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Do's and Don't For Improving Sales

27 August 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Samantha Higgins in Shopaholics

How to improve your company sales

Like it or not but we're all salespeople, every business needs to focus on sales, if you're not selling, you have no income. Even if you don't have a dedicated sales team, having a sales mindset is important for your everyone, from your buyers, marketing team, product owners and more.

Getting your staff to understand that all their efforts are designed to improve sales helps keep the main goal in mind and not let them distance themselves from it with abstract tasks.

Getting new people to purchase your services or goods is an essential part of the whole sales process. It may be challenging for some business people though; however, if you aim to increase your sales, then you need to identify the effective sales strategy for your target clients.

If you have a great product but not getting the right customer to buy it, the following Do's and Don'ts sale strategies will help you on how to gain more clients to grow your business.

Don'ts for business & sales growth

Most senior sales leaders concentrate more on what they should do right to bring more customers to the business. However, your sales team can be successful by focusing on what not to do wrong. The below tips can help you avoid major mistakes that may hinder your business to grow.

1. Do not consent to mediocrity

Avoid mediocrity when it comes to proposals, presentations, or even the abilities you have on the sales field. Every document presentation or face to face communication should be a unique chance to impress your prospective customers. As a business owner or sales leader, focus more on setting standards that demand quality rather than quantity.

2. Don't talk too much

A sale is about displaying to your ideal customer the value in what you are selling. However, you cannot achieve that if you fail to listen to what the prospective client believes the problem to be. Therefore, it is only by listening when you can be comfortable in your proposals, most likely the customer hears too.

3. Don't confuse activity with results

Avoid being misled by the actions of your sales team versus the results; they yield no matter how tempting it might be. For example, the time spent out of office, the number of meetings and cold calls, entertainment, and client's meal expenses are all remarkable though to some extent. Excellent diligence is necessary for splitting these activities from the result your team yields.

4. Don't sell what you can't deliver

The fastest way to kill your sales reputation is by selling something you cannot deliver. Words spread very fast in the marketplace if you fail to provide what you have sold irrespective of having a sensible justification. Therefore, avoid making promises to clients about selling them something that you know is beyond your business capabilities.

5. Don't leave out vital client information

It is always imperative to be compensated for your knowledge and time. However, many business owners, more so those in the professional service industries, fail to provide enough education and information upfront. It is vital to note that once you give more information than you are comfortable with, it will be a sales strategy plan for empowering your clients and drawing them close to your business.

Do's for business & sales growth 

Now that you realise where your mistakes are, it's time to focus on how to correct these issues and build a strong sales ethos within your company

1. Do, get sales training

Selling is a learned skill where successful salespeople use a range of techniques to convert a potential client into a buying customer. Astonishingly, a lot of businesspeople are professionals in their field but have no sales training. Investing in sales training is essential for your business growth.

2. Do, understand what motivates your clients to buy

Spend time learning what motivates your prospective customers and understand their needs, concerns, fears, and challenges. Once you serve them first, your interests will also be served in return. People buy to satisfy their needs or pains; therefore, identify your customer's needs, solve the need, and you will have a better chance of making your sales.

3. Do, always over-deliver

For your customers to continue to buy from you, and tell others about you, ensure to over-deliver your services. This doesn't mean that you do something huge that can lead to unnecessary spending, but something small that can say a lot to your customers.

Besides, since clients whether old or new have to get the same experience from your services, avoid delivering exceptional services to them for a short time, but rather make a long-time investment to your customers to build up a chance for repeat business.


Maybe you are a great salesperson, and you can sweet talk a prospect into buying once or twice, but later if your product is not meeting the customer's needs, they will move to another service giver. Therefore, always evaluate your client's mindset and try to work to their satisfaction for your business to grow.

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