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8 Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2022

15 March 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Anna Chuprynat in Industry Experts

Predictions on top trends for social media in 2022

The field of Internet marketing is constantly evolving these days; doing business without having accounts on social networks is not only unprofitable but also not realistic. Changes in the world have particularly affected the interaction between customers and businesses and further digitised buying and selling. Brand owners, in turn, must follow trends and innovations in social media marketing to become stronger and more recognisable rather than burning out in such fierce competition.

In 2022, we will see both innovative solutions and well-established practices in the marketing area. Learn more about the top 8 predictions for SMM below.

1. Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content, namely images and videos only available for a short period, will only increase its impact. Each time, developers come up with more and more interesting features aimed at getting more coverage, receiving immediate audience reaction, and, in general, increasing user interaction.

It also contributes to creating user-generated content, which we will examine below. You are not limited by any boundaries when creating "one-day posts", so use various services such as transparent image maker without additional software downloads and make sure that your content is attractive and memorable.

2. Short videos

With the explosion of Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram have understood the whole point of short videos. In the summer of 2021, YouTube joined them by introducing YouTube Shorts. All this popularity is since the attention span of users has decreased, and content authors have only about 3 seconds to get a person interested in their messages.

Thanks to social networks, anyone has a large selection of information. Therefore, you need to be creative if you want to provide educational and entertaining video content that is profitable for business.

3. Augmented and virtual reality 

Augmented and virtual realities were first used in games. But now, companies see their huge potential for audience reach. AR combines a digital interface and real life. Brands can showcase their products on any surface and even people.

Fashion and cosmetics manufacturers have been using this technology for several years to help their customers. Clothing stores create virtual fitting rooms so that clients can see how clothes fit them.

In the same way, furniture stores place virtual furnishings in real homes, and customers can use AR apps to find suitable places for their potential purchases.

4. Live broadcasts

Live broadcasts have become available on all first-class social media platforms. People want live communication, and therefore, it is a powerful tool for interacting with the audience. By creating a broadcast, you can talk with subscribers in real-time and prove yourself as a specialist by answering questions.

It is also worth mastering group live streaming to increase the value of the topic you discuss and attract a new audience.

5. Monetisation

Social networks have long lost their pure entertainment nature, and in 2022, they will increasingly transform into marketplaces. It all started with recommendations, then morphed into paid advertising, and now Instagram singles out the separate shop section. Young people are significantly more likely to shop on social media.

Approximately 1 in 3 shoppers aged 15 to 22 has used the "Buy Now" button on social networking sites or bought something based on recommendations from social media stories. Of particular note is YouTube's cooperation with services for selling merchandise.

Thus, it would help if you thought about platforms monetisation gaining momentum, and you'd better not miss the moment to join this trend.

6. User-generated content

User-generated content of various formats will remain relevant: comments on posts and statements of brands, videos of users on social networks, product reviews on blogs, and so on.

The situation with self-isolation reminded people that the old but gold word of mouth does work. Users are increasingly turning to the reviews and opinions of others before buying.

Indeed, why check a thing yourself if you can find the opinions of those who have already done it?

7. Paid promotion

A content strategy should include a weekly or monthly budget to promote publications. It would help if you did this wisely, targeting the audience that will respond, convert, or make a purchase. You need to launch advertising not only using the "Promote" button but also through an advertising account with all the features of Ads Manager involved: collect audiences by interaction, reach those who wrote in Direct, and more.

8. Collaborative content 

To reach new users many brands and content creators have begun to create content for the sake of reaching each other's audiences. This can include featuring on other brands or individuals' podcasts, taking over their channels, creating co-branded posts and offers and much more. 

Final word

In 2022, all conditions will be created for the further involvement of users in social networks. But brand owners and marketers need to keep in mind that social responsibility, ethics, and transparency are also important for the modern consumer. Clients will more actively support brands that care about their customers and employees, are socially responsible, and share common goals and beliefs.

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