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How The CBD Industry Rose In Popularity

How CBD products become popular

If you consider the growing demand for CBD products throughout the world, you may mistakenly think that CBD has always been sought after. The truth is that this sudden increase in demand only began a few years ago, and it has snowballed ever since. Companies have started to invest in the space and we're seeing CBD brands listed on the public stock exchange, we're seeing local dispensaries open up, we're seeing more countries legalise the products and even mainstream retail stores starting to stock certain CBD products. 

So how did a product range explode from what was considered taboo only a few years ago? Here are some details about the changing ideas around CBD and how the CBD industry rose in popularity.

Difference Between CBD, THC, Cannabis, and Hemp

Some sources online believe that CBD is the same as cannabis.

Here are the facts:

  • CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the extracts from the cannabis plant.
  • Hemp or marijuana are two varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant family. CBD is present in both these plants. CBD does not produce psychoactive effects on the user.
  • Both hemp and marijuana also contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is a psychoactive substance. However, hemp contains very low concentrations of THC (<0.3%), while marijuana contains higher concentrations of THC.
  • CBD from hemp is, therefore, legal.
  • For this reason, marijuana is banned in the US based on federal law, despite some states allowing the use of marijuana (with high levels of THC) to treat illnesses and health disorders. Of course, a medical prescription is required. Marijuana is also allowed in some states for recreational purposes.

The health supplements industry uses CBD. It may have started slowly, but you may expect that the CBD will become more popular as medical research discovers new proven applications of CBD as a medical remedy.

Why is CBD so popular nowadays?

Health benefits

The main reason CBD is very popular at the moment is that many people believe that this substance has various health benefits. These consumers patronize CBD because they want a substance that can reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of various disorders and illnesses that they have.

One site where you can get information about CBD and its various applications and health benefits is Cheefbotanicals.

Celebrity endorsements

Another reason CBD has become more popular is that there are now celebrities who like to use CBD for its benefits. This kind of advertising is what advertising executives dream about because it means many people will get the message that CBD is safe to use and even desirable to buy.

The endorsement from celebrities has benefitted the CBD business and the cannabis industry since celebrities are walking advertisements for CBD use.

Some Doctors Like CBD

Another reason CBD is becoming so popular is that there are doctors who advocate a switch to CBD products. However, not all doctors will go to the extent of giving a prescription for CBD to their patients. This is because the US legal system is presently not crystal clear about the legal uses of CBD.

Still, if the patient seeks advice from the doctor, the doctor can answer questions about CBD such as “What is the right dosage to take?” and more importantly: “Will the CBD produces a drug reaction since I’m currently on medication?”

The next generation of CBD fans

The youth are the ones who’ll benefit from the roaring growth of the CBD industry since CBD has become easy to buy lately. This may be why some CBD manufacturers opt to hire celebrities for their advertising. The youth are generally impressionable.

If they see their favourite celebrity using and promoting CBD, that’s what they’ll follow. You should also note that the youth are the next generation of consumers with money to spend. So, getting the attention of young people is important.

The future of CBD

So, what does the future look like now that many consumers accept CBD? Ever since the introduction of the US Farm Bill of 2018, many consumers are now supporting CBD merchants and other retailers. This has helped to spur demand for the processing and use of CBD. This demand is primarily from those who need CBD for medical reasons or general wellbeing. Therefore, CBD is a booming industry for now.

But that can change if the industry gets any bad press about the various CBD products out there. Already there are reports about misleading labels on CBD containers. The government, through the FDA, is particularly concerned about the erroneous claims made about CBD.

CBD is not a cure-all, and getting valid information about its true health benefits is important, especially for those with a medical need for it.

Final takeaway

Though no one is certain that CBD is the best option to take for some illnesses and disorders, it does have some health benefits. There’s some scientific and anecdotal evidence for this. What’s most needed now is for CBD manufacturers and merchants to “self-police” their businesses.

They shouldn’t wait for the US FDA to step in to regulate the business for them. Instead, they should monitor their industry so that the US government will see that the CBD industry is open and aboveboard. This will ultimately help consumers and increase CBD’s popularity.

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