect the speed of your website.

Social media aggregator tools provide an easy way to embed Vimeo videos on the website. It initially helps you collect Vimeo videos and then assists you in displaying them on your website. So within a few simple steps and clicks, you can own a website that displays Vimeo videos.

The tool also allows you to customize the widget as per your requirements; you can make desired modifications by changing font size, font style, and more to make your widget match your desired style. You can also choose from various themes and layouts and choose the one that matches your website's style. All these measures bring out an appeal to your website and make it more professional.

Most of the tools provide responsive feed, which means the widget itself is according to any screen size, so it does not matter if your visitor is using a PC, mobile or tablet; the charm of your video widget remains the same.

Using WordPress plugins

If you own a WordPress website, then the embedding task comes in more handy for you. WordPress contains various plugins that help you in collecting and displaying social feeds on your website. WordPress plugins are a wonderful facility by WordPress that helps you enhance the visuals and functionality of your WordPress website.

You can install plugins that provide you with the dedicated Vimeo video widget that you can add to your WordPress website; these widgets enable you to display Vimeo videos on your website and add liveliness to it.

Like a social media aggregator tool, the plugin allows you to customize your widget as per your requirements and match your website's style. It eventually helps you gather more audience as it makes your website pleasing to visitors' eyes and enhances their browsing experience. And who doesn't like to visit an engaging and vibrant website?

Moreover, you can also educate your visitors about your brand and product and spread more awareness about it. After all, videos are the best way to express yourself and provide you with the room to express yourself perfectly.

Using Vimeo embedding code

Vimeo provides you with the embedding code that you can copy on your clipboard and paste on the backend of your website. This process is simple, but it is the most time-consuming of the three. You have to copy the code and paste it on the backend of your website for each video that you want to display on your website.

Also, this process doesn't provide you with the facility to customize the widget as per your requirements. You can adopt this strategy only if you avoid using any tool, but we highly recommend using tools for the embedding process.


In this era of digitalization, where consumers often judge a brand by its website and prefer online purchasing, it is important to build a website that engages the audience and educates them about your products.

You can achieve this by embedding Vimeo videos on the website; it is a simple task and provides some amazing benefits. So try them now, and choose the one that consumes less time and provides great results.

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