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Top 10 Advantages of Being a Pharmacy Technician

14 February 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Dan Martin in Talent Agents

advantages of becoming a pharmacy technician

Working as a pharmacy technician is interesting and beneficial. A pharmacy technician helps pharmacists provide the best care and support to patients. Their duties include filling, measuring, and labelling prescriptions. Pharmacy technicians also ensure medication is available and answer customers’ questions.

Their duties and responsibilities depend on the work environment. This is because there are many places a pharmacy technician can work. It also means there are many job opportunities.

According to statistics, an increase of 11.8% of pharmacy technician jobs is expected between 2016 and 2026. This is because of the increase in the ageing population and the recent rise in healthcare issues.

This means there will be a higher demand for healthcare professionals like pharmacy technicians. If you want to pursue a career with a strong job market, a pharmacy technician is a good career choice. Here are other benefits of being a pharmacy technician.

1. Fast certification with a PTCB practice test

It takes a shorter time to become a pharmacy technician compared to other careers in healthcare. You can finish your coursework in less than one year and take a pharmacy technician practice test. A PTCB exam is required to get a certification that will help you launch a highly demanded and promising career. Pharmacy technicians need to prepare and pass the PTCB practice test the first time.

That is why a detailed PTCB practise test helps you prepare for your written exams to pass the first time you take the exam. The team of experts, the up to date study materials, and the pharmacy technician test prep will ensure you are well prepared for the exam.

2. Study and work flexibility

The journey to becoming a pharmacy technician starts with a training program. This involves hands-on training and coursework that you can take online. Pharmacy technician students can complete some of their coursework online. This flexibility allows you to organize your classes in a way that suits your lifestyle.

It enables you to manage work, class, and family. The pharmacy tech test you take after the coursework is critical because it makes you a certified pharmacy technician. The certification is recognized nationally. It means you can work as a certified pharmacy technician in any state.

It also means you can easily relocate to a different state and work in your new location. That is why it is important to pass the pharmacy tech certification test. Make sure you prepare well with a practice PTCB exam.

3. Many workplace options

A pharmacy technician can work in many workplaces. These work environments include community pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and nursing homes. The many options enable you to select an environment you prefer. For example, if you enjoy talking to people, a community pharmacy is a good option for you.

4. Learning new skills

Working as a pharmacy technician requires continuous learning. This is how most medical professionals improve their skills. Apart from taking practice PTCB tests and passing the exams, you need to continuously update your skills and knowledge in different areas.

For example, you will learn about different new medications and how they interact with the human body. You will have updated information about life-saving medication and become more efficient as you add value to your workplace.

5. Job satisfaction

Working as a pharmacy technician is rewarding. It is a career that enables you to make a positive impact on patients’ lives. Helping to improve people’s lives leaves you with a sense of satisfaction. It gives you a good feeling about your job and motivates you to become better at what you do.

6. Hands-on career

The job of a pharmacy technician is mostly hands-on. This makes it more exciting than a typical office job involving sitting on a desk and doing the same things.

A pharmacy technician can do many activities, including measuring, prescribing, and stocking medication. They also help in handling patients’ problems. Pharm techs carry out their supervisor’s instructions and assist them in different areas. They do these activities and learn different things each day.

They also engage with different customers with different healthcare needs. This makes their career interesting.

7. Career advancement

There are many opportunities to work as a pharmacy technician and advance your career. You can start your career as a junior pharm tech doing simple tasks and advance to higher ranks.

For example, you can be entry-level and grow to become a store manager or a supervisor. You can also take advanced roles like preparing intravenous (IV) solutions.

8. Good benefits and salary

A pharmacy technician with no experience can start working and earning a salary—the salary increases when pharmacy technicians are certified. For example, taking a PTCB exam and getting a certification can lead to an increase in salary.

Other times pharm techs can get a salary raise after further training to improve their skills and productivity. The average salary of a pharmacy technician is 33,060 dollars per year.

The average salary of a junior pharmacy technician holding an entry-level position is 22,000 dollars per year. An experienced pharm tech earns an average salary of 46,980. Other benefits for pharm techs include insurance and paid leave.

9. Interact with different people

A pharmacy technician interacts with different people in the workplace. This includes colleagues and customers from different social and cultural backgrounds.

This makes it possible for you to learn and appreciate these cultures. Colleagues from different cultures and backgrounds bring diversity to the workplace. This kind of diversity can challenge your way of thinking and help you grow.

10. Improved customer service skills

Working with different customers improves your customer service skills. This includes interacting with different genders and age groups. You learn how to serve adults, children, and teenagers and cater to their needs effectively. These are skills you can use in other areas of your life.

Key takeaway

A pharmacy technician is a rewarding career opportunity. It provides job satisfaction, high salaries, and job security, among many benefits. The first step to starting your career is taking a training program and a pharmacy tech licensure test. Ensure you pass your certification exam. Passing is possible when you take a PTCB online practice test. It will open bigger doors of opportunity, and you can work anywhere as a certified pharmacy technician.

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