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How To Build Buyers Persona For Your E-Commerce Store

05 November 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Gloria Kopp in Shopaholics

Shape buyer persona for your eCommerce store

An e-commerce store can’t work progressively without setting your customer as your top-most priority. Customers are a fundamental part of the marketing campaign. To understand your customer’s psyche and cater to their individual needs is creating buyers’ persona.

Approximately 80% of the businesses today use buyers’ persona to upgrade their marketing strategy.


Understanding individual customer behaviour and needs and then indulging them in your products/services is better than serving an indefinite group of people with little or no knowledge about the consumption patterns. Entertaining different-minded people according to their preferences can encourage them into buying your product.

How does it matter for your business?

Buyers’ persona is a semi-fictional character that is developed by companies and businesses to understand their core customers better. It assists in making some vital marketing decisions, the message that should be conveyed, channels that can be employed, and a budget that can be allocated for this purpose.

The larger is the business, the more customer persona you will have to target. For example, Amazon might have thousands of profiles, while a boutique of handmade dresses might only have 3-4 profiles. Here are some examples of buyers’ personas:


Here are some practical things that you do to create buyers’ persona:

1. Get an insight into customer behaviour

Customer profiles can be tuned down to as basic or as complicated as you want them to be. Based on your research collected from your contact database, you can make a strong persona, which will boost your business. You can take a sneak-peek your customer’s profile by getting the answer to these possible questions:

  • What challenges does your potential customer face?
  • What are their goals and targets?
  • How can these problems be solved?

This data can be organised using the right tools, which will eventually help you in determining the patterns of the information collected.

Based on these patterns, customer personas can be further modified and refined. Priority can be given to customers who have already purchased from you. Google Analytics can be used to keep track of the online presence of customers who visit your site.


Under the Mobile menu in Google Analytics, you can see the channels used by the customers to visit your site. This will help you in employing that method of advertising, which is in the compatibility of the technology they are using.

Get to know the essential parts of your buyer persona

A good understanding of your buyers is crucial to take your marketing forward. Here is some information that can be surveyed from your potential customers:

Demographic data

To know about your customers better, you should collect details such as age, location, gender, income, career, marital status, educational background, technological-use, and of course, their general interests.

Psychographic information

Psychographic information tells you why a customer will buy your product or show interest in it. Customer preferences, choices, opinions, interests, and hobbies all fall under this category.

You should be able to collect the relevant sort of information. For example, if your product is meant to be used by doctors, the marketing strategy will be a lot different if the target audience were high-school teenagers.

You can hire writers at Ace Assignment to arrange your demographic and psychographic information in a proper manner.

3. Brainstorm your buyer persona logically

This data gathered to create buyers’ persona will inform and improve your marketing strategies and choice of marketing channels.


The customer persona will be helpful in engaging common-interests groups according to their needs and interests; to get a complete picture of different customer types. Marketing profiles also make websites 2-5% more productive for use by potential customers.

Likewise, it is also of deep concern to take a look at the customer value to determine what the customers feel about a product as compared to the price they have paid for it. If you’re willing to keep your e-commerce store afloat- buyer’s satisfaction should be your first goal!

Consider your competitors

Now you have a clearly-defined buyer persona, which will categorise your marketing strategies further. The next step is to scout your competitors. A tool such as a Similar Web can be used to evaluate the traffic on your competitor’s website.

Keeping track of this data, you can now have a clear idea of what the market is up to and how you can enhance your customer experience. This data can also be used to fill up for any potential group of customers that you have not noticed or have missed.

If your competitor is garnering a lot of attention from its customers, you can use your insight as a general framework to shape and inspire your marketing strategies accordingly. A tool such as a Competitor Analysis can be used for the same purpose. This would help you in:

  • Determining gaps in the market
  • Promote new products/services
  • Advertise and sell productively
  • Discover trends in the market

The information compiled will assist your brand in overcoming your weaknesses, making a better position for your business, and making a possible way towards success.

Finalise your persona


Once you have finally done all the quantitative analysis, data collection, and segmentation, you can now build up for final personas. With a suitable template, arrange the information collected, keeping in mind the buying decisions.

The different groups can be named and identified based on the people it corresponds to with said messaging. You can also categorise the profile of the buyers based on their preferred selling platforms. The finalised personas are now ready to be forwarded to the sales and marketing team.


Marketing in today’s world is way different than it was a decade earlier. Many businesses are throwing their marketing budget down the drain by not personifying their buyers and catering to the wrong audience! Therefore, to streamline your business goals and to achieve them, a buyers’ persona is the best solution.

A buyer persona is not a fixed element; it is changing. Based on the varying trends in the market and changing customer preferences, you will have to update your personas accordingly to attain the top-most output.

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Gloria Kopp is currently working as a Business Analyst for EssaysnAssignments. She has graduated from the University of Wyoming and started a career as a creative writer. Gloria has a passion for writing content for startups and leading companies.

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