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Top SaaS Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Sales

28 December 2020 | 0 comments | Posted by Lauren Wiseman in Industry Experts

SAAS marketing tips for social media

The SaaS industry has been booming worldwide in recent years, and unsurprisingly so, as digital transformation has created a need for innovative software and handy digital tools.

Individual customers and companies are always on the lookout for the next cloud-based tool that will make their lives less stressful and their businesses more productive.

Even though there might be a real need for your product, there is no denying that the SaaS industry has become extremely competitive nowadays.

This means that you need to be on top of your marketing game and follow the marketing trends to stand out in the saturated online world. Of course, given that we live in an era of social media, you must invest heavily in social media marketing to promote your software and boost sales. That said, SM marketing in the SaaS field can be tricky.

For one, different platforms require a different marketing approach.

Secondly, not all of your potential buyers might be familiar with the SaaS concept. And thirdly, your software is not the only product in your niche, and the chances are that you’re surrounded by competitors.

If you want to boost sales, you’ve got to up your SaaS social media marketing game. With all of that in mind, here are the best tips to market your software and boost sales through social media.

Identify your target audiences and SM networks

First and foremost, to understand the different dynamics and what works on different SM platforms, you have to identify your target audiences. After that, you can research and identify the SM networks with the highest potential for brand growth and reach inbound marketing and lead generation, and customer acquisition and retention.

You can start by monitoring your brand’s performance on social media and in what context people are mentioning your company. It’s also crucial that you reach out to your competitors’ customers to find out what their unique pain-points are and how you can strengthen your unique value proposition.

Next, you can start researching the individual platforms and what it takes to get noticed or trending on each. To save you some trouble, here’s what you need to know during your research:

  • Facebook demands that you create a detailed business page filled with technical information. You also need to populate the page with relevant photos, videos, and content in general. It’s crucial to leverage user-generated content to build social proof and invest in targeted FB ads.
  • Instagram is a visual platform, so you need professional photos and videos. That said, you also need captivating captions to go with each, and it wouldn’t hurt to come up with a catchy hashtag. Don’t forget to post Stories regularly as well.
  • LinkedIn is a network where professionals come for business opportunities. Ensure that you connect with as many people from industry and niche as possible and leverage your employees to share their thoughts of your brand.
  • Building recognition on Twitter requires the use of relevant hashtags, and it demands that you talk about important issues to get the people’s attention. Make sure to post every day and tag essential business leaders in your posts to gain exposure.

Understand the importance of a TLD in social media marketing

For your social media campaigns to lead people to your site, you need to build a stellar digital presence. One of the main ways to do that is to make sure your website and its landing pages are properly optimised.

You should start by making sure you have an authoritative domain, especially if you have a personal brand. If you are the face of the brand, then choosing a personal domain with a reputable TLD. A domain will be instrumental in making your site memorable and your domain trustworthy in the eyes of your audience.

Be sure to choose top-level domains like .com, .net., .me, .eu, and the like. Keep in mind that people will check out the links you’re sharing and that they will think twice before clicking on your ads if your URL seems spammy or untrustworthy.

Create curiosity and build up the much-needed hype

Next, understand that not all social media followers are your customers and that many are in different stages of the buyer’s journey. Some are just perusing, some are looking for valuable information, and others compare prices, ready to buy.

If you try to push your software on everyone, the chances are that you’re going to alienate a significant portion of your following. This is why you need to build hype, interest, and engagement first.

You can do this by simply being active and posting quality content regularly, but remember to post in relevant groups, Quora, and other forums. You can also find reputable Q&A sites and other authority tech and business sites where you can give valuable information and build engagement around your brand.

Produce top-quality content for your SM campaigns

No matter if it’s an ad, a blog post, an infographic or a video, there is no denying that your social media posting needs to be founded on amazing, informative, and relevant content. It’s important to note that ever since the birth of content marketing more than a decade ago, the content has been rapidly gaining popularity and relevance with the global audience and Google.

Nowadays, there is not a growth-oriented business that doesn’t invest in content, and if there is, then you probably never heard of it. Now, remember that it’s not just about crafting excellent social media posts and ad copy – it’s also about optimising the content on our landing pages to fit your social media goals perfectly and reel the visitors in regularly.

Make sure to optimise the content on your site for the user’s intent as well. Some of your content should be informational to create engagement and interest; some should be navigational to help customers find the best information and deals. Some should be transactional to lead the customers directly to your product pages.

Build a community of early software adopters

By and large, people don’t like being the first to test new software and pay for something they’re not sure works without a hitch. This goes for individual consumers and businesses, so no matter if you’re focusing on B2C or B2B for social media marketing, you need to let your SM followers know that your software is the best choice.

THow do you do that? By building a social media community of early adopters, testers, and creating a culture of feedback that you can use to improve your product and your marketing quickly.

After all, no one can give you better feedback than the users, and you need those early adopters to tell their stories, give honest opinions, and keep the conversation of your brand going in the online world.

Wrapping up

The SaaS industry is becoming more competitive by the day. So you must explore all marketing options and capitalise on the powerful opportunities in the social media realm. Be sure to use these tips to take your social media marketing forward and boost sales while continuously generating qualified leads.

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