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How To Build A Facebook Audience With The Free Invite To Like Feature

05 March 2019 | 0 comments | Posted by Che Kohler in nichemarket Advice

Use facebook Invite to like

To many users and businesses, alike Facebook has already started to feel like a dying platform. The social media giant has become filled with fake news, too many ads and content that is so profoundly influenced and artificially curated that the ability for self-discovery that made the platform such a great place has faded away to be almost non-existent.  

Due to the decrease in reach or organic content businesses are starting to see Facebook as more of a mass advertising tool than a social media platform where users with specific interests can share ideas and find recommendations for goods and services. This to me is a knee jerk approach that Facebook wants as it drives up advertising spend and makes the auction for attention even more expensive over time as brands start to rely on ads more and more.

Combine content with ad spend

As I mentioned earlier sure Facebook Ads work, they work well but they shouldn't be your only method of communication on Facebook, and you should look to augment your ads with a content strategy.

This can be a mix of blog posts, images and video to mix things up and keep interested as well as appealing to users over various content mediums. Once you start to punt your content, have a look at what users are enjoying and boost that content to users outside your current audience. This is a great way to extract visits out of Facebook and improve the reach of your content as well as an opportunity for strategic audience building. Using a little growth hack that very few social media managers use called "Invite to Like", you can start building an audience faster than ever before.

For more on social media management tips check out our post - The Social Media Manager's Cheatsheet

How to invite interactive users to like your page

Once you've begun to expose your content to a broader set of users those who find your content valuable will naturally leave a like or a reaction which is a reliable indicator that they may be inclined to want to hear more from your business. 

  • Visit your promoted post.
  • Click on the number next to the like/reaction button.
  • You will then be presented with a window of everyone who liked the post.
  • Review all those who liked your post and click invite to those who aren't yet subscribed to your page
  • This will send that specific user a personalised invite to join your community and to do so is free.
  • Depending on how many non-follower interactions you get you may need to space the invites out since you will get banned if you invite more than 20 users in one sitting.

Effects of Invite to Like

On average around 20 - 30% of the people you invite will follow your page. Congratulations you have just found a new source of fans with a high level of interest in your product or service. You will also not only grow your audience with highly relevant people but seeing your audience increase will attract new users as new users follow their friends and family suggestions.

You will need to make this step part of your weekly routine and trying to backdate old posts to invite for likes isn't going to give you the same return. So as users engage with you and forget to follow, send them an invite. You'll be surprised at how quickly your audience will grow and how much more receptive they will be to posts going forward.

You can also play around with various content types and topics and your boosting methods to get your content in front of more relevant users and continue to invite them to build a high relevancy audience who enjoy your content are willing to react and even promote it to their little networks. 

Turn likes into followers

As businesses continue to opt for advertising instead of building a community around their page, they open up a door for those who are actually committed to making real connections online. Community managers can then take advantage of gather more interested clients through this granular approach instead of throwing money at the problem. Building your audience on quality and relevancy is far more effective than going after just sheer numbers.

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