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11 Tools for Tracking Your Remote Staffs Productivity

12 May 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Desa Rome in Temping

Remote working tracking tools

If you wish to hire talents from different locations around the world, you have to be open to the idea of remote teams. It is not economically viable to rent/build offices for every international employee you hire, after all. For employers who have been sceptical about the feasibility of remote working, the outbreak and spread of coronavirus have served as a wakeup call for them.

Everyone now knows how necessary a stable remote working infrastructure is for businesses across all industries. Business experts predict that even after the COVID-19 virus is contained, more than 50% of the traditional full-time workforce will continue to work remotely.

Setting up and managing a remote team takes more than merely providing workers with Wi-Fi connections. You need to have the right leadership and communication skills, as well as the right tools to make work arrangements and to enhance remote team collaboration.

Time management is the key; you need to make sure to keep track and schedule their tasks accordingly. You also need to appreciate the fact that although you don’t get to see remote workers every day, their work doesn't happen in a vacuum. Just like in a coaching business, the need to create strong connections across distance is paramount. That is why you need tools to track your remote staff’s behaviour, progress, and productivity.

There is a variety of online tools available that will help you push your remote workers to reach their top performance levels through constant tracking, communication, and the manifestation of your company culture. Here are 11 such tools:

1. EveryTimeZone

When you have a workforce distributed across the globe, not everyone will be available to work when you are available to manage them. You need a tool like EveryTimeZone to tell you which employee is available to work at a specified time. This tool displays the time zones around the world, maps out the instances when different time zones overlap and assists you in determining the best time for group projects.

2. TickSpot

This is the tool you need if you want to track time, supervise projects in real-time, and to keep everything on a budget. TickSpot allows your remote workers to see in real-time how their project is progressing and how much more effort they need to input to remain on schedule.

3. Time Doctor

This software runs quietly in the background of a computer and tracks the time spent on each site visited during work hours. You only have to instruct the employees to start the timer in the morning and stop it at the close of business.

4. The timeline Daily Report

This software outlines the sequence of the tasks each remote worker performed throughout their workday and the duration of each activity. Simply put, it helps you identify unproductive employees and facilitate them to become more productive.

5. iDoneThis

Tracking time does not always tell the whole productivity story. Some employees will spend 8 hours doing work-related things and still not be optimally productive. That is why you need to track achievements using iDoneThis. It tells you what different employees achieved over a specified period and how efficient they were while at it.

6. Scoro

Fundamentally, this work management software helps you with remote workforce collaboration. Business leaders also use it to manage their billing, sales and sometimes to manage projects remotely.

7. Wunderlist

It helps you prepare to-do lists for each remote worker and set reminders for when a task should commence. It works well as a smartphone or web app and can carry as many items as you want.

8. Zoom

This software allows workers to share the same screen even when working from different places in the world. Up to 25 participants can share their screens at the same time for up to 40 minutes. The software also allows participants to share files and exchange messages.

9. Asana

Use this tool to assign tasks and projects to your team members, and to keep track of each project’s progress. It can also display to-do checklists for each team member.

10. Web and App Usage Report

This is a report for the site and app an employee accessed during work time and for how long. That discourages employees from visiting shopping sites or social media.

11. Quip

Quip allows your team members to share and edit documents in real-time.


Tech advancement has brought with it productivity tools that make remote working just as effective as traditional offices, if not more effective. And because remote working allows you to save money in terms of rent and electricity, among other overhead costs, purchasing these apps is a worthy investment for any ambitious employer.

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