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CBD Oil Dosage Tips

13 July 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Kathy V in Doctors Orders

How to check your CBD dosage

Cannabidiol, abbreviated as CBD oil, is the most widely studied compound of the cannabis plant and for a good reason, the applications are near endless from what we've seen so far. According to medical experts, CBD can help to treat, prevent, or manage various types of medical conditions.

Taking CBD isn't a set science yet, and we're still learning the best ways to use its various priorities to treat certain ailments or achieve certain results. Now, one of the common concerns among CBD users is how to calculate their ideal dose, and this post shall try to shed more light on that.

This guide will assist you in understanding CBD oils and why dosage matters.

How to take CBD

There are six primary ways to consume cannabidiol, including:

  • Sublingual administration, which refers to dripping CBD oil tinctures underneath the tongue and then swallowing it
  • Vaping CBD vape oils
  • Smoking hemp flower
  • Swallowing CBD pills, capsules, and tablets
  • Eating CBD edibles, such as baked goods, gummies, chocolates, and CBD-infused beverages
  • Topical application of CBD-enriched ointments

In addition to the above methods, there are other unconventional ways to administer cannabidiol such as subcutaneous injections. Understanding the different methods of CBD consumption is crucial even before you buy and use Lazarus Naturals CBD for anxiety.

How much CBD should I take?

There's no hard rule on the amount of cannabidiol you should take. Even the Food and Drug Administration doesn't have recommendations on how much CBD to take, as that depends on several factors.

But before we get to those factors, it's essential first to understand how CBD is measured. The following guide will take into account two different CBD products, CBD tinctures, and gummies.

Since tinctures are oils, establishing the amount of CBD tinctures to consume will require taking accurate measurements of the oil using a dropper. When you buy CBD oil tinctures, the bottles usually come with calibrated droppers. You can always buy the dropper separately if you don't get it in the package.

In most cases, commercially-prepared CBD exists alongside several ingredients. These could be other cannabinoids or additives like flavour-enhancers.

As CBD is not the only product in the oil, its potency is represented in terms of its strength in the product. When you read the ingredient list, you'll discover the amount of cannabidiol in CBD oil is expressed in terms of milligrams (mg).

Now, let's assume that there is 100 mg of CBD in a 500 ml bottle. To determine the effectiveness of CBD in such a product, you'll need to divide the strength of CBD with the entire content of the bottle.

That would work out as:

  • > 100mg/500ml
  • > =1mg/5ml

So, for every 5 ml of CBD oil tinctures, you get 1 mg of CBD. Now, assume that your recommended daily intake of cannabidiol is 25 mg. That means you'll need to consume 125 millilitres of CBD oil tinctures throughout the day.

The same rule applies when you're consuming cannabidiol in other forms such as gummies. However, gummies come with a slight advantage in that the amount of CBD in each product is predetermined. For instance, let's assume you purchased a bottle containing 25 pieces of gummies, and each is infused with 5 mg of CBD.

Following a similar daily recommendation indicated above, you'll need to chew about five gummies throughout the day to meet your recommended daily intake of 25 mg CBD.

What should have become abundantly clear by now is that the amount of CBD to dose primarily comes down to the strength or concentration of cannabidiol in a product.

The following are other factors to put into consideration when trying to establish your CBD dose.


Younger kids are likely to develop higher sensitivity to cannabidiol. Therefore, they should experiment with lower doses compared to adults.

Body Mass Index

Your body mass index (BMI) refers to the relationship between your height and weight. Body Mass Index is calculated using the formula I=m/h2, where:

  • M is your body weight in kilograms;
  • H is your body height in meters; and
  • The answer expressed in kg/m².

Generally, the smaller your BMI is, the higher the CBD doses you should consume.

Body chemistry

The three aspects of body chemistry to consider before establishing your ideal CBD dose include your metabolic rate as well as sensitivity and tolerance for CBD. A higher metabolic rate means that CBD gets into your system much faster, which translates to lower doses.

Sensitivity depends on how your body responds when you take specific doses. For instance, if you develop side effects upon consuming particular amounts of CBD, you may want to lower your doses.

Lastly, people with a higher tolerance for CBD can comfortably consume higher doses than those who don't.


Women are known to be more sensitive to CBD than men. That's ostensibly due to the somewhat heightened hormonal activity in their bodies.

Delivery method

Of the top methods of consuming cannabidiol that we mentioned earlier, vaping, smoking, as well as consuming CBD sublingually are the three fastest-acting methods. The convention is that the earlier the onset time, the lower the doses to consume.

When and how long should I dose with CBD?

After using the above parameters to calculate your ideal CBD dose, your next concern is likely when and how long to consume cannabidiol before you can see the results. Now, when you're taking CBD as a therapeutic drug, you should ensure that you consume it before meals or when the condition you're trying to treat is most severe.

When it comes to frequency, CBD should only be consumed on a needed basis. The goal is not to develop a tolerance for the substance as that would require you to increase your current dose.

Lastly, there's no standard duration that you should take CBD to see its results. That would depend on the severity of the medical condition that you're trying to treat, as well as other factors like your tolerance and strength of CBD.

CBD can interact with other medication

Also, remember that CBD interacts with various medications. So, do not start using it if you're presently under any drug therapy. However, all factors held constant, CBD should take anywhere from 15 - 45 minutes to kick in if taken by sublingual administration or up to three hours for edibles.

But remember this is only the average onset time for a CBD dose and not necessarily the time it takes for your condition to go away.

Establishing your ideal CBD dose is a complicated procedure that requires putting various aspects into consideration. We hope that you have found this guide insightful and that you will successfully calculate a suitable CBD dose for your lifestyle.

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