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Can You Make Your Own CBD Oil?

28 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Alan Wood in Mind, Body & Soul

Making homemade CBD oil

Cannabidiol, or also referred to as CBD is immensely popular because of the numerous benefits it provides. Although you can make your own CBD oil, there are also some top-rated brands you can try like those from AvidaCBD. There are many ways to make your own CBD oil at home. But first, you need to understand how the oil works.

Can you make your own CBD oil?

In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the use of hemp in CBD products. CBD became legal in all fifty states as long as it's derived from hemp.

Hemp is high in CBD and low in THC. This means that you can fully experience the benefits of CBD oil without the risk of getting high. The trace amounts of THC in HEMP is below 0.3%. There are three methods of extracting the CBD from hemp: CO2 extraction, Ethanol extraction, and oil extraction.

CO2 extraction pressurizes CO2 with the use of specialized equipment to extract CBD. Ethanol extraction, on the other hand, extracts oil by introducing the solvent ethanol to the plant. Extraction with the use of oil can be done for making homemade CBD oil.

The ones made from marijuana are still illegal because they contain over 0.3% THC, a psychoactive component causing users to become high. You'll know whether or not CBD oil is lawful and safe through its source.

If you want to save money, undertaking a DIY CBD oil project might be a brilliant idea. But is it legal to make your own CBD oil? The answer is yes. The most preferred ingredient for CBD oil is CBD isolate because apart from being the only ingredient considered to be legal in all 50 states, it also contains less than 0.3% THC.

CBD products sold legally in the United States need to be tested for THC. When you check the typical label, you will know the THC levels, which are often presented as a percentage.


Your body, without any help, can produce its own Endocannabinoids (ECS). ECS can be compared to other nutrients. It is possible to have a deficiency, and this is where extra support, in the form of cannabis, comes into play. You can enhance your endocannabinoid system with phytocannabinoids that cannabis plants produce. CBD is a type of phytocannabinoid produced from hemp and cannabis plants.

CBD made from hemp is the only type of cannabinoid that is highly accessible across the United States. CBD acts as a blockage to endocannabinoids' breakdown process. When CBD completes this process, your body will utilize what it naturally produces.

Two ways to make your own CBD oil

As mentioned earlier, you can make your own CBD oil at home. There are different ways to do it, but the two most popular methods are the oil method and alcohol method. How to make CBD oil using the oil method? When using the oil method in making CBD oil, you need to have a carrier oil. You can either choose coconut or olive oil. The oil method is gaining popularity, as both ingredients offer several health benefits.

  1. Be sure you have a weed grinder to produce oil from the cannabis plant. Keep in mind that a high-quality plant produces high-quality oil. In producing oil, the plant needs to undergo an essential process called decarboxylation. Bake the leaves and buds at 220 ℉ for approximately One hundred minutes to complete this process.
  2. Put ground weed in a mason jar and mix with your preferred carrier oil. The amount of oil you need will depend on how potent you want your CBD oil to be.
  3. Bring the CBD oil mixture to a boil. Cover the mason jar with the lid and make sure it is secure. Prepare a pan and place a towel on the bottom of it. Fill the pan with water and put the jar on the top. Let it sit until it reaches 200 degrees. Use a thermometer to monitor the temperature.
  4. Heat the pot for about three hours. Be sure to check the pot to ensure that the water has not evaporated. Remove the pot from the stove and let it cool for three hours. For another three hours, place the pot on the stove again, then turn off the heat. Let it sit overnight.
  5. Your homemade CBD oil is ready. Strain the oil mixture with the use of a cheesecloth. Squeeze to extract the oil as desired, and it is good to use.

How to make CBD oil using the alcohol method?

The alcohol method is also known as the ethanol method. It does not require any advanced equipment or special skills to perfect this method. For beginners who wish to make homemade CBD oil, this method is a good way to start. Alcohol is the most preferred extracting agent because it does not possess any unpleasant odour or taste.

  1. In a glass or ceramic bowl, place the weed and cover it with alcohol. Stir the mixture for 6 minutes with a wooden spoon. This step will extract the resin.
  2. Separate solvent from the mixture. You can do this with the use of a sieve or straining bag. Repeat the step until you extract the oil from weed.
  3. Pour the extracted oil in a double boiler. Heat the mixture until the bubbles form. Avoid raising the temperature unless the alcohol starts to evaporate. Wait for 30 minutes until the mixture simmers. Keep the flame flow while mixing the alcohol until it completely evaporates.
  4. Pour concentrated oil in a bottle and cover with a tight lid to preserve quality.

Benefits of homemade CBD oil

You can obtain the many health benefits of CBD oil in many forms and one of which is CBD vape oil. With different brands and variations sold at health shops, you'll be spoiled for choice. If you want a less expensive way to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil, homemade oil using simple ingredients are your best bet. Making your own CBD oil ensures that the ingredients you use are natural. Quality isn't guaranteed in all store-bought CBD oils due to a lack of regulation.

This means that you can never tell if CBD products contain toxic pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical additives that can be harmful to your body. It's crucial to purchase ingredients you need for making your own CBD oil from a trusted source. It ensures your homemade CBD oil is free from chemicals.

Final thoughts

It doesn't take an expert to make CBD oil the right way. With a little guidance and instructions, you'll be able to experience the benefits of CBD oil without spending vast amounts of money. Homemade CBD oils are an appealing option considering the industry's low regulation, high prices and questionable ingredients.

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