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Redesign The Office To Better Support Mental Wellness

16 June 2022 | 0 comments | Posted by Dea Muric in Talent Agents

Design an office that promotes mental health

Employees that work from their company’s office spend most of their weekdays at the office. So, it is okay to think that the office is their second home. The efforts they put in at their desks are enough to get them tired both mentally and physically, and then there is the long ride back home if they are unlucky enough not to be living close to the office.

As a business owner who wants the best from his or her employees, it is important to make the office environment as comfortable as possible to tone down this stress. Here are some office redesigning tips to support the employees’ mental wellness.

Work on the lighting

The lighting of an office has a very significant role in how productive the employees at the company will be. Apart from the fact that it aids better vision, it also creates an aura around the office environment that could either be energizing or dull. It is a very important factor in staying focused and giving the inspiration to innovate something.

A light therapy device is good, or natural light bulbs can also be used. The office can be restructured to have more windows around the work area to allow for the influx of natural lighting. Bright fluorescent light bulbs can also be used to make everywhere look energized.

This has a positive effect on the mental well-being of the employees. Bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, and headaches. These are not good for someone who wants to be productive.

Apply some nature round

Nature has a medicinal effect on the souls, minds, and spirits of humans. It generates a multitude of positive emotions such as calmness and creativity. Nature facilitates concentration and lowers depression and anxiety. The presence of beautiful plants in the office environment can do a lot.

First, plants purify the air by extracting harmful substances like formaldehyde and benzene from it. Plants also ensure more oxygen within the environment because they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air.

Human beings need oxygen for breathing and the normal functioning of the body system. Plants can be aided to grow normally within the office environment by using grow lights. The grow lights provide as much light as the plants need for photosynthesis.

Work on the colours of the painting

When you have the right colours on the walls of your office, it can help to boost your level of productivity. Some colours affect the mind positively and put you in the right mood to work. Colours that have natural toning, such as blue and green hues, can improve efficiency and focus to a great extent.

Warm yellow colours create feelings of optimism and creativity. So, if your office walls are not painted in the colours that inspire and support the employees’ mental wellness, you can redesign them by changing those colours to boost their mental strength and make them more productive.

Colours have an effect on one’s mood and brain function, so choosing the right colours for your office building as an employer is a good move toward boosting productivity.

Bring in ergonomic furniture

The tables and chairs at the office where employees work can affect their productivity for better or for worse. There are so many factors that can make someone’s mental strength become weakened. Not sitting comfortably at work is one of them.

To ensure proper comfort in the office space, replace existing discomforting pieces of furniture with ergonomic ones. Ergonomic furniture will allow for good posture, guiding against backaches.

There is also less exertion, fewer motions, and better height reach when using this type of furniture. All these will help create a workstation that will be more ‘productive and, above all, supports the user’s mental wellness.

Create a gym area

Physical exercises have an amazing effect on mental wellness. Apart from the fact that it reduces stress levels in the brain and rejuvenates tired muscles and bones, it also boosts self-esteem. It will be a lot of stress on the brain if the employees do not get to do some exercise every week.

To make it easier for staff to access gym equipment, you can bring the gym to them by creating a section in the office. Buy gym equipment that everyone can use, like spinning bikes and a dumbbell set, so that all the employees will be encouraged to use the facility. This move will support their mental wellness and make them more productive.

Final word

How well your business fares are largely in the hands of your employees, and this is the reason why many business owners are always looking for better incentives for their dedicated staff.

One of the ways you can encourage your staff to be more productive is by supporting their mental wellness. It is a healthy brain that can focus properly on jobs and carry them out effectively. You can use these tips if you are looking to redesign your office to make the environment more comforting.

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