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5 Latest Vampire E-Liquid Flavours In the Market

31 March 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Jessica Smith in Shopaholics

vampire e-liquid flavours

An essential aspect of vaping is finding the right e-liquid for your taste buds. When looking for signature sensations, you won't find any better than vampire vape e-liquid flavours. Vampire vape is an iconic brand and one of the best-recognized brands globally. The brand has grown into a leading vape juice manufacturer and proven its staying power over the years.

However, which flavour is the best? With such an extensive range on offer, knowing the best vampire vape flavours is essential. There is more to this brand than the few popular juice flavours. This guide discusses the best selling vape juice flavour from Vampire Vape.

Heisenberg vampire vape

Heisenberg is one of the most popular and exciting e-liquid flavours. This Vampire Vape's signature flavour put Vampire Vape on the map. The taste is a top-secret recipe with an outstanding combination of fruit and an aniseed finish topped off with menthol freshness.

Each inhale comprises ripe red fruits that will leave your lips tingling. The intense red berries inside this vape juice are perfect for those seeking a robust flavour. The flavour is created by combining mixed red berries with cool menthol background notes. This combination elevates it to a multi-dimensional, complex vape experience.

It is the defining flavour that you must try to understand all the fuss about it. The high PG to VG ratio works well with a high-end tank compatible with sub-ohms.

Pinkman e-liquid vampire vape

Pinkman was developed as a limited-edition flavour and became a regular juice because of its popularity. It's a delicious fruity flavour that tastes good. This vape juice combines grapefruit, lemon, and orange flavours to provide a complex, delightful tang.

This carefully blended selection of mixed fruits has become incredibly popular with users. It's touted as having the best flavours and clouds among the Vampire Vape range. You won't find a more refreshing vape liquid that dives deep into the ocean of exotic vape flavours.

The flavour provides sweet sensations that deliver a complex finish. Each exhale provides a tangy accent that ties all the notes together. It's made from mixed red berries, juicy grape frits, zesty lemons, and oranges. Bat Juice e-liquid vampire vape

This is a fruity, flavoursome e-juice and one of the Vampire Vape's secret recipes. It's popular for the bold berry flavours with sophisticated aniseed undertones. The juice flavour has strong fruity flavours that suit anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth. The basis of this flavour is an orchard on a hot summer's day. The flavour will have you thinking of an oasis in a desert because of its fruitful and refreshing flavour.

The mix of strawberries, blackcurrant, and raspberries gives you a rich mix of sweet and tart to create a perfect balance for your sweet tooth. It comes with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, ideal for beginners. The nicotine strengths for this flavour are 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg.

Blood Sukka e-liquid vampire vape

Blood Sukka is the perfect choice for users who prefer powerful flavours. It's jam-packed with intense flavours to excite and delight your taste buds. The flavour accompanies a collaborative menthol streak, which suits those who want a rounded e-liquid with complex notes and a fruity punch.

This e-juice is full of red fruit sensations with notes of red berries, cherries, sweet eucalyptus, and aniseed undertones. You will experience an explosion of eucalyptus waves through each sensation that highlights the refreshing notes of the summer fruits. It also comes with the sweet trace of aniseed that gives a hearty throat hit when paired with an ice-cold menthol breeze.

Blood Sukka is a well-respected e-juice flavour in its own right. Every inhale brings a sweet and satisfying base layer of red fruits and juicy dark cherries. A trace of aniseed provides a burst of bitterness to round off the sweet notes when you exhale.

The flavour comes in a 10 ml e-liquid filled with tangy and juicy berry flavours. It's available in 5 nicotine strength between 0 ml/mg to 18 ml/mg, thus the perfect choice for anyone seeking a balanced vape experience.

BlackJack e-liquid vampire vape

If you love aniseed and blackjack sweets, the BlackJack vampire vape is the best e-juice. It is a great vape juice flavour for those with a sweet tooth. It is delightful and light in the mouth while producing great clouds and intensive flavours.

Use this vape juice if you want a light but powerful vaping experience. It features retro sweet flavours that taste a lot like sweet blackjack. The Vape juice generates excellent vape clouds. It is a candy-inspired juice based on the iconic blackjack. It's popular for its mixed berry and ice-cold menthol accompanying each hit.

Blackjack is a freebase nicotine offering that comes in a 10 ml e-liquid. It features a 40/60 VG/PG ratio with nicotine strength between 0 mg and 18 mg. This nicotine strength offers a great throat hit, thus great for cloud chasers and flavour chasers alike. The vape juice is popular for beginners and veteran users due to its lovely fruity notes that are pleasant to the tongue.

Bottom line

With many options available, the vampire vape is one of the most respectable brands. It's loved by both beginners and experienced users who can find their favourite flavours. We have discussed the latest Vampire-Liquid flavours on the market.

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