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A Man's Guide To Summer Essential Wear

23 June 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Harry Turner in Fashionista

mens guide to essential wear

It is officially summer which means it is time to change your wardrobe to those summer essentials. Men's fashion is simple this time of year because all you need to wear is a t-shirt and shorts if you wish. However, there are many more fashionable outfits that you can wear. Including stylish clothes that will keep you looking great throughout this summer. Here is the perfect guide to level up your style this summer.

White T-shirts

White t-shirts are a summer essential for everyone, and there are many variations. Furthermore, it is a tee that can be worn with many other clothes for your summer outfit. Furthermore, these are more appropriate for your casual outfits. We will discuss the multiple white t-shirts you should have in your wardrobe and how you can wear them.

First, we have the baggy white t-shirt, and these are great for an overall baggy look. Baggy clothing is great this time of year due to the hot temperatures. Furthermore, you want to avoid wearing muscle-fit clothes as they will show off your sweat patches. Oversized t-shirts are perfect for the breeze to get under and keep you cool throughout the day. Wear utility shorts with this outfit, or take your t-shirt into a pair of Bermuda shorts.

A casual, relaxed tee or a v-neck is also great this time of year. A v-neck would be suitable if you like to wear jewellery around your neck; however, they are very much out of fashion and are only suitable for those who can pull them off.

There are so many variations of t-shirts that you can wear. However, you may have noticed that we have avoided white t-shirts, and that is because of the material. The material of a white polo is way too warm and the last thing you want to be wearing around this time of year.

Short-sleeved oxford shirts

Short-sleeved oxford shirts are next up on the list and are the perfect essential item for a man's wardrobe. With a dressier shirt, these are for more formal events and are also appropriate for the office this time of year. If you wear an oxford shirt for the office, we suggest you stick to solid colours.

Oxford shirts also make the perfect shirt for a holiday. Furthermore, you need to ensure that they are made with linen as this is the more appropriate material for those hot temperatures. Solid colours and linen materials are the perfect short-sleeved shirt.

Swim Shorts

No matter what country you are in, swim shorts are suitable for when it is hotter than usual. Furthermore, they are great for just lounging around when you are at home. If you live near a beach, you don't have to worry about going to the shop for something suitable for the sea.

When it comes to swimming shorts, don't be one of those boring people that wear solid colours. Wear something that is tropical and gives more summer vibes instead of plain black shorts. They are a must-have this time of year, wherever you live.

Cropped pants

Going back to the smart-casual style. Cropped pants are another great addition to your wardrobe for this time of year. Again, wear these when going into the office as they are the perfect attire for smart-casual. Wearing a pair of loafers and a plain, short-sleeved oxford shirt is the attire you should wear throughout the week.

The colours of your cropped pants should be simple. Grey, navy blue or beige are all suitable for the office. If you are looking to wear cropped pants when you are on holiday, we suggest that you wear chinos as these are great for your holiday.

Chino shorts

Chino shorts are next on the list, and they are great for both going on holiday and wearing them around the city centre. If your job allows you to wear shorts in the office, these are the perfect choice for several reasons. You can wear these with a short-sleeved oxford shirt or, if you want something more casual, wear a t-shirt.

One of the best points to make about chino shorts is that they are great for adding colour to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a plain white t-shirt or shirt, we suggest adding a bit of colour to your shorts. If you wish to add even more colour, we suggest wearing brown loafers with your outfit.

Tropical Shirts

Up next are tropical shirts, and these are another great addition during summer. Either wear a floral shirt or something that is wacky and stands out. More appropriate for a holiday, but if you wish to stand out from the rest, these shirts are a must-buy.

Tropical shirts only go well with a pair of shorts such as chinos or swimming trunks. They also don't go well when you are wearing them with cropped pants. We would strongly advise that you don't wear them with a tropical shirt. These shirts are perfect if you wish to add a bit of flair to your outfit.

Footwear & accessories

When it comes to the footwear section for these types of lists, people will usually suggest white trainers. However, white trainers don't go with every outfit, especially some of these outfits on this list. White trainers are good with a t-shirt and shorts, and that's it.

If you want to wear a smart-casual outfit, we suggest wearing either black or brown loafers. Depending on if you are wearing shorts or cropped pants. If you want something casual and lightweight, canvas shoes would be perfect.

Accessories, you are going to need a baseball cap as well as sunglasses. A baseball hat would be appropriate for your casual outfits and have a more streetwear vibe. Although this time of year isn't perfect for streetwear for men, there are a few clothes and accessories which can be worn for that streetwear style. If you are looking to wear something more formal, then wear sunglasses. Wear basic aviators for your formal outfits just so you can add a little more class to your outfit.

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