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The Differences Between Medical And Recreational Marijuana

01 November 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Samaria Smith in Doctors Orders

How cannabis for medical use and recreational use differ

Marijuana for medicinal purposes has been in the limelight over the past years for specific reasons. Several states in the U.S. are already legalising marijuana as a schedule 1 drug for medicinal purposes. Marijana is mainly derived from dried seeds, flower stems as well as leaves of cannabis plants.

For recreational purposes, marijuana is known as pot and hash, and they are usually known for making you high. You might already be aware of what could happen when you consume marijuana. In this blog, we will discuss the significant differences between medicinal and recreational marijuana.

The local doctors are now using cannabis legally for recreational purposes, and some prescribe them for medicinal purposes. Consumption of marijuana is beneficial for treating chronic pains, epilepsy, PTSD, and several other issues.

Medicinal marijuana

The use of marijuana for medicinal purposes involves using unprocessed cannabis plants or THC and CBD to treat the symptoms of medical issues. THC is the proactive element in marijuana. The patients require a medical card for purchasing legal medicinal marijuana.

Using marijuana for medicinal purposes does not require consuming high THC levels due to its proactive nature with exclusive health benefits. Consuming high levels of CBD is efficient in having anti-anxiety, anti-inflammation, and antipsychotic properties.

Recreational marijuana

Recreational marijuana is one that is used apart from medicinal purposes. We can here assume any marijuana that is not used for medicinal purposes is recreational. Recreational marijuana has a high level of THC that develops a proactive effect on the human mind and body. The impact of marijuana differs in each consumer, even after consuming the same amount of THC.

The side effects of marijuana for recreational purposes can have psychological consequences but are great for dealing with anxiety, fear, stress management, euphoria, and other conditions. Everything with marijuana consumption depends on the ethos of the person.

Difference between medical and recreational marijuana

The most notable difference between medicinal and recreational consumption of marijuana is with the THC and CBD levels. High levels of THC consumption make a patient psychoactive.

Hence they are not ideal for medicinal purposes. But consumption of high levels of CBD is none less than wonders for treating chronic pains. Mentioned below are other differences between medicinal and recreational marijuana:

Legal issues

There have been several legal restrictions on the medicinal and recreational consumption of marijuana. Using marijuana for recreational purposes has more legal restrictions. There are several states where the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes is more accessible than medicinal purposes.

Consumers of marijuana for recreational purposes are comfortable with high THC levels. Medicinal marijuana has gained legalisation in around 33 states, whereas recreational marijuana is legal in almost 27 states. Marijuana for medicinal purposes is limited to cannabis spray or oils.

Access and availability

Due to strict rules regarding the legalisation of marijuana, there are fines, jails, and other punishments for using marijuana for recreational purposes. There are many states of the country where marijuana is not legal. Hence you cannot get easy access to recreational marijuana from the best dispensary in phoenix. The CHB from cannabis is accepted legally in around 27 states of the U.S and other parts of the world.

Marijuana is readily available for medicinal purposes, And the laws have been relaxed for the same over the past decade. On the contrary, marijuana for recreational purposes still faces lots of obstacles for access and availability.


There have been a lot of quality differences in the quality of medical and recreational marijuana. The procedure and cultivation of marijuana for both purposes are similar. The rest depends upon the final use, i.e., medicinal or recreational.

Cannabis for medicinal purposes has to undergo several strict procedures before making them available for consumption. There are cases where the plant is grown indoors for recreational purposes.

Additionally, cannabis plants require close monitoring for the use of pesticides to ensure the safety of the end product.


Marijuana is often adapted for a single purpose, but they have several more advantages. While comparing the medicinal and recreational pursuits of marijuana, recreational marijuana is used for enjoyment and personal satisfaction purposes. At the same time, medicinal marijuana is associated with numerous medical benefits.

Medical marijuana has high levels of CBD and high levels of THC. Hence they can be used comfortably with children and elderly persons to boost good health. Marijuana's for recreational purposes is limited to a particular age, as they make you very high.

Medical marijuana is legal for children, whereas recreational marijuana is restricted to age limits in the states that have legalised cannabis.

A variation on shopping experience

There are considerable differences in buying marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes; you might find some similarities. Still, the complete procedure isn't the same. Medical marijuana requires a personal ID and medical card for purchasing. You need to show your medical card to get approval for your purchase.

Medical marijuana is available at medical clinics. The medical clinics allow one customer at a time to ensure privacy. On the contrary, the medicals selling recreational marijuana are not permitted to give medical advice to the users.

There are dual license stores to provide marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes.


The benefits of using marijuana depend on the country you live in at the moment. Many people use marijuana to overcome their medical conditions and get other benefits from using marijuana. Benefits from marijuana are not available to the users of recreational marijuana.

Medicinal marijuana is available to patients at a low price and reduces the tax of the product. Medical marijuana is also given access to minors for treating chronic pains, cancer, and other restrictions.

Also, the cultivators of medical marijuana are allowed to grow marijuana on a large scale compared to recreational marijuana.

To end off

It's not easy to differentiate between medicinal and recreational marijuana. Both medical and recreational marijuana is derived from cannabis plants. The process for the cultivation of medicinal and recreational marijuana is similar, and the only difference comes with the final product for patients' use.

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