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How Trailers Make Festivals Fantastic

11 February 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Tom Simpkins in Extravaganza

How trailers can be used at festivals

Everybody loves going to music festivals, whether it’s because of the fantastic acts, the community spirit or simply because it’s a great excuse to hang out with friends. As fantastic as it can be to kick back and enjoy everything a festival has to offer, we seldom give a thought to the many different pieces that slot together to form the festivals themselves, with trailers being prime examples of this.

Whether they’re being used to prop up the musicians (literally) or they serve as vendors for scrumptious fare, trailers have many uses. Thanks to their mobile nature, trailers provide ample opportunities for businesses to become a part of festivals, with the following serving as a handful of apt examples.

Food trailers

One of the most common and useful applications for tailers at a music festival are food trailers, thanks in no small part to the creativity of the vendors as well as the diverse & eclectic offerings that food trailers can offer. Everything from Mexican street food to dessert-focussed food trailers can often be found congregating together, making sections of festivals that hungry attendees can flock to for sustenance.

Food trailers don’t restrict themselves to one function, especially as they’re often more than capable of hosting full-fledged kitchens, large refrigerators or both. Some even put a focus on the likes of fridges & freezers, transforming their food trailers into refreshment trailers or drinks-based trailers, serving as rest areas or portable bars.

Rest areas

Trailers can be utilised in such as a manner to create an open, welcoming and accommodating space for people to escape the often frenzied feel of festivals. Are you looking to get some peace & quiet? Feel like you need a safe space? Want somewhere to meet up with friends? That’s where the likes of promotional trailers come into their element.

They are designed to feature amenities such as air-conditioned sections, sun-roofs, and accommodating seating areas. These trailers can be as big or as small as the festival will allow. Whether they’re transformed into comfortable lounge areas, or they’re merely serving as a proverbial oasis in the desert, trailers are often excellent spots for rest areas.


Just as essential as finding a quiet spot to rest is finding somewhere to relieve yourself after one too many beers. They may rarely be pretty and can often come attached with horror stories, but restrooms are essential at any festival. No matter how many a festival has, toilet areas will inevitably rack up massive queues, which makes adding secure & reliable facilities a must for festivals.

Surprisingly, this is an area that trailers can help with too, as mobile toilet trailers often host home-worthy bathroom areas, complete with sinks and windows. They’re essentially miniature bathrooms on wheels that offer a higher degree of privacy, security and comfort, not to mention they’re easier to bring and take away from a festival.

Merchandise trailers

What is a festival without opportunities to grab some great memorabilia? Finding good spots to grab band t-shirts is always great after seeing a fantastic show, but merchandise can be even more useful than just finding an awesome hoodie. If it starts to rain, you’ll need rain ponchos; if it’s way too hot, you’ll need portable fans; this is where the eclectic nature of merchandise trailers comes into its strength.

A lot of the time you’ll be able to easily find branding trailers too, serving as beacons for those looking for reliable, beloved companies or products.

Then there are the more independent companies, offering wares that are often essential like phone charging stations, or even camping supplies for those that didn’t quite prepare as thoroughly as they should have.

Thanks to this, merchandise trailers can sometimes make the difference between a fantastic festival experience or a terrible one.

Small stages

Last, but certainly not least, trailers can even be used as small stages for lesser-known, niche performers or even as specialised promotional spaces that can offer some novel distractions from festival life.

Promotional trailers can be designed to transform into almost any kind of display, including fold-out walls, extended stage areas, fold-down ramps and even retractable awnings. Much like food trailers, custom or promotional trailers can be designed with all manners of enriching factors, such as generators, so they can efficiently serve as a miniature stage.

It’s unlikely that a music festival will need a trailer to act as a mini stage, given that many will have purpose-built stages, but the versatility of such trailers is still impressive. As far as back-up options go, these small stages are pretty charming options.

These applications for trailers can make festivals all the more fun, and so much more accommodating. Even the best of us get tired when letting loose at festivals, but knowing there are some safe spots to take care of virtually all of our needs can help to make them all the more enjoyable.

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