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7 Vaping Safety Measures to Remember

20 August 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Nicole Del Rosario in Shopaholics

Safety tips for vaping

The vaping industry has gained traction in recent years, as more and more smokers switch to e-cigarettes to quit tobacco or find better alternatives to conventional cigarettes. Globally, the number of adults who vape is estimated to reach 55 million this 2021, according to market research group Euromonitor.

Why is vaping on the rise?

Besides the belief that vaping is a safer alternative, the demand for e-cigarettes continues to grow among younger audiences because of the wide array of enticing flavours and tastes. E-liquids or e-juices can be flavoured in seemingly any way imaginable, depending on your preferences.

Another factor that sets vaping apart from smoking is that it allows the user to personalize the experience. The trend is on the rise among the youth because vaping brings style. It makes one look and feel good and enables them to connect with peers and other vapers.

Users get the fun of designing and modifying their mods, controlling the voltage and the amount of smoke produced, and gaining access to a community of vapers who share the vibe.

How do you vape safely?

Vaping is fun, but it can also be harmful when done improperly. Here are some tips and steps you can take to vape safely and responsibly and avoid any pitfalls.

1. Observe vaping rules and maintain vaping etiquette

Vaping is considered a social activity, but it’s best to ensure that you’re the only one using the same vaping device and e-liquid pods. Pandemic or not, you must not share your vape device with anyone to reduce the risks of any illness.

If you’re vaping around others, see to it that you maintain a safe distance and respect people’s boundaries. Be considerate of others — don’t blow a cloud of vapour in someone else’s face lest you run the risk of being branded an irritant. Avoid vaping in enclosed places or while you are travelling.

Make it a habit to not leave your devices and e-liquids out in the open. Keep in mind that your e-juices contain high levels of nicotine that can be very dangerous to children and pets. Store your e-liquid and devices in a safe place when you’re not using them. Also, it’s best to be mindful of vaping in front of minors or non-vapers.

2. Keep everything clean.

Prioritizing the regular cleaning and maintenance of your device will not only enable you to vape safely and healthily but also prolong the life of your e-cigarette. Avoid germs by cleaning the mouthpiece daily and wiping gunk from your atomizer tank and connections.

Don’t let chemical residue accumulate as a layer in your e-liquid tank. Ensure that the tank is spotless by using warm water and one or two drops of detergent if needed. You can also use alcohol on a cotton ball to wipe down your devices. Just make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your vape.

Deep clean your mod and battery terminal at least once a week. This way, you’ll be able to prevent health issues that may arise from dust and bacteria build-up in the moist areas of your device. Plus, you’ll be able to improve the overall performance of your vape.

Coils and wicks degrade over time, and sugary flavours can gunk coils up quickly. Ensure you can tell when your vape coil is already burnt or expired, and replace coils and wicks when they are past their shelf life. Don’t try to clean your coil with water because it will damage the device. Also, keep your e-liquids away from sunlight and heat and store them in a dark, cool place to make them last longer.

3. Buy from trusted sources.

Purchase vape products only from reputable brands and stores. Cheap, counterfeit, and second-hand products from online exchanges and forums may seem tempting because they cost less, but they will be very frustrating and even harmful in the long run. These will not produce the flavour that you want and even break down inevitably.

Unlicensed vape juices and illicit vape pods often contain dangerous chemicals and materials that may lead to death. Also, these products may have serious battery issues that can cause fires and injury.

Do your research when shopping online and check if the vape store uses quality-tested ingredients, materials, and technology. Be aware of the red flags, so you don’t get duped.

For example, you’ll be able to spot fake RELX pods by checking for inconsistencies with the packaging, cross-referencing with the official list of flavours, and scanning the pod’s serial number on the website. Buy from official RELX online stores so that you can invest in legitimate e-liquids and good quality vaping gear.

4. Be careful with your batteries.

Most vaping dangers and incidents happen because of mishandling or improper use of the device’s batteries. Even the most genuine vaping device should be treated like any electronic device containing a large battery — with the utmost care, diligence, and adherence to all precautions for safety.

