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10 Creative Instagram Video Ideas That Boost Engagement

04 February 2021 | 0 comments | Posted by Caterina Taylor in Industry Experts

Boost video engagement on Instagram

Are you looking for the best guide to boost your engagement?

Instagram is the perfect platform to connect and engage your audience. Whether you are new or you want to find out how to get more engagement. Here, you can gain ten creative Instagram video ideas that can boost your engagement.

1. Use visually attractive images

Instagram is the most popular visual sharing platform in the world. The impression is essential, so ensure to add visually stunning images with all of your videos. When you don't have attractive images of your own, there are many tools available to find stunning images.

2. Make entertaining Instagram videos

Entertaining videos always generate a lot of engagement. Most people love watching funny content! So, you can use this chance to make content for entertainment purposes. With stop motion video, you can turn a simple event into a fun way, which can engage your audience. In this way, you can receive large and loyal followers to your profile.

3. Share quotes

Quotes are more popular on Instagram, and they can generate high engagement within a short time. Posting Instagram quotes is an easy way to boost your engagement. It can also encourage your audience to share your quotes with their friends and followers.

Most people love to share motivational quotes that can spread inspiration and positivity. When it comes to business, many brands share motivational quotes with hashtags such as #MotivationMonday, #Quotestagram, etc.

4. Post Boomerang

Boomerang is a new video app that enables you to share everyday moments into something fun and entertaining. With boomerang features, you can create and upload short, engaging videos with attractive filters. The boomerang feature takes photos and then merges them into an HD video loop. But the boomerang videos do not include audio.

5. Engage your audience through Instagram stories

Instagram stories are an excellent way to connect with your audience every day. Stories are easier to see than the normal posts on your feed. It allows users to upload photos and videos to their story feed.

Instagram stories are so successful because they help users capture and share all the moments of your day. The advantage of an Instagram story is it appears at the top of your follower's homepage. So, your followers can easily identify your stories on their feed.

When you provide engaging stories to your audience, you can organically gain more Instagram story views. Hence, if you use Instagram stories, you can boost your brand engagement without spending a lot of time.

6. Create user-generated videos

User-generated videos on Instagram can generate organic views and build your social presence. UGC is any content, text, videos, images, and reviews created by people.

The benefits of user-generated content encourage your audience to make new videos based on your theme. Even, it is more effective to reach your target audience and increase your popularity.

UGC has become an important part of the content marketing strategy. It can help to reach your content across the world that is created by the users.

7. Go live stream

You can get more engagement within a short period by going live on Instagram. You can get a closer connection to your fans and followers with real-time videos. The Instagram live stream is the best video broadcast where the audience will be able to live streamer. The live steamer will also be able to see who is participating in their live session. Also, they can chat and interact with their audience.

8. Show Behind The Scenes Videos

For marketers, the most effective video content is to show your brand personality, workspace, and the process of your brand. It allows users to know the depth of your work involved and know all about your business. It can help you to engage and connect with your followers and build brand awareness.

9. Take advantage of IGTV

IGTV is a free inbuilt app on Instagram, which can help to upload log form videos. Instagram TV is similar to YouTube videos. It is one of the best platforms for those who want to become a content creator.

Like Instagram stories, you can add a swipe up feature to your IGTV videos. If you are trying to boost engagement with your brand, IGTV is an excellent feature to get more success.

10. Create stop-motion videos

A single picture is worth a thousand words, and the stop motion video is worth more than other videos. To create stop motion videos, Go to your Instagram stories and tap the stop motion tool. You can take a series of photos, and Instagram will automatically arrange into a video for you.

You can add filters, effects, and frames for your videos. With stop motion videos, you can make a simple event into a fun and entertaining way.


Instagram is one of the most excellent photo and video sharing platforms in the world. It allows every business and individuals to show their talents. You can use these 10 Instagram story ideas to make your own stories. It can help to boost your video engagement drastically.

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Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at PlanYourGram.com. She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and can deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

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