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Creating A Self Care Bath Routine with CBD Soap

06 July 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Rachel Hudson in Beauty Basics

Using CBD soap in your skin care routine

The world of CBD has gone mainstream and has opened up its properties to a host of new applications from good, drink, skin care, pain relief and more. As you can tell from the wide range of applications the plant has many uses and the cannabidiol or CBD chemical compounds are used for various purposes when combined correctly. One of those purposes is skincare. In particular CBD Soaps or as some refer to as CBD infused soap, which has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, initiate healthy skin for both face and body and induces many other benefits we will take you through in this article.

These soaps not only work below the skin but on the skin too and help fight many prominent skin problems. With so many qualities of CDB soap, you ought to know about the effectiveness of using them. Who knows? You may skip the plain soap and move to CBD soap or better yet, start making your own CBD soaps at home.

Here’s a compact guide to your self-care bath routine with CDB soaps CBD soap for your face

CBD is extracted from the parts of the Cannabis plant. So the natural substances in this soap help to rejuvenate the skin, fight the ageing and inflammatory issues of the facial skin. Moreover, once CBD gets extracted from intoxicating parts of Marijuana or hemp plant, it is profoundly mixed with olive, coconut, or hemp oil.

All of these substances together work to improve facial skin. They catalyse the effect of CBD oil on the dermis and are widely renowned for their beneficial qualities.

How does CBD soap work?

Surprisingly, your skin’s endocannabinoids are elevated from the application of CBD soap, which multiplies the anandamide level of the body and brain. It’s anti-inflammatory, and painkilling properties have outstanding effects, relieving acne, eczema, dry skin, and other skin problems. It is believed that CBD soap particles do not penetrate the skin. So they do not even touch its bloodstreams.

Once applied, it shows effective results on the upper layer of the dermis. They also hydrate the dermis and smoothen its texture along with improving the blood circulation in the face.

How to use CBD soap?

It is not just a bar of regular soap. Essential CBD soaps are a rare luxury. While bathing, you can use CBD in the form of oil, bath bombs, and balm sticks. The CBD oil soothes and moisturizes the skin well. They are the best for the sensitive and dry dermis. The bath bombs are very aromatic as almost all the bath bubbles are made of mind-blowing scents. They moisturize the dermis from within as well.

The smooth balm sticks are highly effective for dry and patchy skin. These balm sticks are made of scented essential oils, like lavender, mango butter, etc. They tend to hold themselves at room temperature, but once they come in contact with the skin, they melt. Magical!

Is CBD soap good for eczema?

It is made from CBD oil and is highly effective for eczema-affected skin. It deals with the immune system, gauging the inflammation in the dermis. These soaps can easily reduce excessive oil production, which causes inflammation in the dermis and strikes a natural balance.

Is CBD soap good for acne?

Acne’s excessive oil production, dirt, and dead dermis cells can be eradicated by CBD soaps. It stops the over sebum production and anti-inflammatory effects on the oil glands of the dermis and calms the skin. It also helps in fighting out the body and acne scars.

CBD soap benefits

Apart from showing great results on acne and eczema-prone skin, these soaps also have wonderful effects on ageing and sensitive skin. It also relieves pain during arthritis; it reduces anxiety and depression and improves heart health. CBD is nowadays present in almost all the substances that we use for self-care.

CBD products, especially for bath-orientated use, are heavenly providing you with a soothing experience. It has few side effects too, but overall nourishes the dermis in the best way possible.

Soap up

Now that you know the benefits of CBD soap you may want to consider keeping a bar or two if only for facial cleaning and grooming or problem areas on the skin. CBD soap may not also be readily available in your area so it would be advisable to stretch its uses until you can secure more by ordering online or even making some of your own. This reality won't last for long as the use of CBD soap will only catch on in popularity. It will soon be stocked by boutique stores online or new you as people look to change their grooming habits and enjoy all the amazing benefits these soaps offer consumers. 

Have you been using CBD soap? How has it worked out for you? Let us know in the comments down below.

About the author

Rae Hudson is a well-known beautician. She believes in using as many organic products on skin as possible. Thus, she has acknowledged the CBD soaps for skincare, influencing many people to use these products for suitable skincare and improvisation. Rae’s even writing a book on the benefits of its products.

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