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Unique Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers and Boss

15 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Smith Willas in Extravaganza

Co worker gift ideas for the holidays

Gifting to celebrate the holiday season is tricky. It is even trickier when it comes to choosing a gift for your co-workers and boss, no matter how many years, months, weeks, or days you’ve spent in their company. Nevertheless, you would want your gift to be useful and come across as thoughtful. Hence, the first step is to understand the necessary preferences of the person you intend to give a gift. He/she may be a techie, gadget-lover, fashionista, or choose to not come under any of these stereotypes! 

Some of the generic gifts you can get are sunglasses, bracelets, and rings (only women), watches, cologne/perfume, vintage brooches, mugs, and candles. Official merchandise and books are a great choice as well. 

Look out for subtle clues – the way they dress or decorate their workspace, or start up a conversation about the gifts they received last year! Or, you can gift something based on their hobby.

Do they like painting?

Get them a cool brush set.

Are they into fitness?

Gift a fitness tracker or gift cards for running shoes.

Do they love cooking?

Choose a kitchen accessory for them - an assorted knife set, charcuterie board, or cutting board for the colleague who loves to cook and is a shining star at the potluck lunches. Once you’ve gotten a fair idea about their personal choices, you can save yourself the embarrassment of giving card or cash that seems impersonal.

“Cash? Did you get me cash? Who are you, my uncle?”

For Men

Men always receive predictable gifts every year. Some of which they love, for example, a pair of good absorbent socks; whereas some gifts, such as various bottles of cologne, collect dust in the cupboard. You can never go wrong with the following gifts we have carefully curated for you:

Formal accessories

Get formal accessories for the classy boss or colleague who loves wearing suits. Cufflinks are at the top of our list of products that never go out of style. These can also be mixed and matched with any suit, colour, or even semi-formal shirts. A pair of metallic or wooden finish cufflinks will lend the wearer’s outfit a sophisticated look.

A Lapel Pin is another accessory that is often overlooked but adds that extra flair to the jacket. You can even get a matching lapel pin to go with the cufflinks. Similarly, Pocket Squares also help complete the suit with a dash of elegance - silky or textured; they are a much-needed item in the modern man’s formal attire.

Neckties and Bow Ties are the next hottest trends. Everyone who wants to make a fashion statement is wearing it – from celebrities to grooms and to anyone who needs to attend a formal event.

Elevating this trend a notch up are wooden products. Wooden Bow Ties are a rage nowadays as they promise to deliver on fashion and convenience tied neatly in one. Match it up with a crisp suit.

Skincare products

Make a hamper of a few beard-care products for that co-worker who loves to maintain his beard. You may include the ready-to-gift starter kits that come with small quantities of beard oil, mousse, beard shampoo. Your colleague will appreciate your effort if you also throw in a few skincare products designed specifically for men, such as moisturizers and organic soaps. An alternative to beard-care products is a shaving kit. A basic package will include brushes, razors, shaving cream and aftershave.

Leather accessories

Everyone loves leather. They are long-lasting and worth every penny when maintained well. A belt and wallet combo or suspenders and braces will be a great addition to your boss’s wardrobe as they look classy and are useful at the same time. To make a long-lasting impression, get the leather products embossed and personalized.

For Women

Luckily, the market is brimming with gifting options for women. A safe option is to avoid anything glittery and flashy for your female co-workers unless you know their preferences. Here are a few options that will brighten up the festive mood of your female colleague:

Skincare products

Bath bombs, fragrant soaps, organic skincare products – make a cute hamper of all the products your co-worker would love. Take a step ahead and get the favourite brand she prefers or better, research about the most loved products of the year.

Makeup kit

Choose a subtle makeup set for daily wear that she’ll love. However, carefully tread if you want to get a makeup kit for your colleague. It is only recommended for people who know the preferences of the receiver.

Pyjama set

Pyjama sets are the most useful and sought-after holiday gifts. Throw in a pair of cute and comfy socks, and a soft robe to complete the comfort quotient. Do check out the size your colleague prefers to wear in case of the pyjama set.

Silken scarf

An evergreen choice for females, you can never go wrong with a silken scarf. Buy one in solid colours or go floral/geometric as per trends!

Get them a gift they will love

Now that you have a comprehensive list, and when you do order a product, make sure to include the invoice/ bill in case it needs to be returned.

This applies to products your co-worker may be allergic to – ask them to look out for any ingredients that may cause an adverse reaction. You may also order hypo-allergenic and no-fragrance products to be extra careful. Forgot to order anything? Get them a gift card from a verified website, delivered directly to their email address. 

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