Please don’t settle for cheap, recycled, and poorly manufactured vaping devices and batteries because they lack proper quality controls and are dangerous to use. There have been reports about battery explosions in vape products that come from dubious makeshift factories. Always look for high-quality, trustworthy products that have been evaluated for safety.

Compatibility is paramount when it comes to ensuring that your batteries do not overheat or explode. It is important to charge your battery using the correct, specially-designated charging equipment that came with your device. Never charge your vaping device with a laptop, phone, or tablet because a wrong match can lead to overloading or, worse, an explosion.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for charging, avoid exposing your battery to sunlight and heat, and don’t leave a battery charging overnight. Charge only when you can pay close attention to the device so you can readily unplug once full.

Be knowledgeable about what causes a vape battery or e-cigarette to explode. Accidentally dropping your e-cigarette or vape mod may cause the battery to break and lead to an explosion or overheating. Make sure to inspect for any damage if you drop your vape pen or e-cigarette. If you see any signs or if you are in doubt, it’s best to replace your vaping device.

Avoid carrying unprotected vape batteries in your pocket so that they don’t come into contact with coins, keys, and any other metal objects and cause a short circuit. If you have to put them in your pocket, see that you switch them off or lock your device. It’s best to check out plastic cases from vape shops and online vendors so you can store your batteries safely while in transit.

Water damage to your vape device is also a red flag that tells you it’s best to find a replacement. The type of damage caused by exposure to water may not always be visible, and it’s not worth taking the risk. Also, replace your device if there is any damage to the wrapper or any other component and if you notice an unusual smoke or a strange burning smell.

5. Keep hydrated

Know how much nicotine your body is comfortable with, and use your device to manage your nicotine levels. Nicotine is a diuretic, and that means it helps rid your body of salt and water and expels them as urine. The longer your vape sessions are, the more you’ll feel dehydrated. While vaping often comes with drinking craft beer or homemade wine, make sure that you drink more water for that added moisture and to maintain healthy levels of hydration.

6. Monitor the heat and use a temperature control mod

High temperatures cause adverse, exothermic chemical reactions in e-liquids. Repeated heating of your mods may lead you to inhale harmful toxins or, worse, end up heating your mod to dangerous levels.

If you’re looking for a healthier and safer way to vape, then a mod that can control or limit temperature is your go-to device. You’ll be able to control how hot the coil gets and get peace of mind in knowing that you won’t accidentally reach super high temperatures.

7. Don’t dry burn your coils.

Don’t pick up the bad habit of pressing the button when you know you don’t have enough e-liquid in your device. Trying to get the last drop out of your coils is a bad idea. Burning your coils will not only risk vaping at high temperatures and the release of toxins but will also damage the metal structure of your mod.

8. Bonus tip: Prevention is the best form of safety

At the risk of sounding preachy, we have to mention abstinence; it's obviously the best method of vaping safety by not dealing with it at all. Instead of building a safety routine based on the tips above, you can save yourself a lot of trouble, effort and money by quitting.

Yes, breaking a habit is hard, but habits are not a condemnation; they can change, and if you need help, a vape prescription from a smoking clinic might be the answer.

Quitting vaping is the single most effective safety measure you can take for your health.

Vaping exposes your lungs to a variety of chemicals, some potentially harmful, that can irritate and inflame lung tissue. This can lead to coughing, shortness of breath, and even serious lung conditions.

Additionally, the long-term effects of vaping are still unknown, making it a risk factor for future health problems. By quitting vaping, you'll immediately reduce irritation and inflammation and give your lungs a chance to heal. It's the safest choice for your respiratory health, so take it into consideration, even if that's not what you want to hear.

The bottom line

Vaping allows you to enjoy a fun, exciting, and unique experience. But just because you have the freedom to indulge doesn’t mean you won’t vape safely and responsibly. Keep these tips in mind and use your e-cigarettes the right way so you can stay safe, happy, and healthy while you vape.

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