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Top Careers That Take You Around the World

10 June 2024 | 0 comments | Posted by Mark Bingham in Talent Agents

Careers that involve a lot of travelling

In a world where remote work is becoming increasingly common, some professions still require professionals to pack their bags and jet-set across the globe.

If you dream of combining work with wanderlust, here are some top careers that could take you worldwide.

International consultant

International consulting is a dynamic field that involves providing expert advice to businesses, governments, and organizations worldwide. Consultants may specialize in areas such as management, finance, technology, or marketing and offer their expertise to clients in various countries.

From conducting market research in bustling metropolises to implementing strategies in remote cities and villages, international consultants enjoy a diverse and stimulating work environment. Their roles often involve frequent travel, allowing them to experience a wide range of settings and challenges.

Flight attendant

For those yearning for a career that truly lets them reach new heights, working as a flight attendant might be ideal. Flight attendants have the unique opportunity to explore different cities and cultures during layovers.

Flight attendants have the chance to experience the world while earning a living. Their travels are often filled with memorable experiences, such as savouring unique street food or discovering hidden gems in cities around the globe.

English language teacher

If you have a passion for education and a desire to explore new cultures, consider applying for a teaching English abroad program. English language teachers work in schools, language institutes, and private tutoring centres around the world, helping students improve their language skills.

Teaching English abroad provides the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture, learn a new language, and forge meaningful connections. As an English language teacher, you have the opportunity to foster cross-cultural understanding and promote global communication.


Diplomacy is the art of cultivating and sustaining relationships between nations. Diplomats serve as vital representatives of their countries on the global stage. These professionals might be stationed at embassies in bustling capitals or assigned to consulates in more remote regions.

Diplomats engage in activities ranging from high-stakes negotiations to immersing themselves in local customs and cultures of host countries. This career offers a unique blend of intellectual challenge and cultural enrichment. Diplomats navigate complex political landscapes, understand diverse cultural contexts, and build meaningful international relationships.

The role provides both stimulating work and the chance to experience different parts of the world.

Travel writer

A career as a travel writer is an ideal opportunity for those passionate about storytelling and adventure. Travel writers visit destinations near and far, immersing themselves in local culture, cuisine, and attractions. After their adventures, they craft engaging narratives for magazines, websites, and guidebooks.

Travel writers turn their wanderlust into a profession, constantly discovering new places. They document their journeys, offering readers a glimpse into different cultures and lifestyles. This career allows them to combine a love for travel with a talent for writing.

Cruise ship entertainer

If you have a talent for performing and love the open sea, consider a career as a cruise ship entertainer. This role could be your ticket to global exploration, combining performance with travel.

Entertainers delight passengers from around the world while sailing to exotic ports of call. With contracts lasting several months, they get to visit multiple destinations during their tenure. Each day brings new opportunities to perform and connect with people from around the globe, so this career is perfect for those who seek excitement and love to entertain.

International sales representative

Sales representatives often attend trade shows, conferences, and client meetings in various countries. Through their expertise and charm, they build relationships with potential customers and secure lucrative contracts.

Whether pitching products in boardrooms or networking at industry events, their work environment is fast-paced and dynamic. International sales representatives enjoy a job that takes them to destinations near and far. Each trip provides new opportunities to understand different markets and cultures.

International aid worker

If you're someone who is passionate about making a difference in the world, a career as an international aid worker may be right for you. International aid workers provide humanitarian aid to communities affected by conflict, natural disasters, and poverty around the world.

Aid workers have the opportunity to travel to some of the planet's most remote and underserved regions. They distribute food and supplies in refugee camps and implement development projects in rural villages, making a significant impact on the lives of others.

Tour guide

If travel is your passion, you can make it a career by taking others to explore new destinations while you work. Immerse yourself in different cultures and historical sites. Tour guides often don't repeat the same route every day.

You might specialize in a region, but each tour brings new people and the chance to discover something fresh. If you've honed your skills, you can always apply for jobs that allow you to tour different parts of the world.

Some tour guide positions cover your accommodation and meals while on the job. This allows you to save money you might otherwise spend on travel expenses.

Being a tour guide hones your communication, storytelling, and public speaking skills. You'll also learn to manage groups, solve problems on the fly, and adapt to different personalities.

Remember that being a tour guide can also be demanding, which translates into long hours. You might also need to deal with challenging weather or difficult clients. However, the rewards can be immense for those who love travel and human connection.

Make travel your career

Whether you're drawn to the excitement of exploring new destinations or the satisfaction of making a difference in the lives of others, these top careers offer the perfect blend of adventure, cultural immersion, and professional growth. So pack your bags, buckle up, and prepare for a lifetime's journey!

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