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How To Build A Successful Instagram Ad Campaign

Building an instagram ad campaign that works

Instagram is a popular image and video sharing platform in the social media world. It has 1 billion monthly active users and unique content strategies. Instagram offers advertising opportunities for users to promote your brand to loyal audiences.

Instagram advertisings are both posts and stories, which helps businesses to drive traffic and conversations. You can also add a call to action button to invite people directly to your website.

Why should you use Instagram advertising feature?

Instagram provides both organic and paid marketing strategies for users to grow their businesses. Instagram advertising is a kind of sponsored content, which helps to gain more exposure for your brand and establish your brand to potential customers.

Here are some fantastic benefits of Instagram advertising:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Build organic connection to your customers
  • Improve brand experience
  • Increase your sales leads
  • Quickly track campaign success
  • Become memorable and create an impression

Here are the simple steps to create Instagram ads:

Find ad objective

Once you decide to create a new campaign on Instagram, you have to find the objective of your ad. Instagram offers three categories for users to choose their clear purpose such as,

1. Awareness:

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness

2. Consideration

  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Video views
  • Messages

3. Conversion

  • Store traffic
  • Conversions
  • Catalogue sales

Choose an ad objective that is effective for your brand and gain a positive impact on your Instagram profile.

Name your Ad campaign

Once you've selected your ad campaign, Instagram will allow you to name your campaign. It is the best way to track your ad performance in the Instagram ads manager. You can also enable the create split test option to create different variations.

Choose Instagram Ad placement

Instagram ad placement helps you to show your ad to the right people in the right place. Instagram offers two different features to choose your ad placement such as,

  1. Automatic placements - It helps to show your ads to more prominent people and maximize your budget.
  2. Edit placements - It helps users to choose the place to display your ad manually. The more places you select, the huge opportunities you'll get to reach your target audiences.
  3. Target Your Customers 

For every social media platform, targeting your audience is a cost-effective strategy to achieve your goals. You can use Instagram ads manager to find your target customers easily. Here are some useful tips for finding your target audiences;

  • Age - select a specific age range and find people to that particular age limit.
  • Location - Find audiences based on specific locations, areas, global regions, and countries.
  • Gender - Choose audiences between genders.
  • Languages - Reach your target audiences through a specific language.

Determine your budget and schedule

Instagram allows you to choose your ad budget in two ways: a daily budget and a lifetime budget. When you choose a daily budget, you have to spend your time and amount each day. Otherwise, you can select a specific schedule to run your ad if you move to the lifetime budget option. Select Your Instagram Ad Format

Once you've completed all the above steps, click continue to reach your ad creation dashboard. Instagram offers different types of advertising options to promote your brand. Here are some basic Instagram ad formats;

  • Photo ads - Theses are image-based ads, and it allows you to show your product and services through a set of images.
  • Video ads - Instagram video ads allow you to create up to one minute long. So, you can give an in-depth look at your brand, business, or products.
  • Stories ads -It is a full-screen ad, and it appears in between the user's stories. You can gain massive views with Instagram stories and get immense growth within a short span.
  • Carousel ads - It is a series of images or videos with an effective call to action button. You can use Instagram carousel ads to highlight multiple products and share effective parts of stories.
  • Collection ads - It is similar to the eCommerce feature to purchase products directly from the ad. You can create these ads either in the form of images or videos.

Track, Measure And Develop

Like Facebook ads, you can track the performance of your Instagram ads through the Facebook ads manager. Keeping an eye on the results of your ad and developing your strategy to the most effective results.


Instagram is a powerful social media platform to enhance your marketing strategy and generate more revenue. Advertising is one of the best options for showing your brand in front of a huge audience and connecting with real customers.

About the author

Katherin Mary is an SEO strategist and senior content writer of Instausers.com. She has been working in the content marketing industry for 3+ years and has a handful of experience in Digital Marketing. You can also find her on Twitter!

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