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Everything You Need To Know About Twitter Video Ads

07 December 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Kaira Ralph in Industry Experts

Running Twitter video ads

Twitter is a well-known and traditional social media site. Video content on social media changed everything. Currently, video is the most trending not only on Twitter but also on all other social media. Did you know? Video content receives bags of engagement when compared with other content.

The power of video content made many marketers and business owners go for video ads on Twitter. You have different options for Twitter ads you can choose from, like promoted tweets, promoted trends, and last promoted accounts.

If your ads contain videos, then it's more effective than others.

Facts about Twitter video

  • More than 80% of Twitter users love to watch video content.
  • Also, native videos attain more engagement than third-party videos.
  • Most of the top companies, brands assume that visual or multimedia contents like photos, videos, and infographics are perfect to deliver their brand story.
  • 55% of Twitter users are open up that they like to watch brand video ads on Twitter
  • 40 % of people show their interest more in certain products after watching a particular ad video.
  • 70 % of people visit a company's website once they get to know about the brands on video ads.

Videos are entirely dynamic. It's a great way to create emotions or bring enthusiasm to your Twitter posts. Moreover, many business professionals believe that video content is the best method to increase their ROI. Furthermore, people like to engage with visual content like tweets with photos, videos. Video content produces lots of engagement and traffic to your websites and generates more sales. It quickly builds emotional connections with your content.

The above factors indicate that sure video ads catch bags of engagement, awareness, especially ROI for your business or brands.

Let's look at Twitter video ads.

Twitter video ads

Twitter video ads are used to drive action to your accounts. Twitter offers many types of Twitter ads. In that, there are two types of advertisements in video format: promoted videos and pre-roll ads. In the Us, promoted ads are displayed in their feeds natively. Pre-roll ads display after the content partner video. It lasts from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. Promoted video ads and pre-roll ads are autoplay on mute when the audience scroll their feeds.

Best tips for Twitter video ads

Of course, Twitter video ads are effective does not mean that you can select a random video and think you will quickly reach success in your business. You have to follow tips and ways to run your Twitter video campaign ads.

Provide an appealing image or valuable reason

Wrap your Twitter ads with eye-catching images or text. Try to give them a valuable reason for your audience to make them click your ads. Remember to use compelling call-to-action; it motivates your audience to connect or interact with your videos. Most importantly, use hashtags in your ads; make sure you must use relevant hashtags. Pick one or two hashtags.

Construct short and concise videos

Avoid making lengthy videos; it makes the audience skip in the middle of the ads. When your video is short, you offer many chances for your people to watch your ads completely. You can use up to 10 minutes for promoted videos, but anyway, make it tiny and informative. The research study reveals that most of the 80% of users watch only short ads that are long to 30 seconds. If you drag more than 30 seconds, make sure you deliver your messages within 30 seconds.

Create your videos ads more approachable

Nowadays, 90% of users use Twitter via mobile phones. So your video must be created for mobile users. Moreover, it's important that all your requirements and dimension of your videos are more approachable for all types of mobiles. Remember your video must be mobile-friendly and easily approachable; it helps make your people engage with your ads. Moreover, Rousesocial Twitter likes helps to attain more engagement for your video ads. It gives more attention to your videos. When your ads are more approachable, it makes people easily connect with your ads.

Comparison between Twitter videos ads vs. other channel video ads

Other social media like Facebook, Youtube also offer ads for business or market people. But, still, Twitter is worthy of your business. Here there are some reasons to think that Twitter is the best in video ads.

Twitter offers 30 seconds of promoted video ads, which immediately displays just after the content partner ads. On Youtube, it's trying to appear 15 seconds of video ads, which are second pre-roll pay, and it's mostly non- skippable; it's replaceable with skippable trueview campaigns.

On Twitter, you can count views in two methods. First, If the video is 50% in view on the audience's screen and it will be watched for at least 2 seconds. Second, if the video is 100% in view on the audience's screen and it will be watched for 3 seconds. But on Facebook, if the video is 50% in view on the user's device and it is watched for 3 seconds.

Twitter provides two ways for targeting uniques; they are real-time targeting, community targeting.

Real-time targeting is marketers focused on people who are more engaged with tv shows, sports events. This way of targeting helps to gain more engagement from targeted people.

Community targeting is, marketers, target people beyond keywords, interest, with specific demographics. Targeting these types of users make brands or products to focus on the audience of complementary brands, competitors brands.


Twitter video ads are the most fantastic way to drive excess engagement and attention to your business. Simultaneously, to make your ads successful, you have to use proper context and call-to-action with the right hashtags. Don't drag your video ads too lengthy make them tiny and impressive. Ensure you have engagingly included all points in your ads. We believe that the above article helps to understand more about Twitter video ads.

About the author

Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and travelling.

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