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How Cultivation Technology will Change the Cannabis Industry

How technology improves cannabis growing

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding. There are endless opportunities, whether it is for recreational or therapeutic uses, as explained in this article from AmericanMarijuana. Therefore, cannabis growers are always looking for new ways to improve their farming procedures. One of the main ways that cannabis growers are focusing on is using technology to enhance their farming processes.

Technology and cultivation

Many cannabis farms have excellent employees who help the farm to produce the best quality products. However, we all know that humans are prone to errors, and no matter how efficient your employees are, they might overlook some things. Therefore, it makes sense to put your trust in technology and computers. For instance, it is difficult to trust your employees to collect and correlate data from millions of data points such as water and nutrient uptake, relative humidity, and temperature, among others.

It is also worth noting all the data collected must be analysed, and depending on the volume of data collected; it can take days or even weeks to analyse the data. It is a difficult task even for the most skilled data analysts. This is where technology enters the picture. Here we will take a look at how cultivation technology will change the cannabis industry.

Internet of Things (IoT)

When using the Internet of Things managers, directors, and people assisting the growers can connect their phones or laptops to greenhouses all over the world and monitor the progress in real-time. This makes it easier to respond to issues and also notice problems as soon as they crop up.

Internet of Things uses physical objects which are fitted with sensors to collect and send information in real-time over the internet. All information ranging from humidity, pH levels, and much is collected and sent to a climate control system after which the people are running that department view the data and make informed choices on how to respond to the current climate conditions.

Accessing data in real-time is critical to head growers because they can make the appropriate changes remotely when some conditions go out of control. It is also to set the acceptable parameters in the system so that alarms go off once there is a problem. The growers can then log into the system using their phones and laptops and make the required changes.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionising the cannabis industry. One importance of using artificial intelligence is that the machine can learn to perform tasks through education. The inclusion of machine learning as a subset of artificial intelligence implies that computers can learn from what happened in the past. That means that if the same thing happens in the future, computers can fix or recommend a solution without requiring human input.

Research has shown that the use of machine learning and artificial learning is becoming common in cannabis cultivation farms. Artificial intelligence machines can detect and understand patterns in real-time. For instance, artificial intelligence can read data from all the data points during harvest as well as read the input metrics and draw conclusions from the outcome. Each time you repeat that process, the artificial intelligence machine will continue to monitor the process.

Another advantage of using artificial intelligence and machine learning is that computers can be the lookout for pests and diseases at all times. This will directly increase your harvest because the chances of your plants being destroyed by pests and diseases will be reduced by a large margin.

Grow lights

Grow lights are used to grow cannabis plants indoors. Grow lights are not a new invention, they consume a lot of energy, and they are also expensive. However, LED lights which are also used by NASA to try to grow crops in space provide a better solution than grow lights. They are cheaper and also consume less energy which implies they also emit less heat compared to grow lights.

DNA sequencing

Malleability is one of the reasons why cannabis is profitable and popular. DNA sequencing allows growers to produce products that are predictable in terms of THC variation. You can map out the plant’s gnome which gives companies a blueprint to base their products on. DNA sequencing will make it possible to produce cannabis products which are either CBD or THC exclusive.

Final thoughts

Technology has changed our lives in many ways. Many companies have already embraced the use of technology to transform how they run their businesses. The cannabis industry is already embracing technology, and the future looks promising in terms of efficiency and financial success.

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